Remote Control Helicopter for Kids

Ever since Leonardo da Vinci has made the first drawings of his design, people had a wish to make a helicopter. What they didn’t know is, that in less the 400 years since then, these flying miracles are going to be all over the planet. In fact, technology has gone so far, that nowadays we get to choose the best to helicopter for kids, either as a birthday present, or as a genuine gift for your most loved ones. It is understandable, on the other side, that in all this mess you have trouble deciding which is the best rc helicopter for kids, because you don’t want to disappoint them, but, to be frank, you would like to save some money too. If that’s the case, take a look at some of these, maybe it will help:


World Tech Toys 3.5CH Gyro Hercules Unbreakable Remote Control Helicopter

Hercules was one of the strongest people ever in Greek mythology, so no wonder this kids remote control helicopter got its name exactly after him. Gyro Hercules 3.5 CH electric rc helicopter for kids comes with its powerful polymer frame, making it practically unbreakable and able to maintain strength of 200 pounds (90kg)! It also comes with GYRO technology, wich means that it has the latest assessment in the world of RC helicopter technologies. GYRO is here to save you some money you would otherwise spend on increasing the stability of your helicopter, and to make sure that your kids have true experience of flying this helicopter without any problems. Hercules 3.5CH has coaxial rotor. That it a single rear rotor that gives you possibility to move as precise as you want, making this RC helicopter suitable for the little pilots of all skills, weather they are just for beginners or professionals. I can assure you that this RC helicopter is as stable as love between your kids and you. Who knows maybe the kids will grow to a gas powered rc helicopter someday!

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Ularmo Syma S107G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro for Kids Toys Gift

In all of these off-brand remote control helicopters for kids, you should have a brand that is well-known, and one of the most famous brands is Syma. With this model particularly, you get small (22×3.8×9.8cm/8.66 x 1.5 x 3.86″) but well working remote helicopter for kids. It offers some really good features, and your kids get to enjoy in flight range of approximately 30 ft. and new Gyroscope technology. With this toy helicopter for kids, your children could feel like they have the whole world on the palm of their hand and this is a truly great toy helicopter for sale!





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Sky Viper Stunt RC Quadcopter, 6 Axis Gyro, 2.4 GHz, Black and Green (01206)

Experience something brand new with this indoor and outdoor remote control helicopters for kids! Sky Viper Stunt RC Quadcopter is designed to provide a lots of fun for you and your children. It measures 16″ diagonally, and it has two bodies indoor, made of foam, and outdoor, “vacuform stunt body”. Sky Viper Stunt RC Quadcopter is made for the real challengers, who aren’t afraid of maneuvres, and because of that, it has possibility of making some quite fabolous moves, such as flips and barrel rolls, with just the push of a button. Also, Sky Viper comes with 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope stabilization, just so your kids wouldn’t have to worry too much when they want to show you some of their greatest maneuvers! Also, if your little pilots are unsure of their skill, or just want to bring things on a higher level, they can do it thanks to the 3-level modes, rated from “begginer” to “advanced”. No maneuver is too hard for the Sky Viper Quadcopter!

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Wltoys V262 2.4ghz Big 6 Axis Rc Quadcopter RTF

This WLtoys V262 Cyclone kids rc helicopter features built-in 6 axis gyro system so that your toddler should have no problem flying it with ease. It is pretty large, and it is easy to fly for pilots of an level. It has foam that is not only very lightweight, but also increases durability of a quadcopter in order for your child not to worry where or when will it fly. Pretty durable and at the same time beginners-level body makes it even easier to stir, and also help you overcome an obstacle, and beat even the strongest wind. If your child gets bored with monotone flying, all it has to do is just press the “Trick Mode” button and the V262 will automatically be made into a stunt model capable of performing even the deadliest tricks and maneuvers. Its four rotors are driven each by individual motor, and protected in plastic housings. The rotor blades, on the other side, are gear driven, not connected directly to the motors. The whole package includes 2.4 transmitter which means that you shouldn’t have any worries about signal interferences.


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Syma S107C 3channel Coaxial Mini Spy Cam Helicopter (Red)

Beware the first remote control helicopter with video camera presented by the Syma Factory. With this remote controlled helicopter for kids, your kids can now record and save all of their best maneuvers, just in case you’ve missed them! The camera is, of course, removable. This should enable you to lose some weight, and, at the same time, get a few more flying hours. Built-in gyro means that even beginners will find it very easy to control this remote controlled helicopter for toddler. It can fly in six directions, which include rotating clockwise and counterclockwise. Flight time is approximately 6-8 minutes, and that is for 50-0 minutes of battery charging. Also, the true stability of coaxial rotor design will definitely make Syma S107C the remote control helicopter kids will love.

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Well, you’ve seen some rc helicopters, and I hope that you will be able now to decide which is the best remote control helicopter for kids. Whatever you decide, you won’t be wrong. After all, what is most important is to bring happiness to the face of your little pilot, and you can do that with any of these great remote control helicopters for sale.

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