Water Resistance of Nitro RC Cars: What You Need to Know

Water Resistance of Nitro RC Cars: What You Need to Know

Nitro RC cars are a fun and exciting hobby for many people around the world. These cars are known for their powerful nitro-fueled engines that can provide unbeatable speeds and thrills for their drivers. However, with this excitement comes a risk of damages, particularly when it comes to water exposure. Nitro RC cars are generally not designed to be waterproof, which can lead to significant damage to the vehicle’s engine and other internal components. It is essential to understand the water resistance capability of your nitro RC car to avoid unnecessary repair costs and maintain your car’s longevity. This article will explore the question “are nitro RC cars waterproof?” and provide tips on how to protect your nitro RC car from water damage.

Understanding Nitro RC Car Components

Nitro RC cars feature a complex system of components that work together to create its powerful performance. Understanding these components can help you determine your nitro RC car’s water resistance capability. Here are some essential components of a nitro RC car:

  • Engine: Nitro RC cars are powered by nitro fuel engines that are sensitive to water. Water exposure can cause internal engine corrosion and affect its performance.
  • Gears: Nitro RC car’s gears move the wheels and create the car’s speed. Water exposure can cause rust and corrosion, leading to gear malfunction.
  • Suspension: Nitro RC car’s suspension is responsible for absorbing shocks and creating a smooth ride. Water exposure can affect the suspension’s oil or lead to rust in exposed components.
  • Body: Nitro RC car’s body protects its internal components from external elements. However, water exposure can penetrate the car’s body, damaging its internal components.

It is crucial to check the manufacturer’s manual to determine your nitro RC car’s water-resistance capability before driving your car in wet conditions. Some nitro RC car manufacturers provide partially water-resistant models that can handle some water exposure. However, many nitro RC cars are not water-resistant and need proper protection from water exposure. Websites like NitroRCX.com offer nitro RC cars and related products like watertight silicone sealants, protective car covers, and water-resistant oils to help avid nitro RC car enthusiasts protect their models from water exposure.

What are the components of an RC car?

RC cars, also known as remote-controlled cars, come in different types and sizes, but they generally have the same basic components:

  • Transmitter: the handheld device that sends signals to the RC car to control its movement
  • Receiver: the device attached to the RC car that receives the signals from the transmitter and translates them into movement
  • Battery: powers the RC car and its components
  • Motor: powers the wheels or propels the RC car
  • Chassis: the framework and body of the RC car
  • Servo: controls the steering and throttle of the RC car
  • Wheels and tires: come in different sizes and materials for different types of terrain

If you’re interested in purchasing an RC car, consider checking out websites such as Tamiya USA or Traxxas for a variety of options.

Water Resistance of Nitro RC Cars

Nitro RC cars are not designed to be waterproof like certain electric RC cars. The car’s complex internal components and nitro fuel engine make it sensitive to water damage. Here are some important points to note regarding the water resistance of nitro RC cars:

Type of RC Cars Water Resistance Level
Electric RC Cars Waterproof or Partially Waterproof
Nitro RC Cars Not Waterproof

Here are some other facts to keep in mind regarding nitro RC cars’ water resistance:

  • Water can cause the nitro engine to stop working temporarily or permanently.
  • Water can penetrate the wheels and cause premature tire wear if the car is not dried out promptly.
  • Nitro RC car owners can apply waterproofing solutions like silicone sprays to protect their car’s engine and internal parts from water damage.

Before buying a nitro RC car, it is important to check the manufacturer’s manual to determine the car’s level of water resistance. Websites like TowerHobbies.com specialize in nitro RC cars and offer a range of models with varying levels of water resistance. They also provide a range of waterproofing solutions like silicone spray, protective car covers, and water-resistant oils to help protect nitro RC cars from water damage.

Can Nitro RC Cars Get Wet?

Yes, nitro RC cars can get wet, but it is not recommended. Water can damage the nitro engine and the electronic components of the car. However, some nitro RC cars are designed to be waterproof or water-resistant. It is important to check the manufacturer’s specifications before exposing the car to any water.

If you want to protect your nitro RC car from water damage, you can try adding waterproofing solutions such as Rust-Oleum NeverWet or CorrosionX. These products protect and waterproof the electronic components of the car. However, they can be difficult to apply and may affect the performance of the car.

Overall, it is best to avoid getting your nitro RC car wet to prevent any damage or malfunction.

Tips for Protecting Nitro RC Cars from Water Damage

Protecting a nitro RC car from water damage can be an essential part of keeping it in good working condition. Here are some tips for protecting nitro RC cars from water damage:

Clean Your Car After Getting Wet

After running your nitro RC car in water or wet conditions, it is important to clean it thoroughly with a dry cloth to prevent water from penetrating the car’s internal components.

Avoid Wet or Muddy Areas

Driving your nitro RC car on wet or muddy surfaces should be avoided as water can accumulate in the car’s components, causing rusting and other damages.

Use Protective Cover

If you plan to drive your nitro RC car in damp or rainy conditions, consider using a protective cover to keep the water out of the internal components.

Store Your Car in a Dry Place

Storing your nitro RC car in a dry, warm place is important to prevent moisture buildup and corrosion in exposed metal components.


Nitro RC cars are generally not waterproof, but some manufacturers offer varying levels of water resistance. Water can cause significant damage to the car’s internal components, and owners must take steps to prevent water from penetrating these components. By following the above tips and being mindful of where and when they drive their vehicle, owners can effectively protect their nitro RC cars from water damage, prolonging the life of their investment.