How Big Is A 1 5 Scale RC Car

how big is a 1 5 scale rc car


i have a 1 5 scale rc car, and it isnt deep enough for me. what are the pros and cons of a 1 5 scale rc car?

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a 1/5 scale mean?

A 1/5 scale refers to a model that is one fifth the size of a full-size model. This can be useful for people who are looking to display their collection in a small space or for those who want a smaller model but don’t want to sacrifice quality.
For example, a full-size Barbie would be about 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide, while a 1/5 scale Barbie would be around 2 feet tall and 1 foot wide.

What are the sizes of RC cars?

There are many different sizes of RC cars, and they can be as small as a pea-sized car or as large as a tank. There are some basic rules when it comes to sizing:
1. The size should be based on the size of the battery that will be used to power the car. 2. The size should be based on the size of the vehicle itself. 3. The size should be based on the size of the piloting area that the car will be operating in.

What size is a 1/10 scale RC car?

A 1/10 scale RC car is a miniature RC car that is designed to be operated by a remote control. These cars are typically smaller than a real car, and are often easier to control. The size of a 1/10 scale RC car will depend on the manufacturer, but most are about the size of an Altoids tin.
There are many different types of 1/10 scale RC cars, including those sold as kits or complete cars. Some manufacturers offer specialized models for racing or RallyCross use, while others make smaller cars for more general use. Some companies even offer cars in several different sizes!

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