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RC Chargers

RC battery chargers are no doubt one of the most important things for your RC hobby. Selecting the right charger for your battery is as important as the battery itself. Buying whatever the shopkeeper gives you isn’t a good approach which most of us, especially the beginners, do. It’s important to know what rating of charger is suitable for your battery because getting an under powered charger will surely shorten the life span of your batteries.


RC computerized chargers

RC Charger

Radio Control Charger

Nowadays with so many RC chargers available in the market it’s not surprising if you get confused and over whelmed. But with the introduction of the computerized chargers in the market, the choice is quite easy now.

Why get a computerized charger?

Getting a computerized charger is although expensive but it’s a good investment for long term. The computerized RC Chargers that are available in the market comes equipped with so many extra features that makes them worth their price. Also, most of the latest computerized RC chargers are kind of a universal chargers. They can be used to charge any battery regardless of size, voltage, chemistry or anything else. Those can be used to charge your car battery as well. So that is the biggest advantage of getting a computerized charger that makes them a very good investment.

Another benefit of getting a computerized charger for your RC batteries is that these chargers are very accurate and have a lot of functionality. Most of the computerized RC chargers will show you the exact charge, cells, battery condition and a lot more depending on the model which is very useful. These features alone will increase the life cycle of your batteries. Also, don’t forget the cycling and forming features that most of these RC computerized chargers come with that can be used to bring a dead battery back to life.


Getting the right charger

Selecting the right charger for your batteries isn’t that hard. The main things to keep in mind are the Amps and Wattage of the charger.

Let’s say you have a battery that requires 4 Amps charge rate which will make you think that you should get around a 5 Amps charge rate of RC Charger considering the losses as well. But that won’t be enough because you are not considering the Wattage of the Charger. You get the Wattage by Volts x Amps. So if your battery is charged fully on 12 volts with 4 Amps charge then your Wattage required is 48. Now with most of the chargers we usually forget to check the Wattage and only check the Amps rating which isn’t right because your RC Charger won’t be able to charge your battery.

To make sure that you get a charger that has enough ratings to charge your battery, don’t forget to check the Amps and Wattage ratings of both your battery and Charger. Getting an RC Charger that has more Wattage and Amps is good practice so keep that in mind.

Overall it’s not a hard task to get the right charger for your RC machine.  Getting a computerized RC Charger that can deliver enough juice for your batteries will save a lot of bucks in the long run. So always keep the things mentioned above in your mind before getting a charger for your RC machine.

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