Remote Controlled Airplanes for Adults

Great Remote Controlled Airplanes for Adults

Getting an RC airplane is actually not so easy as you think. There are many great remote controlled airplanes for adults, but you first must know what kind of airplane types you are looking for. Whether you’re looking for military airplanes like a Mustang P51, or commercial airliners or sport acrobatic airplanes, I will try to tell you a little about them all and maybe you’ll make your decision.

Let’s start with the Military Airplanes like the Mustang P51:

First things first, you must choose a gas powered airplanes or electric. This is important as one is big, loud and messy while the other is in all kinds of sizes from small to big, the power ranges are quite flexible as well and is a lot cleaner than an internal combustion engine. Fuel engines leave a residue of oil on the airplane and you’ll have to clean it all the time. Of course they are both fun to fly. I personally prefer gas engines as gasoline is cheap, just refuel and you’re up and flying again, while with the electrics you’ll have to recharge your batteries unless you have a lot of them on the flying field. In this article I’ll review the Mustang P51 and The Edge 540T 50cc. I’ll add more remote controlled airplanes for adults later. If you want a specific rc airplane reviewed, please use our Contacts Page.

Mustang P51

Remote Controlled Airplanes for AdultsAs you probably know the mustang p51 airplanes were used in world war 2. If you’re a fan of the old type aircraft then is ones for you. The Mustang p51 is definitely not for beginners and if you are a one, I would suggest reading our airplanes for beginners page. This airplane won’t certainly do any 3D acrobatics and is intended more for looks than doing any stunts with it, but of course the airplane is quite maneuverable as it supposed to be evading enemy airplanes gun fire. The Mustang P51 model is mostly sold as the electric and very rarely there are a gas version of this aircraft. We have found one model that’s a gas version of P51 and we have already reviewed it on this page.




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Mustang P51 specification:

Wingspan: 44.0 in (1120mm)
Overall Length: 38.4 in (975mm)
Wing Area: 334 sq in (21.5 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 42.8 oz (1214 g)
Motor Size: 15-size brushless outrunner, 950Kv (installed)
Radio: 6 channels minimum
Prop Size: 9.8×6 (4 blade) or 10.75 x 8 (2 blade)
Speed Control : 30-amp BL ESC (installed)
Recommended Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh 3S 25C LiPo (required)
Flaps: Yes
Retracts: Yes
Experience Level: Intermediate
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Is Assembly Required: Yes


Edge 540T 30cc-50cc

Now this is truly a Great Remote Controlled Airplane for Adults, because it’s big and beautiful model of the Edge 540. Big airplane means big engine so this model requires a 30-50 cc gasoline engine. Did I mention the airplane is big? Wingspan is 2000mm and length is 1813 mm. This model is extremely cheap to buy, but you should consider that you need to buy an engine and 6 servos separately. The edge 540T is made from balsa except the cowl and spats, which will make the airplane as light as possible.


Edge 540T specification:

Wingspan: 78.0 in (2000mm)
Overall Length: 71 in (1813mm)
Wing Area: 976 sq in (63 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 241.6 oz (6850 g)
Engine Size: 40cc-50cc (not installed)
Radio: 4 channels minimum
Experience Level: Intermediate

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We think this kinds of airplanes are specifically for adults as you’ll have to have basic skills in flying an rc aircraft. If you’ll manage to get a gas version of this airplane your local flying club members will respect you, because it’s truly a beauty you’ll be flying.

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