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Most Popular Remote Control Airplanes for Sale

Are you looking for remote control planes to buy, but you don’t know where? Well, it’s simple, take the opportunity to be a pilot for a few days! Look no further, here are some petrol remote control airplanes for sale! With these large remote control planes for sale, you could be pilot in less than a heartbeat.

In remote control airplane kits sale business, the hardest part is not to rob your customers and still provide them with some fun. Well, the best part here is, I have remote control airplanes for sale cheap, so you can save your money and have tons of fun at the same time! You or your kids have a lot of things to aspire to: You could be a pilot in World War II, while they could fly big remote control planes to some of the prettiest islands on the face of earth! Help them reach the skies. Don’t hesitate to buy these remote control planes. Hours of fun are guaranteed!

These are currently Popular Remote Control Airplanes for Sale

Hobbico Hobbistar 60 MKIII

You are looking for a plane that you can always spot, even on its highest flights? Search no more, Hobbistar 60 MKIII is here! At 71in wingspan, for large remote control airplanes for sale, it flies very well even at the low speeds. This should give you enough time to think about your new flying maneuvers, and of course, improve your piloting skills! Its wings are constructed of a balsa and a plywood, and the whole package includes pre-built covered wings, fuselage, tail assemblies, pushrods, pre-bent 3/16 main landing gear and 2/16 nose wire! Of all those remote control model airplanes for sale out there, Hobbistar 60 MKIII is most durable, and the construction enables you to repair it faster than the most ARFs in case of the damage. You get to enjoy in this beautiful petrol remote control plane in blue-red-white version.

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E-Flite Carbon-Z Yak 54

remote control airplanes to buyCarbon-Z Yak 54 3X BNF Basic is better you ever thought was possible, comparing to its predecessor, almost equally good Carbon-Z Yak 54 3D. Its artificial stabilization system built into the receiver is the thing that makes Carbon-Z Yak 54 3X BNF so stable and it give all the possibilities you could ever want from a gas powered remote control airplane. It goes against any wind, and it beats turbulence in order for you to enjoy and run this baby as smooth as possible. Also, you can adjust the level of artificial stabilization system or turn it off completely, if you like to fly led only by your own instincts. It has a wingspan of 48in, so it isn’t quite as big as the most of the ARFs, but you can bet that it is one of the fastest out there. Its power-to-weight ratio is 2:1 and you must admit that it is pretty impressive considering it has a flying weight of 3.75-3.9 lb.


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Inverza 62 ARF

gas powered remote control airplanes for saleWant your children to be good pilots and to learn few things about the uniqueness of the design as well? Then Inverza 62 is a remote control airplane for you to buy! It is modeled after the Kevin Kimball Inverza and with its lightweight wings and unique design and color schemes, it offers great flight possibilites and 3D stability while also you should be able to spot it anywhere in the sky! It has large control surfaces that will respond just swell to your commands, and also features large removable top-hatch with tinted canopy and cockpit details. Its two-piece, plug-in wings strengthened by aluminum-tube with wing joiner will suit the needs even of those very demanding and skillful performance pilots! Its a must buy, because not only that, but it features a Genuine covering and factory applied graphics and painted high-strength aluminum landing gear too, only for your enjoyment!


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E-Flite Extra 260 3D

remote control airplane kits saleThis E-Flite Extra 260 3D 480 ARF Airplane offers a construction that is made so you could get the ARF without necessary weight, and yet, in its full strength. It has a wingspan of 43in, so it combines very well with its extremely lightweight balsa and plywood construction. Of course, the whole package includes factory-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, and aluminum landing gear and steerable tail wheel too. Also, it should not be to difficult for you to assemble it. Maybe it should take you a few days, or a few hours if you are so eager to start this lightweight ARF. Anyway, it will be worth of every minute you spend building it, because every minute spent on flying it will be a moment to cherish.




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Great Planes Gee Bee R-1

petrol remote control planes for saleThe shape of Gee Bee was designed by the Granville Brothers in the 1930s. It was intended to accommodate the largest and most powerful engine of its day, so this should give you a glimpse of this beautiful and a bit unusual ARF. Nowadays, Great Planes Gee Bee R-1 EP TXR Aircraft is one of the most unique ARF out there. What separates it from the other is its rather unusual appearance, because at only 38.5in of wingspan and 27in of length, you wouldn’t expect much. Well, surprise surprise! Gee Bee R-1 EP TXR has very roomy interior and it uses the AeroCell foam fuselage with details such as molded-in panel lines and vents. With this quite cheap of all those petrol remote control planes for sale out there, you can fly at the speeds you couldn’t even imagine when you first see its naive appearance. Don’t let it fool you!

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As you can see, these gas powered remote control airplanes for sale are at the price that is in fact a real bargain! If you were looking for some remote control airplanes to buy, I hope that you have decided which of these ARFs(Almost Ready to Fly) best suits your needs, and now when you are so close, just finish the job. Choose one, save some money, and most importantly, have fun!

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