Traxxas Remote Control Cars

The Best of Traxxas Remote Control Cars

Who doesn’t like monster trucks, right? The adrenaline rush is there, big, 4-wheeled trucks are there, you are there. But, what if you could have all of this, without even leaving your home? That’s right, you can enjoy all the good stuff with Traxxas remote control cars. The best benefit of driving a remote control car is that you are safe and there is no real danger, while you still get all the enjoyment and you have so much fun. But be careful, not all of these big boys are harmless, try not to unleash their rage! We’re kidding, they’re all as tame as they come, just remember to drive carefully, even if they are just toys.

Some of the Best Traxxas Remote Control Cars

Traxxas Stampede

Enter Stampede. Feel free to admire this magnificent rc monster truck, because this big boy has dimensions of 16.2 x 12.8 x 9.5 inches, and even though it weighs 4.1 pounds, it brings you as much fun as remote control cars do. Traxxas Stampede remote control car uses TQ 2.4GHz radio system, and has completely waterproof electronics. With it’s revolutionary construction and engineering, you are guaranteed to enjoy every mooment of driving it. It’s Titan 12-Turn 550 modified motor will bring even more horsepower to the game, and with ultra-tough suspension you can drive it wherever you want, because it can overcome any obstacle easily. The sole fact of Stampede being the first high-performance monster truck should be enough information, and with all features provided, you can see that it guarantees hours and hours of fun.

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Traxxas Slash

Traxxas Slash Short-Course Race Truck is a remote control car made for those who consider themselves adrenaline junkies. It consists of steel transmission gears, full ball bearings, and high-quality metal turnbuckle links. Also, it features 900+ horsepower racing engine full-throttle, dirt-roosting power slide, and giant suspension travel. If you were looking at the traxxas electric remote control cars, and want want to drive one off-road, you shouldn’t even bother looking for something else. Traxxas Slash is so well equipped that it can overcome any obstacle and you can expect as much off-road fun as you need. Its tires use most recent tread design and have rubber compounds, so they are able to provide incredible grip off-road, with still plenty of versatility. This way, they can perform great on concrete and asphalt, too. One last feature that should be mentioned is Training mode. When you press this button, you can limit full-throttle power to 50%. This could be useful for inexperienced drivers, or for those who just want a calm, relaxing drive. This will surely be a great Remote Control Car for Kids even if it’s they first one.

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Traxxas T-Maxx

This bad boy is the biggest Maxx car yet. We could call it the Nitro-powered beast, and even that wouldn’t do it justice. Unfortunately Traxxas doesn’t have gas rc off road cars. Just try to imagine the power of the car that weighs 14.6 pounds, and has tires that are 6.3” tall. It is pre-glued to 3.8″ Mirror-Chrome Hurricane wheels, and this should show you the real power. But this power doesn’t come raw, because T-Maxx 3.3 is touched by the finest engineering mechanisms. It’s features extended wheelbase, increasing its stability. Drive it as fast as you can (top speed: 45 mph) , and just watch the T-Maxx shredding the ground underneath. Also, it features dual-stage Traxxas air filter. This means that increased air flow is allowed, and with larger filtering capacity it has non-stop tuning during very long rides. T-maxx is pre-equipped with wheelie bar, which alows you to choose between 4 adjustment positions and suit the wheelie bar to your needs. If you’re checking through traxxas remote control cars for sale looking for their most powerful machine, and you’re not sure which one to choose, this one should be your choice.

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Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless Electric Monster Truck

Ready-to-race E-Maxx electric monster truck brings us the Traxxas Link Wireless Bluetooth module. This unlocks a few abilities: Bluetooth® connectivity, access to the powerful TQi tuning and telemetry tools through an intuitive high-definition graphical interface, and the ability to have someone remotely monitoring real-time telemetry, so that you could be fully concentrated on driving. As for the body of a vehicle, it has sealed electronics that allow you to enjoy driving your rc car even in the water, mud, or snow. It features 6.5mm gold-plated connectors, high-efficiency heatsink, integrated cooling fan and heavy-duty components which are needed for you in order to fully unleash the abilities of E-Maxx. It also has aluminum motor can, and high-strength Neodymium magnets. Low CG chassis enables the rock-solid stability, so that you could drive the E-Maxx even on the bumpiest roads, and still enjoy every second of it.

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Traxxas E-Revo

Traxxas e revo remote control car was tested for durability with brutal 6S LiPo power and intense custom-wound brushless motors. As you can suppose, it has passed the test very, very easily. Futuristic chassis design allows quick release battery doors, and you have no clips or hold downs to lose during battery swaps, making the battery swaps easier than ever. This22.9 x 16.4 x 8.8 inches big and 9.5 pounds heavy rc car features 2200kV, 75mm motor, designed specifically for maximum performance and reliability with 6S LiPo power in torque-hungry applications, and it can go up to 65+mph (this is a top speed with Power Cell 3S LiPo batteries, which are not included). Anyway, with all the traxxas remote control cars amazon has to offer, E-Maxx Revo may be the best for you if you’re looking for a remote control monster truck that’s both powerful and very fast the same time.

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These are some of the finest big boys in the traxxas remote control cars sale business. Whether you’re looking for power, speed, or combination of both, you can always find something for yourself. Be sure to look thoroughly through all the features, in order to choose the one that will suit you best. One thing is certain: whichever you choose, you won’t be wrong, because Traxxas monster trucks will never let you down.

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