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No matter what time of year it is, there is always some sort of pressure or need to buy gifts. For birthdays or holidays or anything in between. Boys are arguably the hardest people to buy for, you never really know what they want in their lives. Often times though, buying one of many remote control car kits will satisfy almost anyone’s need for a gift. Remote control car kits are kits to create a remote control car. These kits come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes and always have interesting and creative car designs. One of these remote control car kits is a shoe in for a wonderful gift, no matter what occasion you may need it for

Awesome Remote Control Car Kits for you

Team Durango TD102028 DEX210V2 EP 2WD Buggy

Remote Control Car KitsThis is just one of hundreds of remote control car kits for beginners. With a 2.5 mm thick 6061 T-6 aluminum chassis with a 25E front kickup and black plastic side guards this remote control car kit is an amazing and sturdy gift to anyone, if they’re a collector or just someone who enjoys remote control cars. It includes a buggy with wheels, body, rear wings, decals and an instruction manual along with some Diff grease as well.


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Team Associated RC10 Worlds Car 1/10 Electric Buggy Kit

Team Associated RC10 KitThis is one of the best remote control car kits to build and an amazing remote control car kits for adults. It has an amazing black hard anodized 6061-T6 chassis with a composite battery strap. It drives via rear wheel wit and even comes with shocks! It’s one of the most amazing build it yourself remote control car kits and will easily drive it’s way into the heart of anyone who receives this wonderful kit as a gift. It comes with a body, a manual and much more.



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Tamiya Gravel Hound

Tamiya Gravel Hound KitThis is an amazing remote control car. With a complete body and a wheel trigger transmitter type this is one of the most sophisticated remote control cars to come in a kit. You build it yourself, and with a RC mecha like Crystal exchange you don’t need to adjust any bands. This is truly an amazing kit for an adult, a collector, or even a teen. Anyone of all ages can enjoy this amazing remote control car kit.



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When you need to find a gift for someone, no matter their gender or age, you may have some difficulties. The easiest and best thing you could do is pick up a remote control car kit.  There are even gas powered remote control car kits. You can help them put it together, which provides some bonding time and then watch them race it around. It will attract the attention of anyone, at an event, party, or could even be enjoyed by a handful of friends. Get a group of them and race them across the yard, or just have one to add to your collection. There is no telling what you could do with one of these amazing remote control car kits.

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