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TOP 3 Gas Powered RC Boats to Own

Gas powered RC boats are the next level RC water vehicles perfect for racing and entertainment. These RC boats are the ideal for serious hobbyists and those who race competitively, who want the best gas powered boat on the water to wash away their competition. The following are a list of large scale gas powered RC boats for sale. Even better, we did the work for you and found the best gas powered and nitro gas powered RC boats on Amazon, where you can buy them new cheaply, and spend that extra money having fun at the next race or your next day at the lake with friends or family.

Large GAS Powered RC Boats

Rockstar 48 inch Catamaran

gas powered rc boats for sale cheapThe Rockstar 48 inch Catamaran Gas Powered: RTR, made by Pro Boat, is unlike most catamaran boats of similar size. Rockstar’s 48 comes with the superior DX2E transmitter with R.O.S.S. starter button. The R.O.S.S. starter system gets the catamaran up and running in seconds with the push of a single button. The removable composite radio tray allows the user to maintain this boat easily and access the receiver and radio components.


The durable inline rudder also ensures that catamaran will turn with excellent precision in both directions. With a powerful water-cooled Dynamite 26cc gas engine capable of propelling this gas powered catamaran to up to 40 miles per hour!


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A centrifugal clutch also helps prevent the prop from spinning while the engine is idle. This safety measure makes sure that your fingers are safe while you handle the boat. Another excellent feature that sets this fiberglass boat apart is the superior power of the large-scale servo with over 2270 oz –in of torque.

The R.O.S.S. system helps fire up the catamaran quick and easy, and the Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz radio system helps stop it at a push of a button, just as quickly.

The Rockstar 48 inch Catamaran requires 87 or higher octane gasoline, a gasoline-approved dispensing container, and the utilization of a battery charger. This catamaran will make serious waves on the water and impress any RC boat enthusiast.

Aquacraft Rio 51Z Off-Shore

gas powered rc boats amazonAquacraft’s Rio 51Z Off-Shore Gas RTR boat is IMPBA-SS Class Legal and can be found on Amazon for only $830, and features incredible hardware and driving system. This painted fiberglass boat has a self-oiling surface drive system with 1/4 flex cable and anodized aluminum GrimRacer hardware.

The 51Z also includes a Zenoah gasoline powered engine—this takes regular grade gasoline; unleaded, two cycle oil. Klotz Original Techniplate is recommended at a mix ratio of 16:1. Also included is a starter belt and a TacticTM 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum radio system.

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Zenoah’s 26cc marine gas engine will keep up with the fastest of boats on the water, and with the high performance of the GrimRacerTM hardware and 20 intense minutes of run time per tank, you will have the time of your life the next time you’re on the water.

Nicky’s Gift Trailblazer 1310 RTR

gas powered rc boats cheapAre you a serious RC boat enthusiast? Then Nicky’s Gift Trailblazer 1310 RTR 2 4GB RC Gas Engine 26cc Speed Boat Dropship may be the perfect RC boat for you. The unique design of this incredible gas powered RC boat will blow you and the competition away.


At a price of $1,253 on Amazon, comes in a variety of colors and the dropship design makes this boat an extremely aerodynamic racer that will ride the waves with its intense 26cc engine.

Nicky’s Gift Warrior 1300

large scale gas powered rc boatsNicky’s Gift also offers another body model besides the dropship, as seen in the Gift Warrior 1300 RTR 2 4GB Gasoline Engine Power Boat. This boat has a 26cc engine that is powered by regular grade gasoline; however, for optimal power, 87 or higher octane is an excellent option.


Amazon offers the Gift Warrior 1300 for $1,089, new, in a variety of colors. This RC boat is perfect for extreme racing for hobbyists and enthusiasts alike.


These gas powered RC boats for sale are of excellent quality and can be found at even better prices. With these boats you’ll certainly wont go fishing, but rather racing. A little searching goes a long way to finding the best gas powered RC boat at the perfect price. The more money you save, the happier you’ll be spending that money having a good time racing on the water, in competition or relaxation.

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