The Title for SEO purpose is: When Was the First RC Car Made: A Brief History.

The Title for SEO purpose is: When Was the First RC Car Made: A Brief History.

The history of remote-controlled (RC) cars dates back to the early 1900s when inventors began exploring the concept of controlling machines from a distance. These initial developments were mostly focused on military applications, with aircraft and boats being the primary remote-controlled vehicles. However, over time, the technology improved, and this led to the development of commercial remote-controlled cars. For many hobbyists, the question of when the first RC car was made is a subject of debate. The evolution of remote-controlled cars has come a long way, and today, they are a popular pastime for enthusiasts globally. RC cars provide an exciting and immersive experience for hobbyists who enjoy piloting their vehicles from a distance. Furthermore, remote-controlled cars have found numerous commercial applications in different fields, including mining, military operations, and exploration. This article seeks to look at the history of RC cars, highlight the first remote-controlled cars, how they evolved, and their uses in today’s world.

Early beginnings

A significant breakthrough in RC cars came in the early 1960s, when an Italian company called Elettronica Giocattoli released the first battery-operated RC car, the Elettronica Giocattoli 0/23. Highlights of the car include:

  • Controlled by a wired remote
  • Had an impressive ability to reach high speeds

However, the car wasn’t entirely remote-controlled as it still had a wire that connected it to its control box.

In 1966, an American company by the name of Mardave then produced the first true RC car, the Mardave Meteor, which was significantly smaller and lighter than previous models.

The development of RC cars has turned into a massive industry, with hobbyists and enthusiasts seeking the latest and best RC car for their collection. Various websites offer a wide range of RC cars, each possessing different features and capabilities. Popular sites where you can find RC cars include:

What is the history of remote control cars?

Remote control cars, commonly known as RC cars, have been around since the mid-1960s. Here is a brief history of RC cars:

  • The first remote control car was developed by an Italian electronics company, Elettronica Giocattoli, in the mid-1960s. The car was powered by a battery and controlled by a wired remote
  • In the 1970s, the Japanese company Tamiya introduced the first RC car kit. This allowed hobbyists to build their own remote control cars
  • In the 1980s, RC cars became more popular and manufacturers such as Kyosho, Associated Electrics and Traxxas started producing a wider range of models
  • With advancements in technology, RC cars have become faster, more durable and easier to control. There are now many different types of RC cars including off-road, drift, and rock crawlers

If you are interested in buying a remote control car, make sure to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase. Some popular RC car websites include HobbyTron, Tower Hobbies and RC Planet.

The first true RC car

The Mardave Meteor, produced in 1966, was the first true RC car. Highlights of this car include:

  • Controlled with a 2-channel radio receiver
  • The first to be propelled by an electric motor
  • Significantly smaller and lighter than previous models

As technology developed, car enthusiasts sought out more advanced features in their remote-controlled cars. Manufacturers have since developed many unique RC cars, including models that mimic real-life cars and even those that fly. The wide range of options offered by manufacturers have led to the development of various online stores and shopping platforms offering remote-controlled cars, with some noteworthy e-commerce stores being:

  • Amazon Australia
  • RC Planet
  • Hobbylinc

A comparison table of popular RC car brands

Brand Features Price range
Tamiya Wide selection of quality models, some with high level of customization options $20 – $900
Kyosho America High-end, premium quality models with a focus on speed and performance $60 – $1,500
Schumacher USA Customizable models with a focus on speed and handling $50 – $500

Which remote control car is best?

Determining the best remote control car depends on several factors such as the car’s speed, durability, features, and price. It also depends on whether you need an indoor or outdoor remote control car, and whether you’re buying for kids or adults. Here are a few recommendations depending on your needs:

  • Best for high speed: Traxxas XO-1
  • Best for off-roading: Redcat Racing Everest-10
  • Best for budget: Off-road RC Car by DEERC
  • Best for kids: JEYPOD RC Car
  • Best for adults: HBX 1:18 Scale All Terrain RC Car

It’s important to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase. Websites like Amazon, Best Buy, and HobbyTron offer a wide selection of remote control cars and customer reviews to help guide your decision.

Growing popularity of RC cars

The advanced and affordable features in RC cars have made them a popular hobby around the world. Major reasons why the hobby gained popularity include:

  • Availability of pre-built models in local hobby stores
  • Ability to purchase parts to upgrade or personalize existing models
  • Joining local or online racing communities

Online resources have also helped enthusiasts share information and expertise with each other. Websites like offer forums where members can communicate and review various products. Facebook groups and other social media platforms also provide a medium to connect with fellow hobbyists.

Manufacturers have continued to find ways to appeal to customers through different models with unique features. Traxxas, for example, is one of the most popular brands for both amateurs and professionals because they offer a wide range of models that vary in speed, durability and terrain compatibility while brands like HPI Racing offer models that can withstand extreme terrains making them perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Why are RC cars so popular?

  • They offer the excitement of real car racing in a miniature size.
  • They require skill and strategy to operate.
  • They can be modified and customized to enhance performance and appearance.
  • They are accessible to people of all ages and skill levels.

If you’re interested in purchasing an RC car, check out websites like Horizon Hobby, Motion RC, and Tower Hobbies for a wide selection of models and accessories.

Modern RC cars

As technology continues to advance, new features and capabilities of modern RC cars are emerging. Some of these new features include:

  • GPS systems that allow for long-distance control by sending signals directly to the car from a remote server.
  • Autonomous capabilities that enable cars to operate without human intervention, making them suitable for tasks that require speed and precision but are too dangerous for humans to undertake.
  • Use of lithium polymer batteries that offer high power density, low internal resistance, and longer service life than traditional NiMH batteries.

Sensor technology has made modern RC cars even more advanced. For example, accelerometers and gyroscopes have enabled cars to sense their orientation and movement as well as make corrective actions automatically.

Manufacturers of RC cars continue to innovate and upgrade their products to new technology standards. The website Tamiya USA, for example, offers a wide range of cars that come in different sizes, with different speeds, and other unique features. HPI Racing also offer a range of different cars that cater to different terrains from on-road to off-road racing.

What styles of RC cars are there?

There are several styles of RC cars available in the market. Some of the common ones are:

  • Off-road buggies and truggies – They are designed for rough terrain and can handle jumps, bumps and obstacles with ease.
  • Drift cars – These cars are designed for controlled skids and slides around corners, mimicking the driving style of real drift cars.
  • On-road touring cars – They are designed for high speeds and smooth surfaces, and are commonly used for racing on track or pavement.
  • Rock crawlers – These cars are designed for climbing over rocks and rough terrain, and have specialized suspension and tires to handle extreme angles.

If you are interested in buying an RC car, there are many online retailers such as HobbyKing and Tower Hobbies that offer a wide selection of models and styles.


The history of RC cars dates back to the early 1900s when engineers started exploring the concept of remote control. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the first true RC car, the Mardave Meteor, was produced. Since then, RC cars have come a long way, with technological advancements making them more advanced, versatile, and capable than ever before.

Today, RC cars are used for a variety of purposes, including entertainment, research, education, and military operations. They have also become an essential part of the commercial industry with many manufacturers and hobbyists designing and building their own cars.

People of all ages from around the world enjoy building, customizing, racing, and collecting these miniature vehicles. Modern RC cars have come a long way since the early days, and they will undoubtedly continue to evolve and improve in the future, making them even more fun, exciting, and functional.