Exploring the Super Decathlon RC Plane: Design, Performance and Maintenance

Exploring the Super Decathlon RC Plane: Design, Performance and Maintenance

The Super Decathlon RC plane is a popular choice for RC plane enthusiasts due to its outstanding design and performance. This plane is an accurate replica of the real-life American Champion Super Decathlon aerobatic plane, and it has been designed to cater to the specific needs of remote control hobbyists. The Super Decathlon RC plane features an impressive wingspan, an accurate scale design, and powerful motors that enable it to perform a wide range of acrobatic maneuvers in the sky. With the added ability to customize and upgrade the plane, this model has quickly become the go-to choice for any enthusiasts looking for a challenging and exciting experience. So let’s take a closer look at what makes the Super Decathlon RC plane so unique and why it is a standout option in the world of RC planes.

Design and Build

The Super Decathlon RC plane is a model airplane that is designed to simulate the performance, design, and structure of the real-life Super Decathlon. Below are some of the aspects that make the design of the Super Decathlon RC plane stand out:

  • Accurate Scale Design: The Super Decathlon RC plane is designed to be as accurate as possible to the real-life Super Decathlon aerobatic plane. Every detail, from the wingspan to the landing gear, has been meticulously designed to match the original plane.
  • Innovative Construction: The Super Decathlon RC plane is constructed with high-quality materials that are chosen to ensure durability and sturdiness. The wings and fuselage are made of balsa wood, while the landing gear is made of steel wire. The entire plane is then covered in heat-shrinkable film, which gives it a sleek and durable finish.
  • Easy to Assemble: The Super Decathlon RC plane is easy to assemble, with all the parts fitting perfectly together. Hobbyists can quickly build the plane within a few hours using detailed instructions that come with the plane.

The Super Decathlon RC plane’s design and build quality make it not only a great-looking model but also a reliable and easy-to-assemble plane that can withstand crashes and rough landings. For more information on where to purchase the Super Decathlon RC plane or how to assemble it, you can check out various hobby websites or online retailers that specialize in selling RC planes.

What is the difference between decathlon and super decathlon?

The primary difference between the American Champion Decathlon Standard, CS, and Super Decathlons lies in their powerplants and prop combinations. The Decathlon has a 150 hp fixed pitch prop, the CS has a 150 hp constant speed prop, and the Super Decathlon has a 180 hp constant speed prop. The Extreme model has a 210 hp constant speed prop.


The Super Decathlon RC plane is a high-performing model airplane that can perform various aerobatic stunts such as loops, rolls, and inverted flying. Below are key aspects of the plane’s performance:

  • Easy to Fly: The Super Decathlon RC plane is designed to be extremely stable and easy to fly, even for beginners. It can take off and land on short and rough runways, making it a versatile and flexible flying toy.
  • Great Maneuverability: The Super Decathlon RC plane can perform various stunts and maneuvers thanks to its flexible and responsive control surfaces.
  • Smooth and Stable Flight: The Super Decathlon RC plane’s design allows for a smooth and stable flying experience, even in windy conditions. The wing design and overall aerodynamics also contribute to its stability and easy handling.
  • Customizable Configuration: Hobbyists can experiment with various engine, servo, and propeller configurations to fine-tune the Super Decathlon RC plane’s performance and speed.

Specification Description
Wingspan 65 in (1,650 mm)
Length 48.8 in (1,240 mm)
Weight 4.8 lb (2.18 kg)
Engine Size .40-.46 glow engine or equivalent electric motor

The Super Decathlon RC plane’s high-performance capabilities, combined with its easy handling and stability, make it a popular choice for hobbyists who want to explore aerial stunts and acrobatics. For more information on the Super Decathlon RC plane’s performance or for tips and tricks on how to master flying it, you can check out online model aviation forums or hobby websites.

What is the world’s largest model RC plane?

The world’s largest RC airplane is a replica Concorde built to a 1:6 scale by Steven and Matthew Bishop. Although there is no official Guinness World Record on the matter, this model appears to be the largest to date. More information about this remarkable RC plane can be found on various websites dedicated to RC plane enthusiasts.

Accessories and Upgrades

The Super Decathlon RC plane comes with various accessories and upgrade options that can enhance its performance and overall flying experience. Below are some of the most popular accessories and upgrades for the Super Decathlon RC plane:

  • Servos: Upgrading to higher quality servos can not only increase the precision and accuracy of the plane’s controls but also improve its responsiveness and in-air stability.
  • Propellers: Changing to a different size or type of propeller can significantly affect the Super Decathlon RC plane’s performance, such as increasing its speed or lifting capacity.
  • Battery: Switching to a larger or higher capacity battery can extend the Super Decathlon RC plane’s flight time and increase its power output.
  • Cameras: Some hobbyists add cameras to their Super Decathlon RC plane to capture aerial footage of their flights. This can be a fun and exciting addition for those who want to share their hobby with others.

In addition to these accessories and upgrades, there are also various online communities and hobby shops that offer a wide range of products and resources for Super Decathlon RC plane enthusiasts. Some popular sites include:

  • RCGroups.com: A forum for hobbyists to discuss, share tips, and ask questions about RC planes, including the Super Decathlon.
  • TowerHobbies.com: An online marketplace that sells RC planes, accessories, and upgrades, including those specific to the Super Decathlon RC plane.
  • HobbyKing.com: Another popular online store that sells RC planes, parts, and accessories, including some that are compatible with the Super Decathlon RC plane.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the RC plane hobby or an experienced enthusiast, there are plenty of resources and products available to enhance your Super Decathlon RC plane’s performance and make your flying experience even more enjoyable.

What is the useful load of the Super Decathlon?

The useful load of the Super Decathlon is 645 lbs, with a max gross weight of 1950 lbs. It is also capable of carrying a payload of 405 lbs with full fuel. More information about the Super Decathlon’s specifications can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Maintenance and Repairs

Like any RC plane, the Super Decathlon requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Some tips for maintaining and repairing your Super Decathlon RC plane include:

  • Cleaning: After each flight, it’s a good idea to clean the plane thoroughly, removing any debris or dirt that might have accumulated during the flight.
  • Check the batteries: Always check the battery’s status and voltage before each flight to ensure it does not run out of power while in the air.
  • Store the plane properly: Store the plane in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or moisture, and away from areas where it may get knocked around or damaged.
  • Check for damage: After each flight, inspect the plane for any visible damage or loose parts. Address any issues before the next flight to prevent further damage from occurring.
  • Find a local hobby shop: Look for a local hobby shop that specializes in RC planes and can offer repairs or troubleshooting advice for your Super Decathlon RC plane. Some notable online stores include Tower Hobbies and Horizon Hobby.
  • Consult the manual: Always consult the plane’s manual for any specific maintenance instructions and guidelines.

By following these tips, you can extend the lifespan of your Super Decathlon RC plane and enjoy many more successful flights. Additionally, there are various online resources available, such as forums and YouTube tutorials, that can provide further guidance on maintaining and repairing your Super Decathlon RC plane.

What is a decathlon plane?

A Decathlon plane is a light single-engine, two-seater, fixed gear airplane designed for aerobatic performances and flight training. Like the Citabria, the Decathlon features tandem seating and center-stick controls. It has a welded metal tubing fuselage and tail surfaces, along with wooden formers and longerons covered with fabric. For more information on Decathlon planes, you can visit aircraft manufacturers’ websites or aviation enthusiasts’ websites.


Overall, the Super Decathlon RC plane is a fantastic choice for RC plane enthusiasts who are experienced flyers looking for a challenge, and for new pilots who want to learn and improve their flying skills. It stands out thanks to its customizable design, aerobatic performance, and excellent build quality, making it an ideal choice for those who require a high-performing aircraft.

Although it may require additional maintenance and care compared to other planes, the Super Decathlon RC plane’s rewards in terms of flight enjoyment are well worth the effort. It is a reliable and exciting aircraft that is sure to provide hours of fun for pilots of all skill levels.

So if you’re looking for an adventurous way to get into this hobby, or you’re an experienced RC plane flyer looking for a new challenge, the Super Decathlon RC plane is definitely a plane worth considering. Whether you choose to purchase it through a physical store or an online website, be sure to follow our maintenance and care tips to get the most out of your Super Decathlon RC plane. Happy flying!