Traxxas Supra GT4: A High-Performance Remote-Controlled Car

Traxxas Supra GT4: A High-Performance Remote-Controlled Car

The Traxxas Supra GT4 is a remote-controlled car that has gained popularity among enthusiasts for its realistic design, impressive performance, and user-friendly features. This sleek and stylish car is a replica of the iconic Toyota Supra and comes in eye-catching colors such as yellow, orange, and red. The Traxxas Supra GT4 is equipped with LED lights, replica wheels, and well-detailed bodywork, providing the user with a realistic driving experience. In this article, we will take a closer look at the design, features, performance, and user experience of the Traxxas Supra GT4. Whether you’re a remote-controlled car enthusiast, a Toyota Supra fan, or just looking for a fun and exciting hobby, this car is worth your consideration. Let’s dive in and explore the Traxxas Supra GT4 in detail.

The Traxxas Supra GT4 boasts a sleek and accurate design that captures the essence of the Toyota Supra. The car is available in three colors, including yellow, orange, and red, with contrasting black and white racing stripes and decals. Some of the notable design features of the Traxxas Supra GT4 are:

  • Realistic body shape and proportions
  • Replica wheels with tires that provide a good grip on surfaces
  • LED lights that help enhance the car’s appearance and make it visible at night
  • Well-detailed bodywork that makes the car look like a miniature Supra

The attention to detail in the design of the Traxxas Supra GT4 is impressive. The car comes with a transparent, colored shell that allows you to see the inner workings of the car. This reveals the details of the car’s components, such as the motor and battery, contributing to the car’s overall realism.

If you’re a fan of the Toyota Supra, you’ll appreciate how well this car captures the Supra’s aesthetic. The Traxxas Supra GT4 looks great in a collection and is sure to turn heads wherever you take it.

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What are the specs of the Supra MK4?

The Supra MK4 is a high-performance sports car that was produced by Toyota from 1993 to 2002. Here are some of its specifications:

Engine 3.0L 2JZ-GTE inline-six
Horsepower 320 hp @ 5,600 rpm (officially)
Torque 315 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm (officially)
Acceleration (0-60 mph) 4.6 seconds (claimed by Toyota)
Top speed 155 mph (electronically limited)
  • The Supra MK4 was available with both manual and automatic transmissions.
  • It featured an independent rear suspension, which helped improve handling.
  • The Supra MK4 was also known for its iconic body design and its appearances in popular media, such as the Fast and Furious movies.

If you are interested in learning more about the Supra MK4, you can visit Toyota’s official website or join online forums and communities dedicated to the car.

The Traxxas Supra GT4 is not only a visually appealing car but also a high-performing one. Here are some performance features that make it an exciting car to drive:

  • The Traxxas 2400Kv brushless motor provides a high power output and quick acceleration
  • The car can reach speeds of up to 30 mph
  • The Traxxas Stability Management system helps to keep the car stable and prevent oversteer and understeer
  • Adjustable suspension allows you to fine-tune the car’s handling to your driving style or the terrain you’re driving on
  • The car is four-wheel drive, which provides better traction and handling on different surfaces

The Traxxas Supra GT4 provides an exhilarating driving experience for remote control car enthusiasts. Whether you’re racing or just having fun driving around, this car is sure to satisfy. With its high-performance features, the Traxxas Supra GT4 is a great addition to any collection.

The car’s design is also worth noting. The Supra GT4 boasts a sleek and modern body, complete with a signature rear wing and realistic details. Additionally, the car’s tires are designed with a realistic tread pattern for better grip on different surfaces.

Overall, the Traxxas Supra GT4 offers a winning combination of style and performance. With its high-speed capabilities, adjustable suspension, and realistic design, this car is a true standout in the world of remote control cars. To learn more about the Traxxas Supra GT4 or other Traxxas products, visit the Traxxas website.

How fast is the Traxxas Supra?

The Traxxas Supra is an RC car that can reach top speeds of up to 70 mph. Additionally, this car features a brushless motor, all-wheel drive and adjustable suspension for optimal performance.

For those interested in purchasing this RC car, it is available on the Traxxas website and other retailers such as Amazon.

The Traxxas Supra GT4 boasts some impressive components that contribute to its performance, durability, and longevity. Here are some of the key components of the car:

  • The 2400Kv brushless motor provides a high power output and quick acceleration, while also being more durable and requiring less maintenance than brushed motors
  • The waterproof electronics protect the car’s sensitive components from water and moisture damage, allowing you to drive through puddles and rain without worrying about damaging the car
  • The adjustable suspension helps to absorb shocks and bumps, which not only improves the car’s handling but also reduces wear and tear on the car’s components
  • The replica wheels not only look great but are also strong and durable, ensuring that they can take the wear and tear of high-speed driving

Traxxas is a well-known brand in the remote control car industry, and they have a reputation for producing high-quality products that are built to last. The Traxxas Supra GT4 is no exception, and the components of the car are a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality. If you’re in the market for a new remote control car, the Traxxas Supra GT4 is definitely worth considering.

How fast does Traxxas Supra go?

The Traxxas Supra can reach speeds of up to 70+mph (113+km/h) out of the box. However, with some modifications, it’s possible to achieve even greater speeds. The Traxxas website is a great resource for more information on the Supra and other Traxxas products.

The Traxxas Supra GT4 has received positive reviews from users, who praise its performance, durability, and attention to detail. Here are some common themes that come up in user reviews of the car:

– Many users mention how fun the car is to drive, with its quick acceleration and responsive handling.
– Users also appreciate the attention to detail in the car’s design, with many noting the realistic replica wheels and LED lights.
– The car’s durability is also frequently mentioned, with users commenting on how it can withstand crashes and bumps without sustaining damage.
– Some users have had issues with the car’s battery life and/or charging, but this seems to be a minor concern compared to the car’s overall performance and build quality.

Overall, user reviews suggest that the Traxxas Supra GT4 is a highly enjoyable and well-built car that is worth the investment. If you’re interested in purchasing the car, it’s worth doing some research and reading user reviews to get a sense of what to expect.

Why do people like the Supra?

  • The Supra is known for its sleek and sporty design, making it an eye-catching car on the road.
  • Its powerful engine and impressive driving performance make it a joy to drive for car enthusiasts.
  • The Supra has a rich history in the automotive industry, with its roots tracing back to the 1970s.
  • Toyota has a strong reputation for reliability and quality, which has helped to build a loyal following for the Supra.
Pros of the Supra Cons of the Supra
Powerful engine Higher price point
Impressive driving performance Tighter interior space
Sleek and sporty design Only available in a coupe body style


There are many different remote-controlled cars on the market, but how does the Traxxas Supra GT4 compare? Here are a few points of comparison to keep in mind:

  • The Traxxas Supra GT4 is a high-end car that offers excellent speed and handling. It’s designed for serious hobbyists and enthusiasts who want a high-performance car that looks and drives like the real thing.
  • Compared to some more basic models, the Traxxas Supra GT4 is more expensive. However, it offers better performance, build quality, and attention to detail
  • Some users may prefer more budget-friendly options or simpler designs. For those who are just getting started with remote-controlled cars, there are many more affordable entry-level models to consider.
  • However, for serious hobbyists and fans of the Supra GT4, the Traxxas model is one of the best on the market. It offers exceptional performance, durability, and attention to detail that make it well worth the investment.

Overall, while the Traxxas Supra GT4 may be pricier than some other models, its high-end design and performance capabilities make it a top choice for serious hobbyists and Supra enthusiasts. If you’re considering purchasing a remote-controlled car and want something that offers speed, handling, and attention to detail, the Traxxas Supra GT4 is definitely worth considering. You can learn more about the Traxxas Supra GT4 on the Traxxas website.

What Car is Faster than Supra?

While the Toyota Supra is known for its speed and performance, there are a few cars that can outdo it in terms of acceleration and top speed. Some of the cars faster than the Toyota Supra are:

  • Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+: With a top speed of over 300 mph, this hypercar is one of the fastest cars in the world.
  • Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut: Capable of achieving a top speed of 330 mph, this car is built for ultimate speed.
  • Rimac C_Two: With a top speed of 258 mph, this electric hypercar has a powerful battery, four motors and a chassis made of carbon fiber.

If you want to compare the Toyota Supra’s performance with other cars, websites like Car and Driver and Motor Trend offer detailed reviews and comparisons with other sports cars.


The Traxxas Supra GT4 is an exceptional remote-controlled car that offers speed, handling, and attention to detail that set it apart from other models on the market. With its realistic design, LED lights, and high-end components, this car is perfect for hobbyists and enthusiasts who want a top-of-the-line driving experience. While it may be pricier than some other models, its build quality, performance, and durability make it a great investment for anyone serious about remote-controlled cars.

Whether you’re a long-time Supra fan or just getting started with remote-controlled cars, the Traxxas Supra GT4 is definitely worth considering. With its exceptional design, performance, and attention to detail, this car is sure to provide many hours of fun and entertainment. So why not invest in the Traxxas Supra GT4 today and experience the thrill of driving one of the most high-end remote-controlled cars on the market!