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Big, Eye Catching Gas Powered RC Planes

In case you wanted to become a pilot and fly across the seven skies, but it turned out your life path just wasn’t suited enough for it, you may now have the second chance in fulfilling your dreams. Of course, you may still not be completely satisfied because you can do that only in the form of flying gas powered rc planes, but hey, this is as close as it gets because all of these rc planes are so large and realistic that you get the genuine feeling of piloting. These are considered Remote Control Airplanes for adults, but surely it depends on the level of skill.

Big Gas Powered RC Planes – Our TOP 5

P-51 S 8cc BNF

With this beautiful P-51 S 8cc BNF you can fly almost anywhere, and it really doesn’t even depend on you piloting skill! Definitely, P-51 S 8cc BNF is one of those gas powered rc planes beginners will love. If you are brave enough, you should try and do all kinds of maneuvers, but also, if you get a little too playful, you can always quickly switch to ordinary flight mode thanks to its Panic Recovery Button. P-51 S 8cc BNF has a wingspan of 54.7in (1390mm) and a flying weight of 5.9lbs (2.7kg), just so you could show your best skills when it comes to the maneuvering. You can switch between beginner, intermediate and experienced mode, so that you could easily fly it when you want to have fun, of to show just how experienced you are in front of your friends. Also, it has an Evolution 8cc gas/petrol engine that is quite easy to use, thus giving you reliability at any time. Its one-piece wing enables you to assemble the plane wherever you want, whenever you want!


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Hangar 9 Meridian 10cc ARF

As far as gas powered rc airplanes go, Hangar 9 Meridian 10cc ARF is the most stylish thing that you will find. It is covered in genuine UltraCote covering, and it has pre-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants that will knock anyone off their feet. Lightweight construction and, at the same time, powerful body, enable losing unnecessary weight while still holding on to essential attribute-making you enjoy every second of your flight. Also, it may seem a bit oversized at wingspan of 69.0in (175 cm), but don’t worry. That’s all just so you could easily spot it in the sky. Hangar 9 Meridian 10cc ARF features trycicle landing gear that is attached to fuselage and it is designed to fit the Evolution 10cc gas engine. What puts it in the top when it comes to the style and design, are beautiful two-piece plug-in wings and preinstalled pilot figure and instrument panel you just can’t resist.


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Taylorcraft 26cc BNF

If you think you’ve seen enough gas powered rc airplane kits to know what’s big, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Introducing the Taylorcraft 26cc BNF, one of the biggest machines in the business. It has wingspan of incredible 80.5in (205 cm), and a flying weight of astonishing 14.0-14.5 lb (6.35 – 6.50 kg). This should be enough to show you how powerful this beast is! In spite of that, you wouldn’t expect such easy flying and a sense of true piloting from such a big plane. It features Zenoah 26cc engine, six Spektrum A6000 digital servos throughout and a pre-installed AR8000 Spektrum receiver. This can, and will, very much enable you to assemble it in minutes or even seconds! It also has a pretty long flying time and of all large gas powered rc planes, this is the one you should really have in your collection.


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Hangar 9 4975 1/4 Scale PA-18 Super Cub PNP

Once more we’ll introduce you to the world of insanely large gas powered rc planes ready to fly. This time, it will be Hangar 9 4975 1/4 Scale PA-18 Super Cub PNP, machine that is even bigger than the last one. It has a wingspan of incredible 106in (269 cm), making Taylorcraft 26cc BNF look like a baby. It has Evolution 33GX engine and features top quality balsa/light plywood construction and Spektrum digital aircraft servos already installed. Also, it features completely functional cockpit door and fully realistic Super Cub wheels. With the battery usage of 2700mAh 6.0V HiMH, it should provide you with a few more hours of fun that you could expect. For those who love flying large nitro gas powered rc planes, this should be more than enough facts about Hangar 9 4975 1/4 Scale PA-18 Super Cub PNP.


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Inverza 62 (3 boxes)

Inverza 62 is one of those gas powered rc airplanes for sale that is modeled after the great planes. This one, specifically, is modeled after Kevin Kimball Inverza and with its light-weight wings and unique design and color schemes, it offers great flight possibilites and 3D stability while also you should be able to spot it anywhere in the sky! It has large control surfaces that will respond just well to your commands, and also features large removable top-hatch with tinted canopy and cockpit details. Its two-piece, plug-in wings strenghtened by aluminum-tube with wing joiner will suit the needs even of those very demanding and skillful performance pilots! It features a Genuine covering and factory applied graphics and painted high-strength aluminum landing gear too, only for your enjoyment!



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It is kind of hard to pick your favorite in the world of gas powered rc planes for sale, and if some of these had helped you along the way, it is great. The point is, either you love them small or big, light or heavy, everyone should find a plane for themselves and try to have as much fun as possible.

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