How to Reset a Tello Drone: Complete Guide

How to Reset a Tello Drone: Complete Guide

Tello drones are great gadgets for aerial photography, recreational flying, and to just have fun with friends and family. However, there are times when things don’t go as planned and a reset is required to bring the drone back to its normal state. Some of the situations that may require a reset include unresponsive controls, unexpected crashes, or firmware update failures. While resetting a drone can be daunting, especially for beginners, it’s usually the first step in troubleshooting most problems. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to reset a Tello drone step by step. We’ll also highlight the precautions to take before resetting, what to do in case the reset doesn’t work, and when to seek professional help. This guide is for anyone who owns a Tello drone and wants to know how to perform a reset safely and effectively.

Backing up data and removing the MicroSD card

Before attempting to reset your Tello drone, it’s essential to take some precautions to prevent data loss or damage. Follow the steps below to back up your data and remove the MicroSD card from the drone:

  • Connect the Tello drone to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi.
  • Open the Tello app and click on the “Album” tab.
  • Select the files you want to back up (e.g., photos, videos) and tap on the “Export” button.
  • Save the files to your device or cloud storage to prevent data loss.
  • Power off the drone and remove the battery before removing the MicroSD card. This step ensures that the card is not damaged by electrical charge.
  • Locate the MicroSD card slot on the Tello drone (check the manual if unsure).
  • Gently push the MicroSD card inward to trigger the release mechanism.
  • Carefully remove the card and store it in a safe place until after the reset is complete.

By backing up your data and removing the MicroSD card, you ensure that you preserve the valuable moments and memories captured by your Tello drone. Keep your MicroSD card in a safe place where you can quickly retrieve it after the reset.

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What to do before removing SD card?

Removing an SD card without taking the proper steps can cause damage to the card or the device it’s inserted in. Here’s what you should do before removing an SD card:

  1. Ensure that the device is turned off or the SD card is not in use.
  2. Eject the SD card safely by going to the device’s settings and selecting ‘Eject’ for the SD card.
  3. If your device doesn’t have an eject option, unmount the SD card before physically removing it.
  4. Handle the SD card carefully and avoid touching the gold contacts on the back.

By following these steps, you can avoid data loss or damage to your device or SD card. If you’re looking for high-quality SD cards, check out Sandisk or Kingston’s websites for their variety of reliable and durable products.

Performing the reset

Now that you’ve backed up your data and removed the MicroSD card, it’s time to reset the Tello drone. There are two types of reset – soft reset and hard reset – that can be done to the Tello drone.

Soft reset

A soft reset is the easier and less complicated reset approach. Here are the steps to follow when resetting your Tello drone through a soft reset:

  1. Power on the Tello drone with the battery inserted.
  2. Press and hold the power button for five seconds.
  3. The drone will beep, and the front LEDs will change from flashing to constant, indicating a successful reset.

Hard reset

If the soft reset approach doesn’t fix the problem, a hard reset should be the option. The hard reset method will wipe all configuration and data, returning the drone to its default settings. Follow these steps to perform a hard reset:

  1. Ensure that the Tello drone is switched off, without the battery inserted.
  2. Insert the battery into the Tello and power it on.
  3. Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds until the front LEDs turn red and blue simultaneously.
  4. The drone will beep continuously, indicating a successful reset.

It is essential to follow the right steps for each reset procedure carefully. Failure to follow the procedure may result in device issues or a potential crash. For more information on the Tello drone specifications, please visit the official website of Ryze Robotics.

How do I reset my Tello drone?

To reset your Tello drone, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your Tello drone is turned off.
  • Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until the LED lights turn off.
  • Release the power button and then press and hold it again for another 5 seconds until the LED lights start flashing.
  • Your Tello drone has now been reset.

If you continue to experience issues with your Tello drone, visit the DJI Tello website for troubleshooting guides or contact their customer support for further assistance.


While resetting the Tello drone could solve most issues, some situations can be resolved without performing a reset. Here are some of the problems and recommended solutions that you can try before resetting your drone.

Firmware Update Failure

Sometimes firmware updates may lead to crashes or underperformance. If you experience a firmware update failure issue, try the following solutions:

  • Check the drone’s battery level and ensure that it has a full charge.
  • Check if the Tello app version on your mobile device is updated to its latest version.
  • Make sure that the internet connection does not interrupt the update process.
  • Restart the drone, and your mobile device, then start the app and check if there is a new firmware update available.

App Connection Issues

Connectivity issues with the Tello application can cause inconveniences during your flights. If you experience app connection problems, try the following solutions:

  • Restart the Tello drone, and the device that the app is running on.
  • Disconnect from the WiFi, then reconnect to the drone’s SSID and relaunch the app.
  • Make sure that the entire drone system, including the mobile device, is up to date.

If attempting these solutions doesn’t work, then you should consider resetting your Tello drone. However, before resetting, ensure that you back up data and remove the MicroSD card.

Useful Online Resources

There are several websites and online resources that could help you solve issues with your Tello drone. Some useful online resources include:

These online resources can provide solutions to issues that you are experiencing with your Tello drone.

How do I fix my drone problem?

If you’re experiencing issues with your drone, here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Check the drone’s battery level and make sure it’s fully charged.
  • Ensure that the propellers are securely attached and undamaged.
  • Calibrate the drone and its controller according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If the problem persists, consult the drone’s instruction manual or contact the manufacturer for additional support.

If you’re looking for a replacement part or upgrade for your drone, check out websites such as DJI, Amazon or Best Buy for a variety of options.

When to Seek Help

If you have attempted to reset your Tello drone and are still experiencing issues, it may be time to seek help from professionals. Here are some situations when seeking help may be necessary:

  • Your drone still crashes or malfunctions after a reset
  • The drone is not turning on after a reset
  • You are unable to connect to the Tello app after a reset
  • The firmware updates are consistently failing

Reputable Repair Centers

If you are in need of professional repair services, there are several reputable options that you can consider. Some reputable repair centers include:

Be sure to do your research and confirm that the repair center is well-reviewed and has the necessary expertise and experience to address your specific issue.

It’s important to avoid attempting to fix the drone on your own, especially if you are not knowledgeable about drone repair. This can lead to further problems and cause permanent damage to the drone.

Always prioritize safety when handling drones and seek help from professionals when necessary.

How do I fix my Tello not turning on?

If you’re having trouble turning on your Tello drone, there are a few steps you can take to try and fix the issue:

  • Make sure your Tello is charged. Connect it to a power source using the included micro-USB cable and wait for the LED lights to turn off indicating a full charge.
  • Reset your Tello by pressing and holding the power button for 5-10 seconds until the LED lights turn off.
  • If the above steps don’t work, try connecting your Tello to the Tello app and check for firmware updates. Updating the firmware can sometimes resolve issues with the device turning on.
  • If none of the above steps work, contact Tello support for further assistance.

For more information or support, visit the official Tello website.


Resetting your Tello drone can be a simple and effective way to resolve a range of issues, but it’s important to approach it with caution. Make sure to back up your data and remove the MicroSD card before performing a reset, and consider seeking professional help if the issues persist.

Remember, safety should always be your top priority when operating a drone. Always read and understand the user manual, and be sure to follow all guidelines and safety precautions. With this information, you can confidently reset your Tello drone and continue enjoying the benefits of this amazing technology.