remote control gas boats for sale

Remote Control Gas Boats for Sale

Have you ever wondered what is it like to run a remote control gas boat? And I mean a Gas engine not a nitro one. Actually there are a lot of Remote Control Gas Boats for Sale just like Remote Control Gas Cars, but very few are available online, and if they are they don’t come with an rc engine and are called ARR(almost ready to run). Nevertheless there are some of the boats available online fully ready to run out of the box. And I’ll try to make a list of these boats .

Remote Control Gas Boats for Sale

Aqua Mania 1300 RC Gas

A beautiful catamaran design 26 CC gas boat for sale. The length of the boat is 1300 mm and beam is 360 mm. The hull is made of fiberglass, which will make the boat light weight while keeping it very strong in case you get to run in something. I didn’t mention that for no reason, because the boats speed is approximately 60 km/h or 37 mph. This is achieved by the big gasoline engine and a D78xP1.4 propeller, so this boat is a no toy and should be used with care and at least some experience with controlling the models on water. The boat will come with everything necessary for you to run it. This includes two servos(one for steering and the second one for the engines carburetor), a radio system (so you don’t have to buy yourself one)

We would advice you to check out our other ready to run rc gas boats as the next one will be a almost ready to run gas boat.

Exceed Racing PERFORMANCE 26CC Gas Boat

Remote Control Gas Boats for Sale

This one is from Exceed Racing and they have a lot of Remote Control Gas Boats for Sale including this one.

This ones just 20 mm shorter than the Aqua Mania rc boat, which makes it 1280 mm long and 360mm wide. The difference is: first of all as you can see the looks of the boat as it’s a regular race boat and the second this boat doesn’t come with a radio and the two necessary servos. Although this comes with an engine, so that’s almost good to go. The radio controller doesn’t cost so much, so that’s not an issue. The boats hull is made out of fiberglass and the running weight is 6600 grams or 232 oz. The boat uses the same propeller – D78xP1.4 or D79xP1.4. What I like about this boat is that there are spare parts available on ebay, amazon or the manufacturers website, so if something breaks you can just replace it.


What I didn’t mention about both boats is that the engines are water cooled by the inlets under the boat. This design makes the fast boats even lighter as they don’t need an electric water pump to pump the water through the engine heads.

So there you have it, two great Remote Control Gas Boats for Sale with which you cannot go wrong, they will both give you the gasoline rc thrills racing down the lake or just driving with your friends.

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