Choosing the Best RC Helicopter: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Model

Choosing the Best RC Helicopter: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Model

RC helicopters are a fun and exciting hobby for people of all ages. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pilot, there is an RC helicopter for you. When choosing the best RC helicopter to buy, there are several factors to consider. For starters, it is important to know your skill level. Some helicopters are more challenging to fly and are better suited for experienced pilots, while others are easier to control and perfect for beginners. Knowing which category of RC helicopters to focus on will save you the headache of buying a helicopter that is too advanced or too basic for you.

The intended use of the helicopter is also a crucial consideration. There are two primary uses for RC helicopters, indoor or outdoor use. If you plan to use your RC helicopter indoors, you need to be mindful of its rotor size and the power of the motor. Larger rotors and more powerful motors tend to be more suited to outdoor use because they require larger open areas to fly in. For indoor use, opt for a helicopter with a smaller rotor and a less powerful motor.

The size and design of the RC helicopter are likewise critical factors to ponder. RC helicopters are available in various sizes, from as small as the palm of your hand to as large as a small airplane. Choosing a larger helicopter means more stability and easier control, but it also requires more space to fly. On the other hand, smaller RC helicopters are less stable but excel in performing tricky aerial stunts. You must also consider the helicopter’s design because it can have a great impact on its performance and durability.

When choosing the best RC helicopter to buy, it’s important to consider your intended use of the toy. RC helicopters can be used for indoor or outdoor activities, depending on the model you choose.

If you plan to fly a helicopter indoors, choose a model with a smaller rotor size and less powerful motor. For outdoor use, opt for a helicopter with a larger rotor size and more powerful engine.

Rotor size is essential when it comes to indoor use; the more prominent the rotor, the more difficult it will be to maneuver in tight spaces. Outdoor helicopters can be used in larger areas such as empty parks or fields. These helicopters are typically larger, with longer flight times and a higher level of control and stability, making them better suited for outdoor use.

Some popular online stores offer a wide selection of RC helicopters, including Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. You can also find great information and reviews from RC enthusiast websites like RC Groups and RC Universe. By reading reviews and researching online, you can make a well-informed purchasing decision and choose the best RC helicopter for your needs.

What can helicopters be used for?

Helicopters can be used for various purposes including:

  • Transportation of people and goods
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Military operations
  • Airborne law enforcement
  • Firefighting
  • Tourism

For more information on helicopter use, please visit the Federal Aviation Administration website at or the Bell Helicopter website at

Size and Design of RC Helicopter

The size and design of an RC helicopter play a crucial role in determining its performance and stability. Here are some points to keep in mind while choosing the best RC helicopter to buy:

  • Larger helicopters are generally more stable and easier to control than their smaller counterparts.
  • Smaller helicopters, on the other hand, are more agile and can perform more complicated maneuvers.
  • You should also consider the design of the helicopter; for instance, helicopters with coaxial rotors tend to be more stable than single-rotor helicopters.
  • Some helicopters have fixed blades, while others have variable pitch blades that give you more control over the helicopter’s movement.
  • Choose a helicopter design that suits your needs and experience level.

Some RC helicopters come with additional features like cameras that allow you to take aerial footage while flying, or GPS navigation that helps you keep track of the helicopter’s position. These features can add value to your purchase, so consider them while making a decision.

Below is a table that shows some popular RC helicopters along with their price points and features:

RC Helicopter Price Features
Blade Nano S2 Ultra Micro RC Helicopter $68.99 Brushless motors, 3D performance, SAFE Technology
Syma S107G RC Helicopter $21.99 Stable flight, easy to control, helicopter and remote included
E-flite Blade 70 S RC Helicopter $89.99 SAFE Technology, panic recovery mode, durable construction

By keeping these factors in mind and doing some research online, you can make an informed decision while purchasing the best RC helicopter to buy.

What size are RC helicopters?

RC helicopters come in a wide range of sizes, from tiny micro helicopters that can fit in the palm of your hand to large models that can be over a meter long. Depending on your needs and skill level, you can find small and lightweight helicopters that are easy to fly indoors, or larger and more powerful models that are better suited for outdoor use and advanced maneuvers. Some popular RC helicopter brands include Blade, Syma, and WLtoys. To find the right size and model for you, consider factors like your budget, skill level, and intended use. Several websites offer a variety of RC helicopters to choose from such as HobbyKing, Banggood, and Amain Hobbies.


Choosing the best RC helicopter to buy can be an exciting yet challenging task, especially for beginners. With a wide variety of options available, it is important to consider different factors such as skill level, intended use, size and design preferences, and budget before making a purchase.

If you’re new to the world of RC helicopters, it’s best to start with a beginner-friendly model that’s easier to control. As you gain more experience, you can upgrade to more advanced models that offer more features and challenges.

With the advent of technology, today’s RC helicopters come with various features such as cameras, GPS navigation, and even virtual reality integration, taking the flying experience to a whole new level.

The right RC helicopter for you ultimately depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. By researching and comparing different models, you can find the right balance between performance, price, and features.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to take to the skies with your new RC helicopter!