Best Remote Control Monster Trucks

Best Remote Control Monster Trucks Out There

Whether young or old, remote control vehicles are fun to play with. Remote control monster trucks are exciting to maneuver over many different types of terrain. Best remote control monster trucks are made to travel over grass, gravel, water, mud and snow. Just as their larger counterparts, the best trucks are quality made and durable. They should be able to drive forward, reversed and uphill. They are fun to control. From kids to beginners to more experienced remote control vehicle enthusiasts, there are many great remote control monster trucks for sale. The best way to find what you are looking for is to buy a remote control monster truck online.

These are the Best Remote Control Monster Trucks Out In the Market

  1. Best overall for serious users

Redcat Racing Nitro 2.4GHz Volcano S30 Truck

Best Remote Control Monster TrucksOne of the best available remote control trucks 4×4 is the Nitro RC Escalade Style Monster Truck. This is one of the best remote control monster trucks online. It is a remote control gas powered truck. Although not cheap, it is well worth the money for those who are serious about stadium racing remote control monster jam trucks. It is powerful, long range and has many features that make a great remote control truck for the experienced and serious user.

This truck is 1:10 scale, has a .18 racing engine and 8 oil filled shock absorbers. It has independent 4 wheel suspension, a composite disc brake system and is nitro gas powered. It can go as fast as 50 miles an hour and has a range of 1000 feet. The tires have great traction for use on the roughest terrain. The nitro remote control monster truck is styled after an Escalade and looks realistic. It is one of the most repairable and upgradeable remote control vehicles available. A number of spare parts are available for repairs. You can upgrade or modify the engine. You can even add on new tires and suspension.This durable and quality made monster truck is made for the most serious remote control vehicle enthusiasts.


  1. Durable

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX

remote control monster trucks for saleThe Redcat Racing Volcano EPX is very durable and functions well. It handles well and holds up well to use. Its engine is not as powerful as some remote control vehicles but it has many features that make it great for outdoor remote control monster truck use. This remote control monster truck features large wheels and 4 wheel drive to make it a great vehicle to driver over all sorts of terrain. It has very large wheels that make it stable as it is used and provide good traction. The chassis are well built. The remote has a nice pistol-grip design and good proportional control. It functions with a high frequency and can be used at wide ranges. It travels up to 20 mph and has a good height clearance for climbing. The Redcat Volcano is a quality made, nice sized remote control 4×4. Its many great features make it easy to handle and good for use on any type of terrain. Its a good remote control 4×4 for use by nyone interested in this hobby.




  1. Best to upgrade with experience

Traxxas Rustler XL-5

Traxxas Rustler XL-5Of all of the remote control monster trucks for sale, the Traxxas Rustler XL-5 is the best choice for those just beginning the hobby but hoping to gain experience and skills. This Traxxas model is durable, easily trainable and easily upgradeable. Like most remote control monster trucks, this product is waterproof. It works in water, mud and snow. It is 1:10 in scale and very realistic in appearance. It travels 35 mph and has a Titan 12-Turn 550 modified motor, a high-current connecter and a 7 cell battery. Its electric speed control is completely waterproof. It comes with a charger. The Traxxas Rustler works right out of the box so it is easy to start working with right away. Novice beginners will gain a lot of experience working with this model. Its durable and fun to train on. This is the perfect remote control monster truck to become an expert on. It is easy to find replacement parts so it will last a long time. There are many upgrades available to modify this big remote control monster truck for more experienced use.



  1. Best for kids

Max D Monster Jam Truck

max d remote control monster truckThe Max d Monster Jam Truck is the perfect remote control truck for kids. As its name implies, it is meant for playing as a maximum destruction monster jam vehicle. Kids will love to control this authentic looking monster jam truck. Features include forward and reverse driving, left and right steering, lights and sounds and 2.4 GHz technology. At 1:10 scale, it is large enough to handle well and fast. It has a powerful engine and looks and sounds just like its larger counterpart. Driving the Max D remote control monster truck is a great experience for kids who love trucks. They will enjoy being able to control the truck as it travels terrain. It is the perfect toy for boys who love to use their imagination and enjoy creative adventures. If you are looking to find remote control trucks cheap, you can easily buy these trucks online.




  1. Best price

ECX Ruckus 4 WD Monster Truck

buy remote control monster truck onlineA less expensive yet durable and fun remote control monster truck is the ECX Ruckus 4 WD Monster Truck. It is a small yet cheaper version of a quality remote control monster truck. Despite its size, the ECX Ruckus has power and is durable. It climes hills and drives over most terrain. It is fairly easy to handle and is well made. This truck is just 1:18 scale. However, it does have a 4 wheel drive shaft driven platform, oil filled shocks and a good remote control radio system. The bottom battery tray is easy to load. The receiver is waterproof. Because of its small size, this may not be the right remote control 4×4 for those serious about this hobby. It only goes up to about 15 mph and does not go over as diverse or rough terrain as larger scaled trucks. It has very limited upgrades but for the price is a great option for those just interested in trying out remote control trucks. The ECX is a durable monster jam truck and it handles well and fast for such a small size. It is a great option for beginners to play with until they become more serious about the hobby.




Remote control 4×4 use and racing has become a popular pass time for all ages. With miniature monster jam trucks looking just like their larger counterparts, a lot of fun can be had controlling these small scale vehicles over a variety of terrain. Most trucks are made to withstand water, rain and snow. Some monster trucks even have snow plows attached. Trucks can travel over grass, gravel and up or downhill by use of remote control. Buy a remote control truck online and experience the adventure.