Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD: Professional-Grade RC Racing Truck

Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD: Professional-Grade RC Racing Truck

The Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD is a top-of-the-line RC truck that is built for speed, agility, and durability. It is designed for off-road racing and delivers pro-level performance, making it a favorite among serious RC enthusiasts and professional racers alike. The Slash Pro 2WD is an updated version of the popular original Traxxas Slash, with enhancements that improve its stability and handling on rough terrains. Its innovative design features a tall ride height, extended body, and aggressive tires that provide excellent stability and control, even on the toughest terrain. The truck’s advanced suspension system, coupled with its powerful motor, delivers consistent performance, giving racers a competitive edge on the track. The Slash Pro 2WD is also a popular choice for modification and customization, as it offers a wide range of options to suit individual preferences and enhance its performance. Overall, the Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD is a powerful and versatile RC truck that delivers a thrilling and exhilarating off-road racing experience.

Features and Specifications of the Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD

The Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD boasts several features and specifications that make it stand out from its competitors. Some of these include:

  • Powerful Titan 12-Turn 550 motor that delivers high-speed performance
  • Independent suspension system that allows for smooth handling and control
  • All-terrain tires that provide excellent traction on any surface
  • An adjustable transmission that allows users to shift between high and low gears for improved performance and speed
  • Oil-filled ultra shocks that can be adjusted to suit different terrains

In addition to its impressive performance features, the Slash Pro 2WD also has a durable composite chassis that can withstand the most rugged of terrains. Its extended body and tall ride height also provide added stability and clearance when driving over obstacles. The truck’s highly responsive steering and braking systems ensure that users have complete control over their vehicle at all times. For those looking to modify their Slash Pro 2WD, Traxxas offers an extensive range of aftermarket parts, including high-torque servos, upgraded shock systems, and custom body shells. Overall, the Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD is a formidable off-road machine that delivers unparalleled performance and durability.

Traxxas is a renowned brand that designs high-performance remote control vehicles loved by hobbyists and professionals alike. For more information on the Slash Pro 2WD or other Traxxas products, visit their official website.

How fast is the Traxxas Slash Pro 2wd?

The Traxxas Slash Pro 2wd is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 70+mph thanks to its Velineon Brushless Power System. Traxxas offers a patented Training Mode™ that limits full-throttle power to 50% for anyone looking to get in on the racing action. Traxxas is a Texas-based radio control model manufacturer that specializes in electric and nitro-powered RC vehicles.

The Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD is designed to deliver pro-level performance, making it a top contender in the RC racing world. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The truck can achieve speeds of up to 30mph, making it one of the fastest in its class
  • Its advanced suspension system and powerful motor provide consistent and reliable performance, even on the most challenging terrains
  • Users can adjust the shock absorbers to tailor the truck’s performance to different scenarios
  • The truck’s radio system has a range of over 300 feet, allowing for intense and exhilarating racing experiences

Traxxas has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the RC industry, and the Slash Pro 2WD is no exception. The company has invested heavily in research and development, resulting in a truck that is durable, fast, and highly responsive. Furthermore, Traxxas offers outstanding customer support, with comprehensive warranties and excellent after-sales service. For those looking to join the Traxxas community, there are several online forums and user groups that offer tutorials, tips and advice on how to get the most out of their vehicles.

The following table outlines the specifications of the Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD:

Length 22.36 inches
Width 11.65 inches
Height 8.42 inches
Weight 76.2 oz
Motor Titan 12-Turn 550
Radio System TQ 2.4 GHz (2-channel)

How fast is the Traxxas Slash Pro?

The Traxxas Slash Pro has an extreme Velineon brushless power that provides a screaming 60+mph speed while the TQi radio system keeps everything under precise control.

Customization Options for the Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD

One of the unique aspects of the Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD is the high degree of customization that is available. Here are some of the modifications that users can make to enhance the truck’s performance:

  • Upgrade the motor to a Velineon VXL brushless system for even more speed and power
  • Install a steel or aluminum spur gear for added durability
  • Add a wheelie bar to prevent the truck from flipping over during high-speed takeoffs
  • Upgrade the steering servo for precise control and responsiveness
  • Adjust the shock absorbers to match the terrain for optimal performance

Traxxas offers a wide range of high-quality parts and accessories that are specifically designed for the Slash Pro 2WD. Users can visit the Traxxas website or check out third-party retailers to purchase these products. Additionally, there are several online communities and forums where users can share their customization tips and showcase their modified trucks.

For those who want to take their customization to the next level, Traxxas also offers a line of officially licensed bodies that can be swapped onto the Slash Pro 2WD. These bodies come in a variety of styles, ranging from sport trucks to race trucks to replicas of real-life vehicles, such as the Ford Raptor and Chevrolet Silverado.

Overall, the Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD is a versatile and customizable RC truck that offers a wide range of performance and aesthetic modifications. Whether users are looking to enhance their speed, durability, or appearance, there are plenty of options available to help them achieve their desired results.

Can Traxxas Slash be upgraded?

Yes, Traxxas Slash can be upgraded. You can use the tool kit that comes with the Slash to install all the parts needed for upgrading. However, upgrading your tools can also be just as important as your vehicle modifications. Traxxas is a well-known radio control model manufacturer based in McKinney, Texas. They offer various electric and nitro powered radio-controlled cars, off-road and on-road vehicles, boats, and drones. The Traxxas 8712 tool kit includes premium hex bits and nut drivers, which can be used for upgrading and maintenance of your Traxxas model.


The Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD is an exceptional remote control truck that delivers high-velocity performance, durability, and a fantastic racing experience. With its customizable options, enthusiasts and professional racers can modify the vehicle to their liking while enjoying a first-rate racing experience. Its powerful motor, sturdy composite chassis, and ultra shocks make it one of the most durable and efficient trucks available in the market. Not only does it provide a high-performance racing experience, but it is also an excellent introduction to the world of RC racing. Even beginners will have a blast with the truck’s user-friendly features and durability.

In conclusion, the Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD is an excellent choice for RC enthusiasts and aspiring racers alike. Its versatility and high-performance capabilities make it an ideal vehicle for off-road racing. Its customizable features and accessories ensure that users can personalize their truck to their liking while also enhancing the vehicle’s performance. With Traxxas’s impressive line of products and accessories, the Slash Pro 2WD offers cutting-edge reliability and adaptability that will thrill anyone who loves off-road racing.