Ultimate Guide to Tamiya Sand Scorcher: Design, Performance, Customization, and More

Ultimate Guide to Tamiya Sand Scorcher: Design, Performance, Customization, and More

Tamiya Sand Scorcher is a radio-controlled buggy that has gained immense popularity among hobbyists due to its unique design, performance, and customization options. Created by Tamiya Corporation, this 1:10 scale model was first introduced in 1975, and since then, it has remained a favorite toy for many. The Sand Scorcher is modeled to resemble a classic beach buggy with a realistic driver figure, spare tire, and sand ladders at the back. The buggy is made of durable polycarbonate material with a metallic chassis and a 4-wheel independent suspension system. With spiked wheels and ribbed tires, this buggy provides excellent traction and can overcome any terrain.

The Sand Scorcher can reach a top speed of 30 mph, offering a fast and thrilling off-road driving experience. Its high-performance 540-type motor is powered by a 7.2V battery that offers sustained power and long running times. The steering precision and control of the Sand Scorcher are impressive, with a responsive two-channel radio control system that allows you to drive it seamlessly. Its capabilities on the sand, dirt, and gravel make it the perfect toy to take to the beach or the park.

Furthermore, hobbyists can customize and upgrade the Sand Scorcher, making it unique to their preferences. Popular customization options include adding off-road LED lights and custom paint jobs, while aftermarket upgrades and parts, such as brushless motors and high-capacity batteries, are widely available from third-party manufacturers. Hobbyists can also find various DIY modification tips and tutorials online to personalize their Sand Scorcher.

In conclusion, the Tamiya Sand Scorcher is a versatile and customizable radio-controlled buggy that can tackle any off-road terrain while delivering a thrilling experience. With its unique design, high-performance motor, and impressive suspension system, the Sand Scorcher has proven to be a favorite among hobbyists for decades. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, the Sand Scorcher is a must-have in your collection.

Design and Features

The Tamiya Sand Scorcher‘s unique design and features make it a highly sought-after radio-controlled buggy for hobbyists. Here are some of its design features and specifications:

  • 1:10 scale model designed to look like a classic beach buggy
  • Body made of durable transparent or opaque polycarbonate material
  • Die-cast metal chassis with rear-wheel drive and independent 4-wheel suspension system with oil-filled shock absorbers
  • Front and rear spiked wheels with ribbed front and rear tires for excellent off-road performance
  • 540-type high-performance motor powered by a 7.2V battery
  • Two-channel transmitter with electronic speed controller for smooth acceleration and precise control

The Tamiya Sand Scorcher’s unique construction and features make it an excellent choice for off-road driving and customization. Hobbyists can modify their Sand Scorcher to their preferences with various aftermarket upgrades and parts available online. For example, hobbyists can upgrade their Sand Scorcher’s motor for faster performance or add LED lights for improved visibility on the go. Websites like Tamiya America and Tower Hobbies offer a wide range of Sand Scorcher parts and accessories that hobbyists can purchase to modify and upgrade their buggy.

What is the wheelbase of the Tamiya Sand Scorcher?

The wheelbase on the Tamiya Sand Scorcher is 9.5″-10″ depending on where you measure in the front wheel arches.

Performance and Handling

The Tamiya Sand Scorcher provides an excellent off-road driving experience thanks to its high-performance motor, suspension system, and spiked wheels. Here are some of its key performance and handling specifications:

  • 540-type high-performance motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 30 mph
  • 4-wheel independent suspension system with adjustable oil-filled dampers for smooth off-road driving
  • Spike wheels provide excellent traction on sand, dirt, and gravel
  • Front and rear ribbed tires for improved grip on uneven surfaces
  • Responsive 2-channel radio control system for precise steering and control

In addition to its impressive performance and handling, the Tamiya Sand Scorcher has also made a name for itself in pop culture. Here are some interesting facts about the Sand Scorcher:

Fact Description
Featured in a popular video game The Sand Scorcher was a playable vehicle in the popular video game, “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.”
Appeared in a movie The Sand Scorcher made a cameo appearance in the 1985 sci-fi movie, “D.A.R.Y.L.”
Recognized by collectors Collectors consider the Sand Scorcher to be one of the most valuable vintage Tamiya RC buggies.

The Sand Scorcher’s popularity continues today, with many hobbyists enjoying off-road driving and customization with their Tamiya Sand Scorcher. Websites like Tamiya Club and R/C Tech forums provide a platform for hobbyists to discuss and share their experiences with the Sand Scorcher.

When did the Tamiya sand scorcher come out?

The Tamiya sand scorcher was released on December 15, 1979.

One of the best things about the Tamiya Sand Scorcher is its customization potential. From adding LED lights to modifying the shock absorber, possibilities are endless with this iconic buggy. Here are some customization options and upgrades that hobbyists can consider for their Sand Scorcher:

  • Off-road LED lights to brighten up night-time driving
  • Metallic paint jobs to add a pop of color and personal touch to the Sand Scorcher’s classic design
  • Modified shock absorbers for improved off-road suspension
  • Brushless motors for better performance and speed
  • High-capacity batteries for longer run times
  • Upgraded aluminum parts for improved durability and performance

There are also many aftermarket upgrades and parts available for the Sand Scorcher, which can be found on websites like Tamiya USA and Tower Hobbies. In addition to aftermarket parts, hobbyists can find DIY modification tips and tutorials on R/C Tech forums and Tamiya Club website.

If you’re new to the world of RC buggies and want to customize your Tamiya Sand Scorcher, there are many resources and online communities available to guide you through the process. Whether you’re looking to improve the Sand Scorcher’s performance or simply add a personal touch to its exterior, the possibilities are endless with Tamiya’s iconic beach buggy.

What chassis is Tamiya Sand Scorcher?

The Tamiya Sand Scorcher kit (RA1016 updated to 58016) was released on December 15, 1979, in Japan. It is only the 16th radio controlled kit released by Tamiya and features the innovative SRB (Special Racing Buggy) chassis, making it their second kit to do so.


Overall, the Tamiya Sand Scorcher is an iconic RC buggy that has been popular for over four decades. Its classic design coupled with its off-road capabilities make it a staple among hobbyists and enthusiasts. The Sand Scorcher has a durable build, high-performance motor, and impressive suspension system, which make it a joy to drive in any terrain.

For those who enjoy customising their RC buggies, the Tamiya Sand Scorcher is a great choice. With endless options for modifications and upgrades, hobbyists can personalise their Sand Scorcher and improve its performance to their liking. With many aftermarket upgrades and parts available online, hobbyists can find everything they need to create their dream buggy.

In summary, the Tamiya Sand Scorcher is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time. Whether you’re a seasoned RC enthusiast or a newbie to the hobby, the Sand Scorcher is sure to offer an exciting driving experience with endless customisation options. Its iconic design, robust build, and impressive capabilities make it a great choice for those looking for a reliable and fun RC buggy.