Losi 5ive-T Review: The Ultimate 1/5 Scale RC Vehicle

Losi 5ive-T Review: The Ultimate 1/5 Scale RC Vehicle

Remote controlled (RC) vehicles have gained immense popularity over the years, attracting a wide array of enthusiasts and hobbyists. These miniature cars come in different sizes and designs, and have been customized for various purposes, including racing, industrial, and recreational activities. One of the leading manufacturers in the RC world is Losi, which has been producing high-quality RC vehicles for over 30 years. The Losi 5ive-T is one such vehicle that has earned its spot with its durability, power, and performance. In this review, we take a closer look at the Losi 5ive-T, examining its design, performance, maintenance, and user experience. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of whether the Losi 5ive-T is the right RC vehicle for you.

Design and Build Quality

The Losi 5ive-T is a 1/5 scale RC truck that has been expertly designed and built to last. Here are some of the features of its design and build quality:

  • Aluminum chassis and suspension that can withstand rough terrains
  • Waterproof electronics that allows use even in wet conditions
  • Aggressive tires that enable good grip on any surface
  • Large fuel tank that allows for long run times

Overall, the Losi 5ive-T is a well-built vehicle that can handle any type of terrain thrown at it.

When it comes to purchasing the Losi 5ive-T, you may want to consider buying from a reputable hobby store such as Horizon Hobby. They offer a wide selection of RC vehicles and accessories, including the Losi 5ive-T, with expert customer service and support.

What is the best RC truck in the world?

There are a lot of great RC trucks out there, but it ultimately depends on what you’re looking for in a truck. Some popular options include:

  • Traxxas Maxx
  • ARRMA Infraction 6S BLX
  • Losi LMT Grave Digger
  • Team Associated RC10T6.2

You can find more information and reviews on websites like RCPlanet.com or RCDriver.com.


The Losi 5ive-T is packed with a 32cc gasoline engine, which makes it a serious competitor on the tracks. Here are some key performance features of the Losi 5ive-T:

  • 4WD capability: Helps in tackling difficult terrains
  • Maximum speed: Can reach up to 30mph (48km/h)
  • Acceleration: Can go from 0 to 30mph in under 5 seconds
  • Handling and cornering: Tight turning radius and stability at high speeds

These features make the Losi 5ive-T a versatile and top-performing RC truck that is sure to impress not only veteran drivers but also beginners looking to up their game.

User Experience and Maintenance

The Losi 5ive-T is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and easy-to-handle RC vehicle. Here are some key user experience and maintenance features of the Losi 5ive-T:

  • Easy to use for beginners and experienced RC enthusiasts alike
  • Different driving modes to customize performance and battery life
  • Waterproof electronics make it possible to use in moist conditions
  • Aluminum chassis and suspension components help increase overall durability
  • Easy maintenance with limited accessibility to components for repairs

Overall, the Losi 5ive-T is a great RC vehicle choice for anyone who wants a vehicle with good user-experience and easy maintenance. You’ll be able to tackle tough terrain easily and keep your vehicle in great shape with a little bit of effort.

Interested in learning more and purchasing the Losi 5ive-T? Check out their website here.

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Pros and Cons

As with any product, there are pros and cons to the Losi 5ive-T. Here are some of the highlights:


  • Durable and built to last with its aluminum chassis and suspension components
  • Powerful engine that gets you up to speed quickly and can handle difficult terrain with ease
  • Easy to use and maintain, suitable for beginners and experienced RC enthusiasts


  • More expensive than some other RC vehicles on the market
  • Limited battery life compared to some other models
  • Large size may pose challenges for storage and transportation

While the Losi 5ive-T is an impressive vehicle, it is not without its drawbacks. However, for those who value performance and durability, it may be well worth the investment.


The Losi 5ive-T is a high-quality RC vehicle that offers impressive power and performance. With its aluminum chassis and suspension components, it is built to last and can handle difficult terrain with ease. Beginners and experienced RC enthusiasts can appreciate the ease of use and maintenance. However, its high price point may deter some buyers, and its limited battery life may be a concern for some. Ultimately, whether the Losi 5ive-T is worth the investment will depend on the buyer’s needs and preferences. For those who prioritize performance, durability, and off-road capabilities, the Losi 5ive-T is an excellent choice. Overall, it is clear that the Losi 5ive-T is a well-designed and well-engineered off-road vehicle that is built to handle a variety of challenges and last for years to come.