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The Best Pink Remote Control Car for Gift

Has your daughter asked you for a remote control car? We have all been in this kind of situation whether you were young and asked your parents for an RC car as a gift or your kids have asked your for one. Below we will review some of the best Pink Remote Control Cars for your kids. These wont be as much fun as for example gas powered remote control cars, but they will keep your kids entertained for a while.

Children’s Pink Remote Control Cars

Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep R/C Vehicle

This ones already been reviewed on Remote Control Cars for Kids. We actually have received emails where parents told us how their kids(especially daughters) love this car.

You’ll need 4x AA batteries to run this pink rc car





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Pink Mustang Remote Control Car

Jada Toys GirlMazing R/C Assortment Ford Mustang Boss

GirlMazing products are just what’s the best for girls. All of the GirlMazing RC car products stand out with the option to customize the cars with stickers, that are even included in the package. All in all it’s a durable, quick little car with beautiful style that kids will love. Probably the only downside is, it takes batteries not a rechargeable battery pack.






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Purple Lamborghini Remote Control Car

Jada Toys GirlMazing R/C Lamborghini Murcielago

Although this ones not pink, but purple, we definitely recommend it. It’s a famous Lamborghini model, goes pretty fast for a toy car, girls will love it, even boys will get jealous and want one.

You can’t go wrong if you’ll buy this car as a present, because kids will still play with it after a long time and the sticker customization option is an additional bonus.



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Pink Camaro Remote Control Car

Jada Toys GirlMazing R/C Camaro SS

Almost as popular as the Mustang Boss, the Camaro SS remote control car is another great choice made by GirlMazing. It has the same sticker customization as the previous reviewed pink remote control cars goes as fast and is very sturdy against crashes.




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This brings us to a conclusion. We reviewed some of the best pink remote control cars and while doing research about this topic we found out the best products with the highest rated reviews in fact are from Girlmazing. The name gives it away, that the cars are targeted for girls, but not limited to them as boys can drive with them as well, this is just a question if boys will like the pink color.

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