Redcat Racing Rampage XB Review

Personal Experience Redcat Racing Rampage XB Review

Redcat Racing Rampage XB review

Redcat Racing Rampage XB review

I’ll get straight to the Redcat Racing Rampage XB Review.

Out of the box the buggy is impressive. As most of the RTR(ready to run) gas powered rc cars come pre-assembled in the box, all I needed to do was to put on the wing and screw on the wheels and it was ready to go. Redcat Racing Rampage XB gas buggy sounds awesome, it sounds like a real dirt bike.


The transmitter feels kinda cheap and I had a problem with it from the start. When I reinstalled the batteries I noticed that couple of positive terminals weren’t making electrical contact so I just used a screw driver to bend the springs a bit outwards, so it would make contact with the batteries. It’s been great since then and it was probably just on my transmitter. You probably wont have this kind of problem.


Filled the tank with fuel mixed with oil and I was ready to start the beast up. The Redcat Rampage XB started without any problems, the idle was steady and it felt like the carb needles were factory adjusted. From there I run 2 tanks without problems.

I drove 4 tanks and noticed that my rear wheel was wobbling so I took it off and saw that the bearing was gone for good. That was a big surprise, the bearing balls were literally rolling around the hub. Later that day I took off all the wheels and noticed some of the bearings were jammed.  I’ve read about this problem in forums and the fix for this is simple – don’t buy the redcat racing rampage xb bearings, but instead buy the hop up 22mm x 6mm Ball Bearings, they will save you a lot of trouble.

22mm x 6mm Ball Bearings for Redcat Rampage XB


By the looks the body is quite thick, flexible and should hold up nicely. What I did was make the hole for the pull cable and the kill switch hole a bit bigger for easier mounting. Now this isn’t necessarily needed, but I did that.


The frame seems solid but has that little flex going on. If I try to bend the frame from side to side I can also see the exhaust moving, but this shouldn’t be a major problem.


Nothing much to say about the tires. They held up nicely, but like any tire you can except wear. If you’ll be driving on tarmac the wear will be faster if you’ll drive on lose surface the wear will be lower.





There was quite a bit of play in the shock shafts, even on new ones, but hey, if they work don’t try to fix them!

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I have reviewed quite a few gas powered rc cars for sale and overall I’m satisfied with the Redcat Racing Rampage XB buggy from what I have seen so far. The Rampage XB drives very well and the speed is great. But it seems there is a lot of wear because of the plastic parts, I would like to see some metal aftermarket parts. Now the wear is on all remote control cars and there isn’t a perfect rc car built yet, so Redcat Racing Rampage XB just like Redcat Racing Rampage XT is fun to drive and costs a little bit less than other competitors.

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