Remote Control Boats

In 1898, Nikola Tesla, world-know scientist demonstrated a radio-controlled boat. At that time, it was classified almost as sorcery because people didn’t believe that something like that would ever be possible. Ever since then, technology have been developing at incredible pace through 20th century. Today, remote control boats are not so rare thing among people. Hundreds of thousands of hobbyists around the world use radio controlled boats, and for all of the people that aren’t so much familiar with this kind of hobby, I have made a brief introduction and most important features, including types of boats and similar. As with other remote control models, rc boats come in Ready-To-Run (RTR) mode, Almost-Ready-To-Run (ARTR), and kit mode, too.


  • Electric sport boats

These types of rc boats are most common wihen we’re talking about frequent hobbyists. In fact, is is called hobby-quality boat. Its speed usually goes from 20mph and above. Most usual, they are Ready-To-Run speedboats, and they can reach speeds that go over 40 mph. Add some modifications if you’re skillful enough, and you’ll get a speed that goes between 50mph and 60mph. Because of their ranking as hobby-grade models, most often you’ll find them at hobby shops and retailers. Also, there is a sub-type of these boats, called toy-grade model. These toy-grade models of course tend to be slower, thanks to their nature, and their maximum speed usually goes under 15 mph.


  • Scale boats

Scale boats are made to be replicas of general, full-sized boats. This kind of entertainment is usually reserved for enthusiasts who know everything about real-life boats and yachts, because they’re built using real plans and sketches. If someone wants to go even further and explore deepest areas of ocean, they can always turn to radio-controlled submarines. Yes, they are a thing, however surprising that sounds.



  • Racing boats

Sure, scale boats and hobby-grade boats sound like fun, but what about those competitive souls? Well, the truth is, people who like to race with remote control boats are most represented group, because they have so much choice in rc boats business. Most often type in business is “fast electric”. Fast electric rc boats is the term that modeling enthusiasts use to refer to a model powerboat that gets its power from a baterry, instead of an engine. Most often the speed of Fast electrics can reach over 50mph, with world speed record standing at 140mph for this kind of remote control boat model.
Generally, power boats have two controls, rudder, an outboard motor or stern drive and throttle control. Case with powered scale boats is that they will most often tend have some additional remote-controlled functions. Main goal of this additional functions is to increase realistic effect.
If you’re into wars, no problem, Model Warship Combat is there for you. With this type of remote controlled boats, you can fire projectiles and damage you opponent’s ships, or even sink them if you’re battling until last man standing. What is interesting is that these boats in fact are designed for sinking, and they can be repaired easily after, in case you want to seek revenge.