Alligator Head Remote: A Must-Have Tool for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Alligator Head Remote: A Must-Have Tool for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The alligator head remote is a unique and innovative device that has evolved to become a go-to tool for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Popularly known as the gator head, this remote control is specifically designed to look like an alligator head, making it an ideal and essential tool for individuals who need to remotely operate their boats, trolling motors, or other gadgets while remaining hidden in the water, marshes, or vegetation. The gator head remote is a perfect tool for hunters who need to navigate their boats silently and avoid alerting prey while making their shots. On the other hand, it’s an ideal tool for fishermen who need to control their boats from a distance, making it easier to lure and catch fish while remaining unnoticed.

Since its introduction in the early 2000s, the gator head remote has continued to gain popularity due to its efficiency, simplicity, and effectiveness. The device is composed of several components, including a water-resistant casing, an antenna, and a remote transmitter. The alligator head casing, specifically designed to mimic the shape of a real gator, is molded from durable polymer with quality materials, making it beneficial for any harsh outdoor condition. Once you power up the device and set it, the remote control transmits signals to the receiver on the boat, controlling the gadget or motor at a 200-yard range. Additionally, the gator head remote offers advanced features like adjustable speed, a reliable signal, and easy-to-use buttons, giving outdoor enthusiasts ultimate control of their boats and other gadgets.

The alligator head remote comes with several features that make it an excellent addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s gear. Some of the features and benefits of the gator head remote include:

Ergonomic design: it’s easy to hold, and its shape makes it easy to disguise as part of your boat or surroundings
Water-resistant case: the casing is protected from water exposure, ensuring the longevity of the device and avoiding damages
Easy-to-use buttons: the remote control features simple controls that are accessible even when wearing gloves
Adjustable speed: this feature has two key advantages; it saves time and battery by only using the right amount of power required
200-yard range: It allows outdoor enthusiasts to navigate their gadgets or boats from a distance, which is especially useful for fishermen since they can cast their nets or bait anywhere in the water without necessarily being present
Reliable signal: The gator head remote uses a reliable signal that won’t fail or drop once you are on the field
Availability of accessories: Customers can purchase additional items to enhance the use of the device, including replacement batteries, transmitters, and receivers.

The alligator head remote is widely available for purchase online and in select brick-and-mortar stores that specialize in outdoor gear. Customers can buy it from eCommerce websites such as Amazon, Alibaba, Cabela’s, and Bass Pro Shop. The cost of the device may vary depending on the retailer, ranging typically from $100 to $200, depending on the specific features, components, and accessories included. Customers can always look for discounts and promotions as they become available when buying the device from reputable retailers.

Pricing and Availability
The alligator head remote is an affordable and widely available device for outdoor enthusiasts, and it offers a good value for its cost. Below is a table that shows the price ranges of the device from different popular retailers.

Retailer Price Range
Amazon $100-$150
Bass Pro Shop $149-$189
Cabela’s $110-$169
Alibaba $90-$120

The device is widely available for purchase online and in select brick-and-mortar stores that specialize in outdoor gear. Some of the popular online retailers to purchase the gator head remote from include Amazon, Alibaba, Cabela’s, and Bass Pro Shop. Customers can always look for discounts and promotions as they become available when buying the device from reputable retailers.

Interesting Fact: A group of researchers used a gator head remote to study alligators’ genetic makeup in a Florida lake in the US. They used the device to extract blood samples from alligators and monitor their movement without causing any harm.

Accessories and Add-ons

The alligator head remote offers several accessories that can enhance its function and usability. Below are some of the add-ons available for the device:

  • Extended range antennae that can help extend the signal range beyond 200 yards
  • Solar-powered battery chargers that can provide a more reliable and eco-friendly alternative to charging batteries
  • External speakers that can enhance the audio capabilities of the remote, allowing you to hear alerts clearly in noisy outdoor environments
  • Remote control holders that can make the device easier to access and hold

Some popular online retailers that sell the accessories include Amazon and eBay. These add-ons can not only improve the performance but also add value and convenience to the device.


In conclusion, the alligator head remote offers an efficient and unique alternative to traditional remote controls. Its advanced features, camouflage design and ease of use make it the perfect tool for outdoor enthusiasts who want to enhance their outdoor experience. The device, along with its accessories, can be found easily online or in specialty outdoor retailers. The alligator head remote can add value to outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and boating, making them more enjoyable, convenient, and efficient. For those looking for an innovative tool to control their outdoor gadgets and simultaneously hide their presence, the alligator head remote is an excellent option to consider.