Losi Desert Buggy XL

The Losi Desert Buggy XL Review

Losi Desert Buggy XL Review

My Losi Desert Buggy XL Review

1/5 scale was popular in Europe for quite some time, but now thanks to Losi and HPI, the 1/5 scale has become popular in United States as well. Today I’m going to review the Losi Desert Buggy XL.

What you’ll need:

Battery charger, gas and a fuel can, where you’ll store unused fuel. I was nicely surprised that Losi DBXL came with two stroke oil and as well as a receiver pack for the buggy and batteries for the radio. Usually you have to get this by yourself.

I didn’t find anything loose or missing on the Losi DBXL. There was some binding in the suspension, but nothing major. Probably was a design flaw not a construction one.

To setup everything I used the included oil with 95 octane gasoline (25:1 mix) and charged all the batteries.


The Losi Desert Buggy XL had some understeer on surfaces like grass, dirt and gravel. But sometimes the understeer is a positive thing as it made the Losi DBXL drive easier, but this again makes the tight cornering a bit hard. Sometimes I experienced a traction roll. This happens when turning sideways aggressively and the tire sidewall just folds down until the rim digs into the ground and flips the buggy over.


The Losi Desert Buggy XL For SaleAs I would expect the Losi DBXL is not so agile in air because of it’s scale and weight, but the buggy jumped straight without leaning or tilting sideways and the shocks absorbed all the big landings without issues.

The Losi Desert Buggy XL does great on onroad, but it isn’t quick enough as other gas powered rc cars. The buggy felt a bit slow when accelerating and braking.

If you like to drive on grass then Losi Desert Buggy XL is the best thing for you to buy. Big tires and high clearance makes the buggy a monster on grass. I certainly enjoyed the buggy on the grass field.


Tires are decent when it comes to grip on any surface like tarmac, grass gravel and dirt, but the sidewalls are a bit too soft and cause a traction roll. They also feature a more scale look than other competitor tires.


Some say the 23 cc engine isn’t great for a 1/5 scale buggy, but I found it more like a nitro engine. You need to fine tune it and it will be enough for you to have fun. Sure, it’s not that fast as other gasoline powered remote control cars, but it’s also not that slow, plus the gas mileage is awesome, it felt like I was driving for ever and the tank still wasn’t empty.


I drove the Losi Desert Buggy XL pedal to the metal and got a lot of unsuccessful jumps and landed on roof and front tires making it flip like crazy, but nothing was broken. Every RC car model will eventually break down and will need parts to replace, but this time Losi DBXL survived my bashing.

The buggy’s roll cage can be taken off by undoing couple of body pins for easier access of everything under it.

The biggest issue I saw with this buggy was the brakes. The more I drove with the Losi Desert Buggy the less braking power I got.

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The Losi Desert Buggy XL is worth to get, because it’s fun to drive and it’s a gas powered rc. The gas is cheaper and a lot less hassle with the engine tunning. Set it up and forget it.

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