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Remote Control Sailboat – Discover New Horizons

There is no sense in denying what is obvious, but a remote controlled sailboat is a perfect suggestion for those who want to enjoy the outdoors with a unit with unique functionalities. Since the advent of the first remote control sailboat models, the typical feature set of these things keeps on improving and is simply astounding. In fact, we have noted marked upswings especially with relation ergonomic design, transmitter capability, sail functionality, re-enforced rudders, amongst myriad forms of other impressive features. What`s more, is that these units also come with maximum battery efficiency along with an ergonomic design, so your unit is always ready for you to have fun.

Greatest Remote Control Sailboats

Pro Boat Ragazza

The Pro Boat Ragazza 1 Meter Sailboat comes with a simple to detach aluminum mast for perfect portability and customizable turnbuckles that make for a soft trim or perhaps rigging tension. The steering is powered by a high torque servo and ample sized rudder that is waterproof and offers optimal steering efficiency. It also comes with a superior Spektrum 2.4 GHz DX2M Marine Radio System that ensures users are always in touch with their boats even in the harshest of weather conditions. Furthermore, the high impact graphics not only let your remote control boat stand from others, but also provides excellent scratch and impact resistance. The inclusion of a hand-laid fiberglass hull bow with a foam protector ensures that the vessel is sturdy and has an optimal balance even in wavy water and harsh weather conditions. Moreover, the white tip-resistant nylon sails provide maximum durability and excellent performance each time.


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SeaWind Sailboat

The Kyosho Seawind is a particular remote control laser boat for sale at amazon that comes with contemporary and stylistic features reminiscent to those of a magnificent yacht. The inclusion of high-resolution RC system delivers all your commands to the boat to offer smooth and outstanding performance. Also, the RC system also operates in the 2.4 GHz band that means you hardly have to worry about frequency control or perhaps another controller affecting the operation of your unit. The hull comes with a fully fixed keel along with bullet weight to help keep the boat in balance even as massive sails and winds are presented. Metal geared servos handle the functionalities of the rudder and sail with maximum effect while the rudder implements the use of a single push and pull arrangement to provide optimal functionality. The single compact size design lets you accelerate sharply while also allowing you to navigate the wind shifts with optimal effect. The Seawind comes with a one piece ABS hull that is factory fitted with a 2.4Ghz RC system that is capable of auto managing all frequency band selection functionalities





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Nirvana Sailboat

The Nirvana Sailboat comes with a small drag composite design measuring 32 inches long for an optimal surface area for your sailing needs. Furthermore, it also comes with detachable racing keel and a ballast bulb along with an ample sized deep-water rudder that helps keep your unit accurately controlled at all times. Additionally, all the rigging equipment is mounted to super-ridged carbon fiber main mast and an entirely proportional sail that is ideal for any combination of weather conditions. It also comes with a fully installed FM-2 channel proportion digital radio that offers precise sail control, so you are always in touch with your sailboat. The radio compartment features a self-sealing design for water tightness and the rigid carbon fiber mast that comes with a quick release foot for simple portability. More importantly, the competition mylar sails can withstand speeds of up to 20 knot and sailing speeds of up to 6 knots for a more exhilarating experience.


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Aquacraft Vela

Discover the brilliance of the AquaCraft Vela yacht that comes with a fiberglass hull and applied graphics, unique deck detail along with rigging line fasters that snap into individual brackets on the deck for a swift, and simple setup. It also comes with a powerful 2.4 GHz radio W/Sail winch servo to ensure that you always maintain optimal control of your boat at all times. The superior design not only caters to the needs of novice users, but it also comes with features that can accommodate the needs of an advanced level competitor. The inclusion of the dual channel tactic 2.4 GHz sailboat radio eliminates the chance of similar channel conflicts with other powerful signals. Aside from that, the channel receiver on this remote control boat for sale comes with no external antenna making it the ideal fit for most radio boxes. In addition to the powerful rudder servo, this vela unit also comes with as top notch, high-torque sail winch servo unit that comes with robust metal gears and ball bearings for optimal performance at all times




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Joysway 2015 Dragon Force

Enjoy the realms of the outdoors with the Joysway 2015 Dragon Force that comes new sails and sleek lines that makes it one of the best remote control sailboats kits on the market today. It is important to note that the Joysway Dragon Force is an affordable unit that without compromising on style and performance. Additionally, the sturdy exterior not only offers style and elegance but also provides you with the ideal scratch and impact resistance. In fact, the Joysway boat comes with an ABS Hull and an ICE Design along with profiled aluminum fin and a re-enforced rudder for added durability and strength. The ample sized rig and the low profile RG65 rig that comes with a ball raced goose neck and carbon spars ensure optimal performance at all times. What`s more, is the inclusion of a powerful 2.4Ghz Channel Transmitter that always guarantees adequate communication of commands to your unit at all times.


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Overall, when taken together, remote control sailboat reviews are a most pertinent start for anyone seeking to enjoy the realms of the outdoor experience. For this reason, having some sufficient into some of the fundamental functionalities of these things is essential to avoid suffering from any buyer’s remorse. These remote control sailboats for sale come with sturdy exterior designs, efficient battery consumption along with powerful radio antennas that easily qualify them as worthwhile additions for your outdoor regime. For a peaceful drive at your lake we also suggest rc fishing boats as these can combine two hobbies in one.

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