Best RC Boat Under $100

The Best RC Boat Under $100

Do you want to enjoy fast speeds with remote control boats, but are short on money? Choosing the best rc boat under $100 is actually not easy. Because anything under $50 are toys for kids. So that leaves us in the range $50 – $100, which is a pretty small amount, but I’ll try my best to give you the best for the money.

Is it possible to find a Best RC Boat Under $100

The short answer is, yes!

Okay the first one on the list is Aquacraft Mini Wildcat Catamaran RTR.

The Best RC Boat Under $100At the cost of $92 + free shipping you get a pretty decent boat that’s fast.

The boat is 3.5 inches tall 5 inches wide and 14.8 inches long. The boat features two motors, so it’s going to be pretty fast. Because the boat is ready to run (RTR) it comes with a remote control and a micro steering servo. There are also two speed controllers, each for one motor. Users report at least 20 mph on the water.





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The second boat on the list would be the Hobbico Reef Racer II.

Best RC Boat Under $70This boat is only $70 + free shipping. This is also a great pool boat, because it’s small and very agile.

We recommend this model instead of the WildCat, because it has a self-righting feature that allows the boat to flip back in case it has flipped over on the water. The boat is also $20 cheaper then the wildcat which makes it the Best RC Boats Under $100. The boat also comes ready to run with a transmitter, receiver, propeller, a battery for the boat, but you’ll have to buy batteries for the transmitter.

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What I like about these two boats is that you can swap the brushed motors for brushless motors any time, this will make the boats at least 3x faster, but be aware that the wildcat uses two rc motors, you would have to get two brushless motors and two ESCs (electronic speed controllers), which would be a bit expensive than upgrading the Hobbico Reef Racer II.

Choose the boats yourself as they both are great little boats under $100 and you’ll be very happy with them, in other words you can’t go wrong with these ones!

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