Yokomo YD2 RTR: The Ultimate High-Performance Drift Car

Yokomo YD2 RTR: The Ultimate High-Performance Drift Car

The Yokomo YD2 RTR is a high-performance drift car that has been designed with serious racers and enthusiasts in mind. This car is the perfect choice for those who demand nothing but the best when it comes to their racing vehicles. The YD2 RTR boasts a range of features that make it stand out from other drift cars in the market, including its advanced chassis design and aerodynamics, powerful brushless motor, and high-capacity LiPo battery. Its rear-wheel drivetrain and low center of gravity also contribute to its exceptional handling and control on the track.

The chassis of the Yokomo YD2 RTR has been carefully designed to optimize performance. Its low center of gravity, combined with its advanced suspension system, makes the car incredibly stable and easy to control. This, along with its lightweight body and sleek aerodynamics, allows for superior handling and control when drifting. The YD2 RTR’s electronics and controls are also top-of-the-line, with a high-quality transmitter and receiver that are highly responsive and precise. The steering system is also exceptional, allowing for nuanced control while drifting.

The Yokomo YD2 RTR is powered by a powerful brushless motor and a high-capacity LiPo battery. This combination allows for impressive speeds and incredibly smooth drifting. The brushless motor is efficient and reliable, ensuring that the car delivers the utmost performance with each use. The battery also contributes to this, with a long-lasting charge that keeps the car running for extended periods of time.

Overall, the Yokomo YD2 RTR is a high-quality and high-performance drift car that is perfect for serious racers and enthusiasts. Its advanced chassis design, top-of-the-line electronics and controls, and powerful motor and battery, make it one of the best cars in the market for drifting. If you are looking for a top-tier drift car, the Yokomo YD2 RTR is definitely worth considering.

The Yokomo YD2 RTR has an advanced chassis design that is optimized for high-performance drifting. Here are the top features of the YD2 RTR’s chassis:

  • Low center of gravity for superior stability and control on the track
  • Advanced suspension system that ensures the car stays planted on the road
  • Lightweight body design that allows for precise handling and drifting

Yokomo has also carefully considered the aerodynamics of the YD2 RTR, resulting in a sleek and streamlined body that minimizes drag and maximizes speed. The chassis also allows for easy maintenance and upgrades, so you can customize your car to your heart’s content, ensuring you get the best possible performance on the road.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Yokomo YD2 RTR, there are a number of online retailers that carry the product. Be sure to do your research and compare prices to ensure you get the best deal possible. Some websites, such as RC Planet and AMain Hobbies, offer competitive pricing on Yokomo products and have a wide range of products to choose from.

Advanced Remote Control System

The Yokomo YD2 RTR comes with an advanced remote control system that is designed to provide the driver with maximum control and precision. Here are some of the key features of the YD2 RTR’s remote control system:

  • Transmitter and receiver that offer fast and precise responses
  • Multiple channel options for customizing control settings
  • Programmable option for advanced users who want to fine-tune their car’s performance

Additionally, the YD2 RTR’s remote control system is easy to use, making it accessible to drivers of all skill levels. The transmitter has an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold, and the interface is intuitive enough for beginners to use. This remote control system is truly one of the major features that sets the YD2 RTR apart from other drift cars in the market.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Yokomo YD2 RTR, be sure to check out the official Yokomo website, where you can find a range of products and accessories to choose from. The website also includes useful information and specs about the YD2 RTR, as well as tips and tricks for optimizing your drift car’s performance.

To give you an idea of the comparative features of Yokomo YD2 RTR with some other drift cars in the market, here is a table to compare different aspects:

Features Yokomo YD2 RTR Car B Car C
Chassis Low center of gravity, advanced suspension, lightweight body design Standard chassis, basic suspension, heavy body design Ultra low chassis, stiff suspension, lightweight body design
Aerodynamics Sleek and streamlined body design to reduce drag Standard body design with no aerodynamic enhancements Advanced aerodynamics with spoilers and air vents
Remote Control System Fast and precise responses, programmable options, multiple channel options Basic transmitter and receiver setup with limited control options Advanced remote control system with customizable settings and LCD display

What is RTR in remote control?

RTR stands for “ready to run” in the remote control world. It means that the RC vehicle comes already assembled and equipped, and is ready to drive with just a few setup steps. Many LosiĀ® RC vehicles are available in RTR, and can be up and driving in just minutes. For more information about LosiĀ® RC vehicles and their RTR offerings, check out their website.

The Yokomo YD2 RTR is a top-of-the-line drift car that comes equipped with a powerful brushless motor and a long-lasting LiPo battery. The YD2 RTR is known for its speed and maneuverability, making it a favorite among serious racers and drifting enthusiasts alike.

One of the standout features of the YD2 RTR is its brushless motor, which is capable of producing incredibly high speeds and intense drifts. The motor is also highly customizable, so you can upgrade it with aftermarket parts to fine-tune its performance to your exact liking.

In addition to its powerful motor, the YD2 RTR also boasts a long-lasting LiPo battery that provides hours of uninterrupted racing and drifting fun. The battery charges quickly, so you can get back on the track in no time. And if you need to replace the battery, there are plenty of high-quality options available from Yokomo’s website as well as other authorized resellers.

Not only is the YD2 RTR a high-performance machine, but it also looks great on the track with its sleek and eye-catching design. Plus, the car is highly customizable with a range of aftermarket parts and accessories available from Yokomo and other brands.

Overall, the Yokomo YD2 RTR is an excellent choice for anyone who is serious about drifting and racing. With its powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and customizable options, you can achieve high speeds and impressive drifts that will wow your fellow drivers and spectators alike. So head over to Yokomo’s website and order your YD2 RTR today!

Can I run a LiPo battery with a brushed motor?

Yes, you can run a LiPo battery with a brushed motor without any harm to the motor. However, it is advisable to follow the basic rules of using LiPo batteries, especially not over-discharging them. It is important to keep in mind that LiPo batteries have higher voltage and may require a different speed controller than traditional NiMH or NiCad batteries. Visit RC hobby websites such as HobbyKing or Tower Hobbies for more information about LiPo batteries and understanding how to use them safely with your brushed motor.


In conclusion, the Yokomo YD2 RTR is an exceptional drift car that offers top-of-the-line performance and handling. With its advanced chassis design, powerful motor and battery, and advanced electronics and controls, this car truly ranks among the best drift cars in the market. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a beginner, the YD2 RTR is a car that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

One of the things that sets the YD2 RTR apart from other drift cars is its adaptability. With a wide range of customizable features, including the motor, battery, and suspension, you can tailor this car to meet your exact specifications. Plus, with its compatibility with a wide range of aftermarket products, you can continually upgrade and improve the car to stay at the forefront of drifting technology.

Overall, the Yokomo YD2 RTR is an outstanding choice for anyone who is serious about racing and drifting. With its high-quality components, exceptional design, and top-of-the-line performance, this car truly represents the pinnacle of drifting technology. So why wait? Get your hands on a YD2 RTR today and experience the thrill of high-performance drifting like never before.