Remote Control Speed Boats

Reach Fast Speeds With Remote Control Speed Boats

For those who do not know, remote control speed boats are typically small boats that come with powerful motors and radio transmitter functionality. Most types of remote control speed models come with a host of auxiliary features meant to enhance overall user functionality and efficiency as well. The following are some reviews of some of the great instances of the best cheap remote control speed boats on the market for you today. Some of the other advantageous features that you must look out for include an ergonomic design, exterior design graphics, radio transmitter capability and battery efficiency amongst myriad forms of functionalities that accommodate your unique needs.

Our Best of Remote Control Speed Boats

Traxxas Spartan TQi


Enhance your outdoor life with the Traxxas Spartan TQi yacht that is capable of engendering ballistic speeds of up to 50mph+ along with an ample size waterfall roost for optimal performance. It also comes with a super rigid 36-inch deep- V hull in combination with a cable drive to offer smooth and optimal performance results. The cutting-edge cooling system helps ensure that your unit never overheats or compromises on performance. With precision aluminum and stainless steel drive controls, you Traxxas Spartan unit is designed to offer optimal scratch and impact resistance. The contemporary, clean hull design comprises of in-built layers for excellent rigidity when you need it the most. Additionally, the inclusion of integrated battery compartments helps to hold safely myriad forms of battery configurations. The ride trims are easy to customize just by placing the packs aft and fore section using the convenient loop and hook straps to secure the batteries. With the optimized rudder construction, the Spartan detachable power module deploys astounding full throttle runs.

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Traxxas Blast

The all new Traxxas Blast comes with an integrated water cooling system for the rc electric motor that keeps the blast cool for longer making it usable for the fun packed day. The fully proportional and the waterproof high-torque design help prevent water from interfering with the circuitry of your unit. Additionally, the Traxxas Blast comes with a 24-inch V-hull design to navigate waves or perhaps harsh weather conditions. The powerful water-cooled stinger 20-turn motor lets you power through the waters at ballistic speeds. Aside from the robust engine, the new graphics, and the new hatch, let your unit stand out from others to let you sail in style and elegance. The steerable outdrive and customizable trim deliver accurate control and high performance turning options. Aside from that, the surface piercing prop along with the steerable outdrive work in combination with the customized hull to keep your unit in perfect balance, even during harsh weather conditions.

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Pro Boat Impulse

Discover the uniqueness of this remote control boat for sale that comes with a Deep-V RTR and robust battery power to keep your unit in full power at all times. Additionally, the Breakaway rudder system helps protect the drive train in the likelihood of obstacles or rocks ashore. It also comes with a dynamite 380-size motor that offers high torque performance and astonishingly fast speeds. With this particular type of powerful engine, a user can be sure of turning heads with a remote control sailboat that reaches speeds of up to 50mph. Aside from all that, the inclusion of an ABS Hull helps to provide optimal impact and scratch resistance. The 2.4 GHz Radio Transmitter helps ensure excellent communication between the user and his Pro Boat Impulse unit. Moreover, it also features a 7.2V Ni-MH Speed back battery and comfortable grip style transmitter that implement the 2.4 GHz technology with maximum effect. Users will love the pistol grip style Fwd/ Rev feature that offer optimal manipulation of the throttle.


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Pro Boat Miss Geico V3

Get ready for competitor level attention and turn heads with the Pro Boat Miss Geico V3 that comes with an astounding 2,000Kv 6-pole brushless for high-performance results. Moreso, the Geico V3 is powered by two robust race engines that account for delivering 3,300 horsepower to allow you to drive your sailboat at ballistic speeds. It also comes with Spektrum 2.4 GHz DX2E marine radio transmitter systems that help ensure sufficient communication with your unit. The inclusion of an offset rudder system helps provide the ideal stability in most weather conditions to help guarantees sufficient balance at all times. The ESC that has 6S battery compatibility comes pre-wired with dual current EC5 connectors for optimal circuitry performance. Users will also love the hand laid fiberglass catamaran hull that is optimized not only for performance but speed as well. All the appliances on the Geico V3 are waterproof protected, and a secure canopy latch helps keep them safe at all times.


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Pro Boat Voracity-E

Enhance your outdoor activities with the Pro Boat Voracity that offers essential functionalities required in a cheap remote controls speedboat for sale. For instance, it comes equipped with a fierce 6-pole 1650Kv brushless motor that is capable of engendering speeds well over the 50 mph mark. The optimized hull also comes with lightweight fiberglass to help guarantee durability and righty even in the harshest weather conditions. The inclusion of a rudder mount and a prop strut made from high strength aluminum helps ensure that your boat has an excellent balance even at high speeds or harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the high torque waterproof steering servo and the sealed twist latch the canopy system for quick throttle turns. Users will also appreciate the waterproof design that protects all the appliances from short-circuiting. All the cool functionalities on this particular unit sit atop a handmade Deep-V fiberglass hull that is optimized for maximum performance, even in rough conditions.

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Broadly speaking, remote control speed boats are an excellent suggestion for any individual seeking to extend their outdoor activities regime. It is inherent that when you are driving a high-speed remote control speed boat that you have sufficient insight into some of the fundamental functionalities of these things.

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