Buying The Best RC Boat Under $200

With $200 one can achieve quite a lot. For hobbyists who want quality boats that is not an issue. There are so many models in the market that are so classy and under $200 such as The Atomik barbwire 17’’RTR, the Traxxas 38104-1 Blast: 24’’ Race boat. All these are very classy but if you want to have some real fun then you will have to consider the Aquacraft Minimono Brushless 2.4 GHZ boat. This boat will not only give you fun but also a pleasure of its kind. It is only 23.4 by 9.5 by 7.1 inches in dimension and weighs approximately 10.1 ounces. The minimono comes with a variety of colors and has a shape that you want to keep on looking at. This boat has no handling complexities as with most of the others. It can be used by anybody so long as you are 15+. Children can still comfortably use it but under the supervision of an adult.

The Best RC Boat Under $200

The Best Remote Control Boat Under $200


  • The Aquacraft Minimono Brushless 2.4GHZ boat is a mini-sized boat model that has a brushless motor
  • The boat has advanced power system that makes it very fast. Leave alone being very fast, it is also very easy to drive.
  • It has a hull molded with plastic.
  • A tactic radio system with a free interference control. The radio system is 2.4GHZ. Am sure you don’t want to leave such a system behind.
  • The minimono boat has one thrilling feature, that is, it has the capability to allow the rudder to swing back and avoid damage upon impact with object in the water.
  • Has water cooled brushless motor that is 28-30-2200kv type.
  • Finally the Aquacraft Minimono boat has a 20A ESC Deans ultra plug connector.


The pros and cons of the Aquacraft minimono Brushless 2.4GHZ Boat


  1. Has a very sharp turn and can nose dive under water.
  2. Though you may under-estimated it due to its smallness, it has a great speed.
  3. It has a water tight body.
  4. This boat has a brilliant performance.
  5. Has a perfect ripping around cool waters.


  1. The electronic speed control overheats and therefore it will sometimes turn off itself.
  2. The prop shaft becomes loose and could break. Always check the shaft before running the rc boat.

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The Aquacraft Minimono boat is the perfect model of a remote controlled boat that one should have around his/her pool. It is affordable to almost everybody. Its enticing features such as the size makes you want to spend most of your time with it. It can be used on small water bodies therefore you don’t have to go to the sea or to the lake. It gives you an ample playtime leaving you fully satisfied. The Aquacraft minimono Brushless 2.4GHZ boat is the perfect boat to have.


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