Top Remote Control Airplanes for Sale: A Guide to Choosing and Buying

Top Remote Control Airplanes for Sale: A Guide to Choosing and Buying

Remote control airplanes have become increasingly popular as a hobby in recent years, offering enthusiasts a chance to take to the skies with their own miniature aircraft. From Ready-to-Fly (RTF) models to Bind-N-Fly (BNF) planes that require some assembly, the range of remote control airplanes available for sale has expanded to cater to beginners and experts alike. This hobby is not just reserved for experienced pilots; anyone can learn how to fly a remote control airplane and experience the thrill of soaring through the air. Remote control airplanes are available in different sizes and styles, and their features and capabilities vary. Choosing the right one for an individual’s skill level, flying location, and budget is important to ensure a safe and enjoyable flying experience. In this article, we will explore some of the best remote control airplanes for sale, factors to consider when choosing one, and some tips for maintenance and safety.

Types of Remote Control Airplanes

There are three types of remote control airplanes available in the market:

  • Ready-to-Fly (RTF): These airplanes come completely assembled and only require batteries to be added. They are ideal for beginners who do not know how to assemble and customize their planes.
  • Almost-Ready-to-Fly (ARF): These airplanes require minor assembly, such as attaching the wings, and do not come with some parts, such as engine and radio gear. They are ideal for intermediate to advanced pilots who want to customize their planes.
  • Bind-N-Fly (BNF): These airplanes require some assembly, such as installing the propeller and wiring up the motor, but come with all the necessary parts except for the transmitter. They are ideal for pilots who already own a transmitter.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on the pilot’s skill level and preference. For example, RTF planes are easy to set up and fly, but they may not be customizable, while ARF planes offer more customization options, but require some experience in assembly. On websites such as Amazon and Horizon Hobby, there are many different types of remote control airplanes available for sale, catering to all skill levels and preferences.

Do RC planes exist?

Yes, RC planes do exist. RC or remote-controlled planes are model aircraft that are operated by a remote control. These planes are designed to be flown for recreational purposes and vary in size, shape, and complexity. Some popular types of RC planes include:

  • Trainer planes
  • Acrobatic planes
  • Scale models of real planes
  • Glider planes

There are numerous websites and products available for purchasing RC planes. Some popular websites to purchase RC planes include Horizon Hobby, Tower Hobbies, and Nitroplanes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Remote Control Airplanes

Before buying a remote control airplane, there are several factors to consider:

Skill Level

Consider your skill level when choosing a remote control airplane:

  • Beginners should choose RTF planes that are easy to fly.
  • Intermediate pilots can try ARF planes that offer more customization options.
  • Advanced pilots can try BNF planes that require more assembly and customization.

Flying Location

Consider your flying location when choosing a remote control airplane:

Flying Site Recommended Plane
Park Small and lightweight plane
Field Large and heavy plane
Indoor Small and slow plane


Consider your budget when choosing a remote control airplane:

  • RTF planes are the most affordable, ranging from $30 to $300.
  • ARF planes are more expensive, ranging from $150 to $1,000.
  • BNF planes are the most expensive, ranging from $200 to $2,000.

All these factors play an important role in choosing the right remote control airplane. On popular online platforms such as Amazon and Horizon Hobby, there are many different types of remote control airplanes available catering to all skill levels, preferences, and budgets.

What is a good remote control airplane?

If you’re in the market for a remote control airplane, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Type of airplane (glider, scale, sport, etc.)
  • Size of airplane
  • Level of skill required
  • Price

Some recommended websites to research and purchase remote control airplanes include:

  • HobbyKing
  • Tower Hobbies
  • Horizon Hobby

Ultimately, the best remote control airplane for you will depend on your personal preferences and skill level. Do your research and take your time finding the perfect one for you.

Top Remote Control Airplanes for Sale

There are several remote control airplanes available in the market that cater to different skill levels, budgets, and preferences. Below are some of the top remote control airplanes for sale:

1. E-flite Apprentice S 15e RTF

  • Easy to fly and assemble
  • Stable and forgiving flight characteristics
  • Includes a Spektrum DXe transmitter
  • Price: $299.99 on

2. FMS Sky Trainer 182 RTF

  • Realistic scale appearance
  • Includes a Futaba 6-channel transmitter
  • Easy to assemble
  • Price: $269.99 on

3. Horizon Hobby Carbon Z Cub SS BNF

  • Large and powerful plane
  • Durable and high-performance design
  • Requires advanced pilot skills
  • Price: $579.99 on

4. Volantex Ranger 757-4 RTF

  • Long range and high endurance capabilities
  • Stable and smooth flight performance
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Price: $159.99 on

These are just a few examples of the many remote control airplanes available in the market. Online platforms such as Amazon, MotionRC, and HorizonHobby offer a wide range of options with detailed descriptions, customer ratings, and reviews. It is important to carefully research and compare different models before making a purchase to find the right remote control airplane that suits your interests and experience level.

What is the best remote control plane?

  • The E-flite Apprentice S 15e RTF
  • The HobbyZone Carbon Cub S+ RTF
  • The HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF
  • These are considered as some of the best remote control planes available in the market, built with advanced technology, flight stability and durability. Users can enjoy easy controls with beginner-friendly features, such as Safe Technology, panic recovery mode and altitude hold. Some of these models can also be operated via smartphone apps. Websites such as and provide information and user reviews on these models.

    Tips for Buying Remote Control Airplanes

    When looking to buy a remote control airplane, it is important to keep in mind some tips and guidelines to make the purchase process easier and more efficient. Below are some tips to consider when buying a remote control airplane:

    1. Research

    • Research different types of remote control airplanes and their features
    • Read reviews and ratings from other customers
    • Join online forums and communities to get advice from experienced pilots

    2. Determine your skill level

    • Choose a remote control airplane that suits your experience level, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced pilot
    • Consider the airplane’s size, weight, and power for safe and enjoyable flights

    3. Check compatibility

    • Ensure that the remote control airplane is compatible with your controller and other gear
    • Check the range, battery life, and durability of the airplane to fit your flying location and preferences

    4. Compare prices and features

    • Compare prices of different remote control airplanes with similar features and quality
    • Consider the warranty and customer service offered by the manufacturer or seller

    5. Buy from reputable sources

    • Buy from a reputable seller to ensure the quality and authenticity of the product
    • Check the delivery options, return policy, and payment methods available
    • Some online platforms such as Amazon, HorizonHobby, and MotionRC offer a wide range of remote control airplanes and accessories with ratings, reviews, and helpful customer service.

    By following these tips, buyers can find the right remote control airplane that suits their needs and goals along with assurance that the product they buy is reliable and safe.

    What to do before buying a plane?

    Here are a few things you should consider before buying a plane:

    – Set a budget and determine your financing options
    – Evaluate your needs and prioritize your preferences
    – Research different types of planes and their maintenance costs
    – Conduct a pre-purchase inspection with a qualified mechanic
    – Consider hiring a professional aviation attorney for legal guidance

    For more in-depth information, you can visit websites such as Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and

    Maintenance and Safety Tips for Remote Control Airplanes

    Ensuring proper maintenance and safety practices can prevent accidents, prolong the life of remote control airplanes, and provide an enjoyable flying experience. Below are some tips for maintaining and flying remote control airplanes safely:

    1. Maintenance tips

    • Always check the battery and charging cables before flying
    • Keep the airplane clean and store it in a safe and dry place
    • Check the airplane’s manual for any specific maintenance instructions

    2. Safety tips

    • Always fly in an open and clear area to avoid accidents and damage to property
    • Check the weather conditions before flying and avoid flying in windy or rainy conditions
    • Use a simulator to practice before flying to minimize the risk of accidents
    • Be aware of other people and objects in the area before flying
    • Follow local regulations and guidelines for flying remote control airplanes

    3. Additional gear

    • Consider buying an extra battery, charger or controller to ensure longer and smoother flights
    • Use a lipo bag or a fireproof container to store and transport the battery safely

    4. Recommended products

    • The Great Planes Accu-Cycle Elite Battery Charger is a popular choice for reliable and efficient charging
    • The RealFlight RC Simulator offers a realistic and customizable flying experience for practicing and testing new maneuvers
    • The Turnigy Lipo Safety Bag provides a fireproof layer for storing and transporting batteries safely

    By following these maintenance and safety tips, remote control airplane pilots can ensure a long-lasting and safe flying experience. Additionally, recommended products such as chargers, simulators, and lipo bags can enhance the flying experience and provide peace of mind for pilots.

    What are the general safety precautions in aircraft maintenance?

    Some general safety precautions for aircraft maintenance include:

    • Ensure proper training and certification for all maintenance personnel
    • Use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, goggles, and respirators
    • Adhere to safety procedures and protocols at all times
    • Regularly inspect tools and equipment for safety hazards
    • Properly handle and dispose of hazardous materials
    • Conduct thorough safety checks before and after maintenance tasks

    For more information on aircraft maintenance safety, visit the website of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).


    Remote control airplanes are a fun and rewarding hobby for anyone interested in aviation and technology. With the right equipment, knowledge, and practice, anyone can learn to pilot a remote control airplane safely and effectively. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, there are a variety of options available to suit your interests and goals.


    If you’re in the market for a remote control airplane, we recommend conducting thorough research, reading customer reviews, and choosing a product that best matches your skills and budget. Consider factors such as size, weight, controls, battery life, and durability when selecting a remote control airplane.

    Maintenance and Safety

    It’s important to maintain and operate remote control airplanes properly and safely to prevent accidents and prolong their lifespan. Following basic maintenance and safety tips such as checking batteries, flying in clear areas, and following local regulations can make a big difference in the remote control airplane flying experience.

    Enjoy the experience

    Lastly, we encourage anyone interested in owning and flying remote control airplanes to enjoy the experience. It’s a hobby that can provide hours of entertainment, connect you with other enthusiasts and even build valuable skills such as hand-eye coordination and problem-solving. With the right remote control airplane and equipment, the sky’s the limit.