Best Remote Control Helicopter

Buying the Best Remote Control Helicopter

Are you looking for some sort of outdoor entertainment that is safe, then you can choose the remote control helicopters. They are easily available in the market, however the biggest issue that you may face will be selecting the best remote control helicopter from the wide range so that you are satisfied that your hard earned money is spent on the right thing.

With so many options, it may become hard to select the right product for yourself. But before you start your search you must be clear that what exactly you are looking for like: you must know the features you want, how many miles it can fly in one go, its range and most importantly your budget.

So, without extending the article lets go to the point. Here is some of the best remote control helicopters from which you can select the one for you. These are going to be electric powered ones, but if you want gas powered rc helicopters we have reviewed them as well.

Some of the Best Remote Control Helicopter

3. Heli-Max Axe 100 SS Brushless RTF Heli

Axe 100 SS is one of the outstanding products of Heli-Max due to its brushless motor power. Due to its high intensity LED’s and bright color, you can easily see it even in the daylight. It is an ideal helicopter that you can use for both indoor and outdoor flying. Along with it, Axe 100SS effectively neutralizes the outside forces and wind due to which you can have a better and smoother experience of flight. Some of its features include:


  • Best for indoor and outdoor flying
  • Gives a smoother flight experience
  • Composite plastic construction
  • 120E CCPM flybarless Rotor Head
  • Easy to fly


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2. Walkera V450D03 6Ch RTF Heli w/ Devo7

Walkera’s V450D03Walkera’s V450D03 is another best remote control helicopter available in the market. This was designed especially for the new generation of pilots who want to try 450 size helicopters. It is the best helicopter up to date which is not only easy to fly but is also affordable.

It has a plastic body but the body is quite stylish and can be replaced with different style bodies. In this product Walkera have not only used their best features but has also introduced some amazing new things which they haven’t used in their previous products. Some of its features include:



  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • 712 mm Main Rotor
  • 150mm Tail Rotor
  • Light weight


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1. Align T-Rex 500E Super Combo Kit with Motor, ESC, 4 Servos, Gyro, and Carbon Fiber Blades

Best Remote Control HelicopterAlign T-Rex 500E is one of the best remote control helicopters that is available in the market. It is quite famous among the users due to its decent size, affordable body parts and the way it flies. It is made of plastic body due to which is cheaper as compared to the other products of its kind. Some of its outstanding features include:


  • Made of high quality material and components
  • Rigid carbon fiber frame
  • Simple and light weight design
  • Canopy is made of beautiful factory painted plastic
  • Belt driven tail

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These were some of the best remote control helicopter that is available in the market. They are best as well as cheap and can easily be afforded by you. So, buy any of them today and enjoy the best outdoor and indoor flying experience.

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