remote control fire boat

Aquacraft Rescue Remote Control Fire Boat

We are living in a digitized world where almost everything has a toy model. If it is a boat, there is a toy type made to look exactly like it. This has made the kids world grow outstandingly such that everything that a child sees, he/she appreciates greatly since he/she has had an experience on how it works there before. Looking into the sea world, there are many toys that are meant for the purpose of enlightening a child but an rc fire boat is the most outstanding feature of all. Now, if you want your kid to have an experience that he/she have never had, then consider buying the Aquacraft Rescue 17 remote control fire boat. This model of a remote control fire boat will not only make sure that your kid has had the fun it brings along with, but it will also improve your child’s level of technical know how.

Aquacraft Remote Control Fire Boat

remote control fire boat



  • The rescue 17 comes with a receiver model type TR324 3-channel.
  • It has an rc motor that is size 600. This motor is effective and functions very well giving the best performance.
  • The transmitter is super effective and is of tactic TTX490 4-channel with 2.4GHz. This gives the best and high quality signals.
  • The hull is painted, has a fiberglass, ladder and staircases. Thus portrays elegancy and uniqueness.
  • It has a radio mast and radar.
  • The boat comes with 17-piece LED system hence the name rescue 17.
  • Has a 2s LIPO battery and a ready electronic speed control system.

Be aware that the lipo battery needs a specific battery charger.

With features like these, you are assured that this boat is one of the best. This boat has lights on the deck and also in the cabin therefore it is very bright. This boat will definitely give your child fun and a chance to dream big by allowing him/her to build and develop different ambitions.



  1. It is a large scale boat that is very bright. It also has very brilliant lights.
  2. The electronics in this boat work very well with no disappointments.
  3. It has wire rope railings.
  4. Have water valves, windows and searchlights.


  1. It is a large scale boat and therefore has limited use in small pools.

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The rescue 17 is a remote control fire boat that has a wide range of uses. The remote control boat delivers the best services to all those who have purchased it. Apart from that it has been accepted internationally. The boats water canon rotates 120 degrees and shoots water up to 10 feet. The servo and the drive system are also very effective making the boats performance absolutely very good. So if you don’t have a fire boat, consider having the rescue 17.

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