Unleashing the Power of the Vanquish Crawler: The Ultimate Guide

Unleashing the Power of the Vanquish Crawler: The Ultimate Guide

RC crawlers have become increasingly popular among hobbyists and enthusiasts around the world. As the hobby continues to grow, new and improved models are constantly being developed to meet the demands of consumers looking for the latest and greatest vehicles for their collection. The Vanquish Crawler has emerged as a top choice among hobbyists, offering advanced features, high-quality construction, and impressive performance on all types of terrains. However, what sets the Vanquish Crawler apart is its versatility and potential for customization. With various upgrade options available, hobbyists can personalize their vehicles to their specific liking, from swapping out tires and suspension to adjusting the weight distribution and motor settings. Whether you are new to the hobby or a seasoned enthusiast, the Vanquish Crawler is a crawler worth considering for anyone looking for a high-performance, customizable vehicle to conquer any terrain.

The Vanquish Crawler is built to last and designed for ultimate performance. Some of its notable features and specifications include:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum chassis
  • Precision-cut gears
  • Threaded aluminum shocks
  • High-quality 2.2″ wheels and tires
  • Adjustable battery tray and motor mount
  • Waterproof electronics

Additionally, the Vanquish Crawler offers compatibility with a wide range of accessories and upgrade options. Enthusiasts may change the motor and gearing for increased speed or torque, swap out the wheels and tires for bigger or softer options, add LED lighting kits for night-time driving, install winches or other recovery tools for challenging terrains or upgrade the suspension and shocks for better performance on rough terrain.

Online retailers such as Amazon and hobbyist websites like Horizon Hobby offer a variety of compatible products and accessories for the Vanquish Crawler. Hobbyists can also find information and recommendations on forums and social media groups dedicated to RC crawlers.

What is the wheelbase of the Vanquish origin?

The wheelbase of the Vanquish origin is 12.3 inches according to the Vanquish Products VS4-10 Origin Specs. The overall width is 8.0 inches (204mm).

Customization Options

A key feature of the Vanquish Crawler is the ability to customize and modify the vehicle to suit different terrains and driving styles. Here are some of the popular customization options available:

  • Wheel and tire upgrades to improve traction and performance on different terrains
  • Motor and gearing upgrades for increased speed or torque
  • LED light kits for night-time driving and added visual appeal
  • Suspension and shock upgrades for enhanced performance on rough terrain
  • Winches and other recovery tools for challenging terrains
  • Custom paint jobs and decals to personalize the vehicle

In addition to the various upgrades, the Vanquish Crawler is also compatible with a range of aftermarket parts from quality brands like Pro-Line, RC4WD, and Axial.

For those who prefer a ready-to-run option, Vanquish also offers pre-built Vanquish Crawler kits in different color options and with different configurations, such as the Vanquish VS4-10 Pro Kit or the VS4-10 Origin Limited Kit.

Here’s a table comparing different Vanquish Crawler models:

Model Price Features
Vanquish VS4-10 Pro Kit $749.99 Chassis assembly required, aluminum chassis, 1.9 wheels and tires, waterproof electronics, full-time 4WD, multiple battery tray positions
Vanquish VS4-10 Origin Limited Kit $999.99 Chassis assembly required, aluminum chassis, 1.9 wheels and tires, waterproof electronics, full-time 4WD, multiple battery tray positions, limited edition orange color
Vanquish VS4-10 Ultra Comp Kit $899.99 Chassis assembly required, aluminum chassis, 1.9 wheels and tires, waterproof electronics, full-time 4WD, multiple battery tray positions, carbon fiber body panels, CNC-machined aluminum suspension and shocks

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you’re new to RC crawling or the Vanquish Crawler specifically, here are some tips to get started and make the most of your experience:

  • Start with a basic setup before adding upgrades or modifications
  • Practice in a safe and open area to avoid damage to the vehicle or other objects
  • Use the slow and steady approach instead of trying to go fast
  • Invest in quality batteries and chargers for longer run times and better performance
  • Regularly check and maintain the vehicle to prevent issues and ensure longevity
  • Join an online community or local club to learn from experienced hobbyists and get help with repairs or upgrades

Various websites and YouTube channels offer tutorials, guides, and product reviews that can help beginners. Some popular options include:

  • Vanquish Products: the official website offers product manuals, forums, and a FAQ section
  • RC Driver: provides a variety of content related to RC vehicles, including crawling
  • Harley Designs: features tips, tricks, and reviews for different RC crawlers, including the Vanquish Crawler

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the process of learning and customizing your Vanquish Crawler!

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Competitions and Events

Competitive events and races are a popular way for Vanquish Crawler hobbyists to challenge themselves and show off their skills. Many events have different classes based on vehicle specifications and driver experience.

Here are some of the top events and competitions where you can see the Vanquish Crawler in action:

  • Recon G6: a global event series that features challenging courses and obstacles
  • Pro-Line By The Fire: a family-friendly event that includes competitions, workshops, and a swap meet
  • RC4WD King of the Hammers: a multi-day event with different races and classes
  • AWCC Nationals: the annual Australian national championships for RC crawling

Joining a local RC club or online community is a great way to find out about upcoming events and connect with other hobbyists. Websites and social media groups, such as Facebook, can also provide information and updates about competitions.

For those looking to take their Vanquish Crawler to the next level, there are also custom-made courses and trails available. Axial Racing provides a variety of course sets, while Pro-Line Racing offers a range of accessories and parts for creating obstacle courses and trails.

Participating in events and competitions can be a fun way to challenge yourself, meet new friends, and take your Vanquish Crawler skills to the next level.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Reviews and feedback from customers who own and use the Vanquish Crawler can provide valuable insights into the quality and performance of this popular RC vehicle.

Here are some positive comments and reviews from Vanquish Crawler owners:

  • “The Vanquish Crawler is an amazing vehicle. The suspension is superb, and it can master any terrain thrown at it” – John, Colorado
  • “I’ve been crawling with my Vanquish for years and it still impresses me. The build quality is excellent, and the customization options are endless” – Sarah, Washington
  • “The Vanquish Crawler is a well-designed and solidly-built vehicle. It’s smooth and powerful, and handles technical terrain like a dream” – Mike, California

Many reviews also highlight the exceptional customer service and support provided by Vanquish RC. If something goes wrong or needs fixing, the company is quick to respond and provide solutions.

In addition to reviews from customers, there are also numerous online forums and communities where Vanquish Crawler hobbyists can share tips, ask questions, and connect with others. Some of the most popular forums include RC Crawler, RCCrawler Forums, and Vanquish RC Forum.


Overall, the Vanquish Crawler is a highly-regarded RC vehicle that offers exceptional performance, durability, and customization options. Whether you’re an experienced crawler or a beginner looking to get into the hobby, the Vanquish Crawler is an excellent choice.

With its robust design, powerful motor, and top-notch customer support, the Vanquish Crawler provides hobbyists with a high-quality and long-lasting vehicle that is capable of handling the toughest terrain.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Vanquish Crawler, be sure to check out the many online retailers that offer this popular RC vehicle, including Vanquish RC’s own website and Amazon.

So whether you’re a competitive crawler or just looking for a fun and exciting hobby, the Vanquish Crawler is an excellent choice that delivers on quality, performance, and customization. Get ready to take on any terrain with the Vanquish Crawler by your side!