Veles 29 Proboat: The Ultimate Speed Racing Watercraft

Veles 29 Proboat: The Ultimate Speed Racing Watercraft

The Veles 29 Proboat is a high-performance remote control boat that is designed for speed and power on the water. With its sleek and aerodynamic shape, this boat is built to cut through the waves with ease and reach impressive speeds that will thrill any boating enthusiast. The Veles 29 Proboat boasts a powerful brushless motor and can reach speeds of up to 50mph, making it one of the fastest remote control boats on the market. The boat is also equipped with a high-capacity Lithium Polymer battery pack that provides longer run times and increased power for superior performance. In addition to its impressive speed, the Veles 29 Proboat is also incredibly maneuverable, with precise controls that allow for quick turns and sharp movements on the water. This boat is the perfect choice for anyone who loves boating and wants a high-quality, high-performance watercraft for racing, cruising, and exploring the water.

The Veles 29 Proboat is designed with the latest technology and engineering, making it a top-performing watercraft. Some of its notable features include:

  • A fiberglass hull that provides durability and stability on the water.
  • A molded canopy that enhances the boat’s aerodynamics and speed.
  • A water-cooled 6-pole 2000Kv brushless motor that delivers high-powered performance.
  • An ESC (Electronic Speed Control) that prevents damage to the motor and allows for precise speed control.
  • A 120A water-cooled ESC that works in conjunction with the motor to provide reliable performance.
  • A self-righting feature that allows the boat to flip itself back over if it capsizes.

These features make the Veles 29 Proboat a standout watercraft for performance and reliability. In addition, the boat’s design allows for easy maintenance and repair, as well as customization and upgrades for those who want to take their boating experience to the next level. To purchase the Veles 29 Proboat, visit the official Proboat website or other online retailers such as Amazon or eBay.

How fast is the Veles 29 Proboat?

The Veles 29 Proboat is a speed demon on the water. If you’re a skilled driver looking for a thrill, this powerful boat is an excellent choice. With 6S power, the Veles 29 effortlessly cruises at speeds of 50 miles per hour, and even goes beyond that to break through the 50+ mph limit.

To further enhance performance, the Veles 29 features an inline, adjustable propeller strut that is anodized for corrosion resistance. Its offset rudder with water pick up enables tight and precise turns while keeping the boat stable even at top speeds. A stainless steel propeller helps deliver power efficiently to the water.

In short, if you’re looking for pure power and speed in a boat, the Veles 29 Proboat with 6S power will not disappoint. It’s a superbly engineered craft that is finely tuned to deliver an exhilarating ride.

The Veles 29 Proboat is built for speed and maneuverability, making it an exciting choice for enthusiasts and casual boaters alike. Here are some of the performance features of this watercraft:

  • Top speed of up to 50 mph or 80 km/h, depending on water conditions and battery configuration.
  • Responsive steering and throttle control that allows for precise maneuvering.
  • A low profile and sleek design that reduces drag and improves speed.
  • A high-torque, metal gear servo that enhances steering and control.
  • A large propeller that generates a significant amount of thrust, powering the boat through calm and choppy waters alike.

The Veles 29 Proboat also has an impressive run time, with up to 12 minutes of use per battery charge. This is due to the boat’s high-capacity battery pack, which can be upgraded for even longer run times. For those who want to race with friends, this boat can be easily customized with decals or other personal touches. See the table below for a side-by-side comparison of the Veles 29 Proboat with similar boats on the market:

Boat Model Top Speed Run Time Price
Veles 29 Proboat 50 mph Up to 12 minutes $399.99
Atomik Barbwire 3 25 mph Up to 10 minutes $149.99
Traxxas Spartan 50 mph Up to 15 minutes $449.99

The Veles 29 Proboat is designed for ease of use and control, which makes it a great choice for both seasoned boaters and those who are relatively new to the hobby. Here are a few of the user experience features of this boat:

  • An ergonomic transmitter with a reliable, long-range connection that provides precise throttle and steering controls.
  • Easy operation that requires little expertise, allowing for a fun and engaging experience without a steep learning curve.
  • A durable and sturdy frame that can withstand minor collisions and small waves.
  • A stylish and vibrant design that stands out on the water and attracts compliments from other boaters.

Users have praised the Veles 29 Proboat for its smooth operation and high-performance capabilities. The boat’s intuitive controls and quick acceleration make it a thrilling experience to pilot, while its ability to hold a steady course regardless of the water conditions provides peace of mind. For those interested in purchasing the Veles 29 Proboat, it can be found on the manufacturer’s website ( or through various online marketplaces.

Maintenance and Cost

When considering the Veles 29 Proboat, it’s important to take into account the cost and maintenance requirements of this high-performance watercraft. Here are some things to consider:

  • The cost of the Veles 29 Proboat varies depending on where it’s purchased and what accessories it comes with, but it typically ranges from $400 to $600.
  • Replacement parts for the boat – such as batteries and propellers – can be purchased individually, but they may be more expensive than equivalent parts for other boats.
  • The Veles 29 Proboat requires regular maintenance to remain in top condition, including cleaning, lubrication, and occasional repairs.
  • Before purchasing this boat, it’s important to ensure that you have the necessary tools and expertise to perform these maintenance tasks.

Overall, the Veles 29 Proboat is a high-quality watercraft that offers exceptional performance and handling. While it may require a bit more maintenance and investment than other boats on the market, its speed and agility make it well worth the investment. For those interested in purchasing the Veles 29 Proboat or learning more about it, it can be found on the manufacturer’s website ( or through various online marketplaces.

Comparison to Similar Products

When it comes to high-performance remote control boats, the Veles 29 Proboat is certainly one of the top contenders. But how does it stack up against other similar products on the market? Here are some comparisons to consider:

  • The Proboat Blackjack 29 is one of the most popular competitors to the Veles 29 Proboat. While it’s similarly priced and sized, the Blackjack 29 has a slightly slower top speed of around 45 mph.
  • The Traxxas DCB M41 is a larger boat that offers impressive stability and a top speed of 50+ mph. However, it comes with a higher price tag and may be more difficult to maneuver for less experienced users.
  • The AquaCraft UL-1 Superior is a budget-friendly option that’s comparable in terms of speed and maneuverability to the Veles 29 Proboat. However, it’s not quite as durable and may require more frequent maintenance.

Overall, the Veles 29 Proboat offers an impressive combination of speed, maneuverability, and durability that makes it a great choice for experienced remote control boat enthusiasts. While there are certainly other comparable options on the market, the Veles 29 Proboat stands out for its exceptional performance and high-quality design. Whether you’re racing competitively or simply looking for a fun and exciting watercraft for the lake or river, the Veles 29 Proboat is definitely worth considering.