Best Remote Control Helicopters: How to Choose the Right One for You

Best Remote Control Helicopters: How to Choose the Right One for You

Remote control helicopters have become an increasingly popular hobby in recent years, with enthusiasts of all ages taking to the skies to experience the thrill of flying these tiny aircraft. With so many different types, models, and brands available, it can be overwhelming for beginners to determine which remote control helicopter to buy. Factors such as size, price, and features all play a role in making the right decision, as does the level of experience of the user. In this article, we will provide readers with information to help them make an informed decision on which remote control helicopter to buy. We will discuss the different types of helicopters available, the size and price range, popular brands and their features, and offer guidance for making a solid choice. With our help, readers will be able to choose a remote control helicopter that satisfies their needs and offers an enjoyable experience.

Types of remote control helicopters

When it comes to choosing a remote control helicopter, there are several types to consider. Here are some options to keep in mind:

  • Indoor helicopters: These models are designed to be flown indoors due to their size and stability. They are typically smaller and lighter than other types of helicopters.
  • Outdoor helicopters: These models are larger and more powerful, making them suitable for use outdoors. They are typically more expensive than indoor helicopters.
  • Coaxial helicopters: These models have two sets of rotors stacked on top of each other to provide stability and lift. They are generally easy to fly and ideal for beginners.
  • Single rotor helicopters: These models have a single set of rotors and are more challenging to fly than coaxial helicopters. They offer more precise control and are suitable for intermediate to advanced users.
  • Quadcopters: These models have four rotors and are highly maneuverable. They are popular for aerial photography and videography and are suitable for intermediate to advanced users.

Once you know which type of helicopter suits your needs, you can start assessing the size and price range to narrow down your options.

You can find a variety of remote control helicopters online, including popular brands like Blade, Syma, and Hubsan.

What is the recommended remote control helicopter?

When it comes to remote control helicopters, there are many options available in the market. However, based on the features, quality and customer reviews, the following are some of the recommended options:

– Blade Nano S2: This is a beginner-friendly and affordable option that can fly indoors and outdoors.
– Syma S107G: This is a great option for kids and beginners. It has a durable built and can do stunts.
– DJI Mavic Air 2: This is a high-end option for experienced users who are looking for professional features. It has a 4K camera, obstacle avoidance and can fly up to 34 minutes.

Before purchasing any remote control helicopter, it’s important to read reviews and compare the features that suit your needs. Websites like Amazon and Best Buy are great places to start.

Size and price range

When it comes to remote control helicopters, size and price range can vary greatly. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Size Common Uses
Micro Indoor flying, beginners
Mini Indoor/outdoor flying, experienced flyers
Medium/large Outdoor flying, advanced users

Price range

  • Micro helicopters: $20-$50
  • Mini helicopters: $50-$150
  • Medium/large helicopters: $150-$500+

While it may be tempting to go for a cheaper model, keep in mind that lower-priced models may not have as many features or durable materials. Investing in a higher-quality helicopter can lead to a more enjoyable and longer-lasting experience. Additionally, keep in mind that certain models may require replacement parts or upgrades.

Interesting fact: The smallest RC helicopter in the world, the Nano Falcon, can fit inside an egg!

What is the best RC helicopter for beginners?

When it comes to choosing an RC helicopter for beginners, there are a few factors to consider such as overall stability, ease of control, and durability. Based on these factors, some of the best RC helicopters for beginners are:

  • Blade Nano S2: This helicopter is affordable, stable and durable, making it a great option for beginners.
  • SYMA S107G: Perfect for kids and adults alike, this helicopter is easy to control and comes with a built-in gyro for added stability.
  • GoolRC WLtoys V911: With its small size and lightweight design, beginners can easily learn to maneuver this helicopter.

These helicopters are available on popular online stores such as Amazon, RC Hobby Explosion, and Horizon Hobby.

Brand comparison

There are many different brands of remote control helicopters on the market, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the most popular brands and what they’re known for:


  • Known for their high-quality drones and cameras
  • Models include the Mavic Pro 2 and Phantom 4 Pro
  • Good for experienced fliers and professional-grade photography and videography


  • Specializes in beginner and intermediate models
  • Models include the Nano S2 and 120 S2
  • Known for stable and responsive flight


  • Budget-friendly brand with a variety of models
  • Models include the S109G and S107G
  • Good for beginners and casual flying


  • Known for their compact and durable models
  • Models include the X4 and H107D+
  • Good for indoor and outdoor flying, as well as first-person view (FPV) flying


  • Specializes in high-end models with advanced features
  • Models include the Rodeo 150 and F210 3D
  • Good for advanced users and racing enthusiasts

It’s important to do your own research and read reviews before making a decision on which brand to choose. Additionally, it’s important to consider the availability of replacement parts and customer support when choosing a brand. E-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay have a vast selection of remote control helicopters and allow buyers to read reviews from previous purchasers.

Which is the best remote control helicopter in the world?

  • There are many remote control helicopters available in the market, each with varying features, capabilities, and prices.
  • The best remote-controlled helicopter for you depends on your level of expertise, purpose of use, and budget.
  • Some of the well-known and highly recommended RC helicopters in the market are:
    • DJI Mavic 2 Pro – a professional-grade drone with 4K camera, 31-minute flight time and obstacle avoidance.
    • Blade Nano S2 – a great entry-level helicopter for beginners and indoor flying, with 3-axis stabilization and safe technology.
    • SYMA S107G – an affordable and durable option for kids with beginner-friendly controls and a gyro stabilization system.
  • There are many resources available online to help you choose the best RC helicopter for your needs, including product reviews, forums and blogs.

Features to Consider

When choosing a remote control helicopter, buyers should consider the following features:


  • Choose a helicopter that has a gyroscopic stabilizer to help keep it level in-flight
  • Look for models that have adjustable gyro sensitivity for greater control
  • Coaxial or dual rotor models are generally more stable than single rotor models

Control Distance

  • Consider the distance at which the helicopter can be controlled
  • Outdoor models generally have a greater range than indoor models
  • Choose a model with a range suitable for the intended use

Battery Life

  • Determine how long the helicopter can fly on a single battery charge
  • Choose a model with a battery life that suits your needs and preferences
  • Consider purchasing additional batteries to extend flying time


  • If looking to capture aerial photographs or videos, choose a helicopter with a built-in camera or the ability to attach one
  • Consider the quality of the camera and whether it meets your needs
  • FPV flying allows the pilot to see what the camera sees in real-time, which may be a desirable feature


  • Set a budget when shopping for a remote control helicopter
  • Consider the features and quality when comparing prices
  • Look for sales or discounts on e-commerce websites such as Amazon or Walmart

By considering these features and prioritizing them based on your preferences, you can determine which remote control helicopter is right for you. It’s important to note that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, as the best remote control helicopter for you will depend on your personal preferences, skill level, and intended use.

Which is the best remote-control helicopter in the world?

It’s hard to determine the best remote-control helicopter as there are so many factors to consider, such as price, features, and user preference. However, here are a few top-rated models worth checking out:

• DJI Mavic Air 2: This high-end drone has a 48MP camera, 4K video capability, and a 34-minute flight time.

• Syma S107G RC Helicopter: This budget-friendly option has a simple design, easy controls, and a durable frame.

• Blade Nano S2: This small but mighty helicopter is perfect for indoor flying and has stability technology that helps beginners learn to fly.

Sites like Amazon and Best Buy have a wide selection of remote-control helicopters, so it’s worth checking out customer reviews and ratings before making a purchase.


In conclusion, choosing the right remote control helicopter requires research and consideration of several factors, such as the type, size, brand, and features. While it may seem overwhelming at first, understanding these factors will help you make an informed decision and find a helicopter that meets your needs and preferences. Remember to consider the intended use for the helicopter, whether indoor or outdoor, your skill level, and your budget. Brands such as Blade and Syma are known for their quality models, while popular e-commerce websites such as Amazon can be a great place to find deals and read reviews. By taking the time to research your options and carefully consider your priorities, you’ll be well on your way to purchasing a remote control helicopter that you’ll love.