The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best RC Airplane

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best RC Airplane

Remote-controlled (RC) airplanes have garnered a massive following worldwide as a pastime activity and recreational sport. With a vast assortment of models in the market, choosing the perfect RC aircraft can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. There are several types of RC planes, designed to cater to different skill levels and flying styles. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the various features that affect performance before making a purchase. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of RC airplanes available, features to consider, and the top-performing models in the market. We’ll also share pro tips to help you choose the right RC airplane based on your skill level, experience, and style. Whether you’re starting or upgrading your hobby, this guide will provide insightful information to help you make an informed decision.

Types of RC Airplanes

RC airplanes are classified according to their designs and features. Here are the common types of RC airplanes:

  • Trainers: Designed for beginners to learn how to fly. They offer stability and are lightweight.
  • Glider: Flies without the use of a motor and mostly rely on thermals for movement. Often used for recreational flying.
  • Sport: An all-purpose RC airplane, designed for intermediate flyers who prefer stunts and acrobatics.
  • 3D: This type of RC airplane is designed for expert flyers and can perform precise 3D aerobatics.
  • Scale Model: RC airplanes designed to resemble a real airplane in appearance and function. They come in different sizes, and the level of complexity ranges from easy to advanced.

RC airplanes come in different materials, including foam, balsa, and plastic. Foam planes are typically cheaper and more durable, while balsa planes are lighter. Several websites offer an extensive selection of RC airplanes, including Amazon, Horizon Hobby, and Motion RC. These websites have a broad range of models, with prices ranging from cheap to expensive. If you are looking for user-friendly models for beginners, websites such as NitroPlanes and Hobby King offer affordable options.

How are airplanes classified?

Airplanes can be classified based on multiple factors such as their purpose, size, and type of flight. Here are some common classifications:

  • By Purpose:
    • Commercial
    • Cargo
    • Military
    • Personal
    • Experimental
  • By Size:
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • By Type of Flight:
    • Fixed-Wing
    • Rotary-Wing (Helicopters)
    • Glider
    • Balloon

This classification system may vary, based on different sources or regulatory bodies.

For more information on airplanes, FAA’s website ( and Boeing’s website ( may be useful resources.

Features to Consider

Before buying an RC airplane, it’s essential to consider the following features that can impact its performance:

Feature Description
Wingspan The length of the wingspan directly correlates to the plane’s stability and how well it will remain in flight.
Flying Capabilities How high can the airplane fly or around how much it can achieve altitude
Motors The strength of the motor affects how fast the plane flies, how much it can lift, and how long it operates.
Construction RC airplanes can come in a variety of materials and constructions, including foam, balsa wood, and plastic. The material can impact durability and the cost of the airplane.
Battery Life Typically, the larger the airplane, the larger the battery, and the longer it will operate. Different models will impact the battery life and flight time.
Remote Control The quality of the remote control can impact the response time from the plane.

It’s important to consider your skill level and experience when deciding which features are crucial for an RC airplane. More advanced flyers may prefer a plane with a larger wingspan and a more powerful motor, while beginners may prefer a lightweight, affordable option.

Another factor to consider is the availability of resources, such as instructional videos and user guides. Some websites, such as Flite Test and RC Groups, offer helpful content on choosing and operating RC airplanes. In addition, most RC airplanes come with user manuals and online forums where users can connect with each other.

What are the varieties of aircrafts?

There are several varieties of aircraft available, each with specific capabilities and characteristics. Here are some of the most common types:

Type Description
Fixed-Wing An aircraft with wings that are always rigid and do not move.
Helicopter An aircraft that has one or more horizontal rotors that provide lift and thrust.
Glider An aircraft that has no engine and is designed to fly using air currents.
Hot Air Balloon An aircraft that uses heated air to rise and fly.

If you’re interested in learning more about aircraft, websites like and offer in-depth information on the various types of aircrafts. Additionally, there are products such as flight simulators that can give you a more hands-on experience.

Best RC Airplanes Available

After researching and reviewing various RC airplanes, we’ve selected the following top-performing models:

  • E-flite Apprentice STS 1.5m RTF

    • Designed for beginners with its SAFE technology for stable flights
    • 54.6-inch wingspan; can reach speeds up to 35 mph
    • Powered by a 15-size, 840Kv brushless outrunner motor
    • Includes a Spektrum 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver
    • Price: around $300-350
  • HobbyZone Carbon Cub S+ 1.3m RTF

  • FMS Sky Trainer 182 1.4m RTF

    • Features high-efficiency LED lights for night flying
    • 55.1-inch wingspan; can reach speeds up to 45 mph
    • Powered by a 3536-KV850 brushless motor
    • Includes a FMS 6-channel transmitter and receiver
    • Price: around $320-370

Each of these airplanes has unique features that cater to different flying styles and preferences. For instance, beginners may appreciate the Apprentice STS’s stability, while advanced flyers may prefer the speed and versatility of the Sky Trainer.

Note that prices may vary depending on the retailer and availability of the product. Some great places to look for RC airplanes include Amazon, Horizon Hobby, and Tower Hobbies. It’s important to read user reviews and seek expert advice before making a purchase to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

What is the best brand for RC planes?

There are several great brands for RC planes. Some of the best ones are:

  • Spektrum
  • HobbyZone
  • E-Flite
  • FMS
  • Great Planes

These brands offer a variety of RC planes suitable for different skill levels, from beginner to advanced. They are known for producing high-quality models that are durable, easy to assemble and fly well. Some of the websites where you can check out these brands and their products are:

You can visit these websites to learn more about the different models available, read reviews, and make an informed decision about which brand and model would be best for you.

Pro Tips for Choosing the Right RC Airplane

Choosing the best RC airplane can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. Here are some expert tips for selecting the best RC airplane based on your skill level and flying style:

  • Determine your skill level: Consider your experience level and flying skills when selecting an RC airplane. Beginners may prefer slower, more stable planes with easy-to-learn controls, while advanced flyers may want faster planes with more challenging features.
  • Look for built-in safety features: Many RC airplanes come with safety features such as stabilization systems and flight modes, which can help prevent crashes and make flying easier for beginners.
  • Consider the type of flying you want to do: Different RC airplanes are designed for different types of flying, such as aerobatics or long-range flights. Choose an airplane that can handle the type of flying you’re interested in.
  • Do your research: Before making a purchase, read user reviews and seek advice from experts. Joining RC airplane forums and communities can also provide valuable insights and recommendations.
  • Practice with a simulator: Many RC airplane simulators are available online, which can help you practice flying without the risk of damaging your plane. This can be especially helpful for beginners.
  • Invest in quality equipment: While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, investing in quality RC airplane equipment can save you money in the long run. Look for durable construction materials and reliable motors and controllers.

Remember, it’s important to find an RC airplane that fits your needs and preferences. Don’t be afraid to try different types of airplanes and experiment with different flying styles. Some great resources for learning more about RC airplanes include Flite Test, RC Groups, and RC Universe.

How to choose a plane?

Choosing a plane involves taking a number of factors into account. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Size: Your choice of plane will depend on your needs. For example, if you’re looking for a small plane for personal use, a single-engine model might be sufficient.
  • Range: Consider how far you need to travel and the range of different models.
  • Speed: The speed of the plane can be an important factor if you’re trying to travel quickly.
  • Comfort: Look for features that will make the plane comfortable, such as air conditioning and plenty of legroom.
  • Safety: Make sure the plane has safety features like a good autopilot system and airbags.

Furthermore, you can find a variety of planes and comparisons on websites such as Aircraft Shopper Online and Trade-A-Plane. You might also want to check out specific planes from manufacturers such as Cessna or Piper.

Model Size Range Speed Price
Cessna 172 Small 810 miles 140 mph $369,000
Piper PA-28 Small 620 miles 149 mph $225,000
Beechcraft King Air 350 Large 1,806 miles 360 mph $6.2 million


In conclusion, finding the best RC airplane for your needs requires careful consideration of your experience level, flying style, and the features of various models. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, there are plenty of RC airplanes available that can provide hours of fun and entertainment. Remember to do your research and seek advice from experts before making a purchase. By taking the time to find the right RC airplane, you can ensure that you have a rewarding and enjoyable experience. So, go ahead and take to the skies!