Remote Control Helicopters For Sale

Great Remote Control Helicopters For Sale

Who doesn’t like flying, right? Well, don’t worry if you can’t afford real plane or helicopter, because you can easily get the next best thing. If you don’t understand, just take one look at rc helicopters for sale and everything will be clearer. Of course, not all of the remote control helicopters are made for anyone, and because of that here is a pick of two. Note that these aren’t remote control helicopters for kids, so if you are new in this whole remote control helicopter world, you should better check somewhere else – these big boys are for professionals only. Let’s see:

The best of RC Helicopters For Sale

Walkera V450D03 6Ch RTF Heli

Walkera’s new high-tech ready to fly advanced flybarless helicopter features 6 axis control system. This means that it is fairly easy to use because it can adjust the position during flight in the manner that few rc helicopters for sale can offer. Also, this ability gives you more time for enjoying because you don’t have to worry about flight altitude. Brushless motor (main motor diameter 712mm) gives you even more powerful experience, because it provides more time flying and stability during flight. Walkera V450D03’s construction is made specifically for easy disassembling and maintaining, and this is because its plastic main frame and skid landing are designed separately. Great efficiency should be guaranteed together with response faster than ever, thanks to the new flybarless system. As for main blade, it consists of new compound carbon materials, thus proving that designers did everything they could in order to enable best maneuvering possibilities and great wind resistance possible. Mind that this 676mm long remote control helicopter uses 11.1V 2600mAh Lipo battery that can provide 8 minutes of constant flying, when it is fully charged. So, if you want an outdoor remote control helicopter that is made for expert hobbyists but at the same time it is pretty easy to control and gives you a good deal of free time, Walkera V450D03 should probably be the right choice.

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Align T-Rex 500E Super Combo Kit

Align T-Rex 500E Super Combo is a remote control helicopter for those experts who want to do most demanding maneuvers, but they want to do them with mid-sized helicopter, and that’s where Align T-Rex 500E Super Combo is ranked with its 840mm length and 310mm height. Now this isn’t a toy helicopter for sale in your regular super market. It is designed for maneuvering and high-quality flying, and this is proven in the light weight construction that enables great flight performance yet, and extremely good 3D capability. With main rotor being a good-balanced mix of plastic and aluminum, this rc helicopter provides stability during flight and you shouldn’t have to worry about main rotor being too heavy to handle, or too light to not provide enough flying power. A little pro tip: As most rc helicopters for sale, 500E comes with some items that are partially pre-assembled. Don’t be lazy and take some time to disassemble the whole thing and make sure that all parts are well tightened.

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Everyone is looking remote control helicopters for sale whose price is well-adjusted to the level of experience and amount of fun given during the flight. These two models can offer powerful flying and a number of maneuvers are possible for reasonable price, so they’re worth taking a look at.

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