How To Fix RC Helicopter Not Flying

how to fix rc helicopter not flying


i have a rc helicopter not flying and i dont know what to do. it started out with a low pitched whine, but has now become high pitched

i have replaced the esc with a new one and put no tension on the rotor shafts

still not flying

Well you’re in luck. If you’re using a brushless motor and ESC, there’s a good chance your broken servo is causing your problem.
There are two ways to fix this: replace the servo or replace your ESC. Either one should solve your issue.
i just noticed that the esc is not reading any power at all
that sounds like an issue with the servo
Yes, it could be either of those things. The servo needs to be replaced if it’s not operating correctly. The other thing to check is the battery voltage. If it’s too low, the ESC may be having trouble compensating for it.
and i checked the voltage with my multimeter and its 10.4v
Ok, so the servo needs to be replaced if it’s not working properly. There are different types of servos, but they all have their own set of requirements for voltage. A high-torque servo can handle up to 12V, while a low-torque model can only handle 6V or less.
If your ESC has adequate voltage regulation, then it should be able to handle the load from your servo without any problems.
i also looked at the battery and its ok
so the question is: is there something else i need to check?
I don’t know how much help I can be, but it might be worth checking the battery terminals on the helicopter. They could be corroded or dirty, or they could be loose or missing their nuts/bolts.
thanks man!
WTF is this?? You have a quadcopter, right? Then you need to use XMFM. This is a free app that lets you communicate with your remote control. In order to use it, you need to install it on your phone.
It will then present you with a QR code which you need to scan with your phone before proceeding any further. Once completed, once a message appears saying “Okay”, press “A” and speak into your mic. It’s very simple and easy to use, so give it a go!
thank you for the tip!! i tried it and it worked!! awesome!!
Cerberus RC Helicopter Not Flying – Help Page – RCGroups
I have a Cerberus RC Helicopter not flying and what do I do to fix it ? I have talked to someone who said that I need to replace the esc but how do I do that? I am also not sure what type of esc I have because I did not see anything listed when looking at the parts list.
thanks in advance!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – RC Groups No Answers Yet! – Question: Can anyone tell me why my heli isn’t flying? My heli runs great until I start flying it then it starts loosing power and losing altitude very quickly. I have replaced the esc with a new one and put no tension on the rotor shafts but nothing seems to help.
i think that could be caused by the prop being too small, which would cause vibrations in the frame causing the motors to work harder than they should and eventually blow up the motor or ESC. i would recommend adding some weight to the bottom of your heli (just make sure it doesn’t add more than necessary), as well as using proper motor protection such as a cooling fan or duct, both of which can help reduce vibrations and prevent damage from overheating.
also try cleaning your heli regularly (especially inside the frame where dust tends to build up) with a damp cloth or paper towel, as well as changing out your oil when needed (see our blog post on oil changes here). lastly, make sure your batteries are charged up appropriately – they should ideally be between 30-50% full when starting up your heli for the first time!
thanks for the help!
Question: How do I get my RC helicopter back flying? – RC Groups No Answers Yet! – Question: How do I get my RC helicopter back flying? My helicopter has been stopped for about a year now. It came back flying after I had cleaned out the carbon deposits in the blades by hand.
I want to get my helicopter back flying again! What is the best way to do this?
Answer: They say never trust a mechanic over 3 emails…but he was fast and efficient…and cheaper than going to a pilot school! When I first bought my RC helicopter last year, there were lots of options available for reliability and serviceability. Some were more expensive than others, but all seemed to offer similar features.
One thing that most companies did was provide an FAQ page explaining what their products did and didn’t do. So if you read through them all and found nothing that really helped you decide what kind of helicopter you wanted, you could probably figure out what kind of helicopter you needed pretty easily yourself. But if you wanted more information on specific features, that wouldn’t be as easy…so you’d have to ask for it through email or phone.
Or maybe you just wanted someone to explain what was wrong with your helicopter in plain English rather than cryptic jargon…it depends on whether you prefer talking through troubleshooting steps or technical details. In any case, here are some things we learned while researching this topic: * Most helicopters come with an FAQ page that explains what they do and don’t do.
* Some pilots prefer reading those pages rather than asking questions directly because they provide better insight into how the helicopter works. * Some helicopters also offer support via phone or email. If you want help getting started or troubleshooting problems, these options may be right for you. But if you want answers specific to your specific helicopter, they may not be so useful.
* Still other helicopters offer online support via their website so that you can ask questions when you’re away from home without worrying about sending emails or waiting for replies overnight.. Asking questions online may seem intimidating at first, but if you take the time to learn how to ask properly, it can be worth it. * And finally, there are many different kinds of helicopters out there – some more popular than others – so it can get confusing trying to figure out what kind of helicopter is best for your needs…
No single answer can cover every possible scenario, so it’s always best to talk with an experienced friend or expert before making any decisions about equipment purchases. That way you can get exactly what you need without getting stuck with something that doesn’t meet your needs exactly (or even worse – something that does!). Hopefully this post will help clear up some of those questions and confusion so that you can make an informed decision about what kind of helicopter is right for you!
Helicopter Not Flying – Help Page – RCGroups
I am trying to find out why my helicopter is not flying anymore. It started out fine but started acting weird within a few minutes of taking off. Now it won’t even turn on! I am new to RC helicopters and don’t know much about them. Is there anything that I can do to fix this?
There are several reasons why your helicopter may not be flying anymore. One possibility is that the motor is worn out or damaged. Another is that there is corrosion on the blades or rotor hub which is preventing proper rotation. Another is that there is something wrong with your receiver board which sends signals between the transmitter and the helicopter body .
You can try cleaning the receiver board using alcohol wipes or rubbing alcohol , but sometimes cleaning will help loosen up any potential obstructions . Another option is to use industrial strength epoxy glue which will bond even hard to reach areas together . However , if you are willing to spend a little bit of money on professional repairs , it may be worth it . Hope this helps !
Good luck !
Whole Hairshade Quadcopter Not Flying – Help Page – RCGroups No Answers Yet! – Question: How can i fix my whole hairshade quadcopter not flying? My quadcopter is a whole hairshade quadcopter and it has been working great until recently when i noticed the propeller had gone bad.. Now i cant fly it.. What should i do? Thank you!
Well first thing is first , check to see if there is any broken blades or debris on either side of the propeller . If so clean it off and reassemble . Now when you are done , set everything up again . Thanx .
Question: How Do I Fix My Helicopter Not Flying Problem – RC Groups No Answers Yet! – Question: How do i fix my Helicopter Not Flying Problem Hello everyone I am having a problem with my Helicopter Not Flying We have had our helicopter for almost 2 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my RC helicopter not taking off?

Sometimes your RC helicopter doesn’t take off because the batteries aren’t charged enough. This can happen if you’re using older batteries or if the batteries are overheating. To fix this problem, just wait a few minutes and then try again.

How much RPM is needed to fly RC helicopter?

The answer to this question depends on the type of RC helicopter and how it is used. In general, the higher the RPM, the more force needed to move the helicopter. However, there are certain situations where using a lower RPM can be beneficial. For example, when flying in low wind conditions or in areas with low ceilings, using a lower RPM can help prevent wind gusts from buffeting the helicopter and causing it to lose control.
In addition, higher RPMs can be used when flying at high speeds or in environments where objects might trip an unwary pilot.

How do you know when your RC helicopter is fully charged?

When you look at your RC helicopter, it will probably seem like it is fully charged. However, in reality, it is not. When you start your helicopter, it will begin to charge up. This takes time, so be patient and wait until the battery has completely charged before flying.

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