STOL RC Plane: Definition, Design, and Performance.

STOL RC Plane: Definition, Design, and Performance.

The STOL RC plane, short for short takeoff and landing remote control plane, is a unique type of aircraft that has become increasingly popular among RC plane enthusiasts and hobbyists. What makes the STOL RC plane stand out from other types of remote-controlled aircraft is its ability to take off and land in very small spaces and operate in challenging conditions. STOL RC planes can be customized to fit personal preferences and are ideal for those with a sense of adventure, seeking a new and exciting challenge. With their unique design and construction, they offer a level of performance and versatility that is unrivaled by other types of remote-controlled planes. In this article, we will discuss the history and features of the STOL RC plane, as well as their design, customizability, performance abilities, and safety features.

STOL, or Short Takeoff and Landing, is an aviation technique that utilizes a design and style of aircraft that allows it to take off and land in a shorter distance than usual. STOL RC planes have become increasingly popular with RC hobbyists due to their unique abilities. Here are some more detailed points on STOL:

  • STOL airplanes have a higher lift-to-drag ratio
  • They have large flaps that can be lowered to increase the surface area of the wing
  • Their power-to-weight ratios are optimized for withstanding short takeoff runs and quick climbs
  • They are built with lightweight materials

STOL technology has come far in the aviation industry, and remote-controlled planes have benefited from its advancements. Today, STOL RC planes are not only used for recreational purposes but are also used for search and rescue operations, aerial photography, and videography. If you are interested in purchasing an STOL RC plane, there are many options available online. Sites such as Amazon or Horizon Hobby offer a wide variety of models to choose from.

What is the famous STOL plane?

The famous STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) plane is the Draco Airplane, which is often referred to as the greatest bush plane ever built and considered the best STOL plane. This information can be found on, a website that caters to pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

STOL RC Plane Design
STOL RC planes are designed to be light, agile, and sturdy, with a focus on their ability to take off and land in short distances. Below are some of the key design elements of STOL RC planes:

  • High-lift wings that generate more lift than traditional wings
  • Large flaps that can be lowered to increase the surface area of the wing
  • Versatile landing gear that can absorb the shock of a hard landing
  • Lightweight construction using materials such as foam, carbon fiber, and balsa wood
  • Powerful and efficient engines or motors

STOL RC planes are built with a focus on the wing design. They have a large surface area, along with flaps that can be adjusted for different stages of the flight. Additionally, the fuselage is typically shorter and wider than standard RC planes to allow for the installation of larger landing gear and more significant payload capacity. Below is a table comparing the wingspan, weight, and price of some popular STOL RC planes available on Amazon:

Model Wingspan Weight Price
VolantexRC Ranger 400 31.4 inches 0.5 lbs $89.99
FMS 1400mm Sky Trainer 182 55.1 inches 4.63 lbs $259.99
E-flite Timber X 1.2m 47.2 inches 3.86 lbs $279.99

It’s important to note that customizing your STOL RC plane can also impact its design. Different components such as motors, batteries, and servos can also affect the plane’s overall performance and maneuverability.

What makes a good STOL plane?

A good STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) plane would require a large wing for its weight and would often use aerodynamic devices like flaps, slots, slats, and vortex generators, providing excellent performance without impacting payload lifting ability. However, this design typically reduces the maximum speed of the aircraft. Visit the relevant aviation websites to know more about the STOL plane models.

Customize Your STOL RC Plane

One of the exciting aspects of STOL RC planes is their customization potential. This means that you can tailor your plane’s design to fit your personal preferences and flying style. You can choose various parts and equipment to customize your STOL RC plane. Below are some options to consider:

  • The type and size of motor. For better endurance, a more powerful engine would be better, but this will come at a higher cost and larger weight.
  • The type and size of propeller. A smaller propeller is better for stabilizing the plane and reducing noise, while a larger propeller generates more power and allows the plane to take off more quickly.
  • The placement of servos. Depending on your experience level, you may want to adjust the placement of servos to fine-tune the plane’s movement.

There are different websites that offer customization options for STOL RC planes, such as AMain Hobbies and Hobbyking. These sites provide various parts and accessories that you can pick and choose to customize your STOL RC plane at a reasonable price. Some websites like Flite Test also provide free guides and plans, where you can build your STOL RC plane from scratch.

It’s worth keeping in mind that customizations can negatively affect your plane’s performance if done haphazardly. For this reason, as a beginner, you should consult online resources, such as forums and tutorials, that could guide you on making appropriate modifications.

Can you build your own RC plane?

Yes, building your own RC plane is possible and can be a fun and rewarding experience. All you need are the main components of a plane: the body (fuselage), wings, rudder (or ailerons/elevator), wheels, motor and radio transmitter. Building RC airplanes has become easier recently because of less expensive radio equipment and more efficient batteries and motors. There are several websites and products available that provide step-by-step instructions and kits to help beginners get started with building their own RC plane. Nov 24, 2022.

STOL RC Plane Performance

STOL RC planes exhibit unique abilities that other types of RC planes don’t have. You can use them for aerial photography, research, rescue operations, and even racing depending on their design and size. Here are some of the things that make them perform astoundingly:

  • Takeoff and landing performance in small spaces. STOL RC planes can take off and land in spaces that other planes can’t, thanks to their advanced design features such as slats, flaps, and drooped wingtips. This is a great advantage for those who like operating their planes in tight spaces, or for search and rescue operations.
  • Unique aerobatics. With its lightweight body, the STOL RC plane can perform aerobatics such as loops and barrel rolls. Advanced STOL RC planes designed for racing perform high-speed maneuvers very well.
  • Flying ability in various weather conditions. Due to their robust design that allows for takeoff and landing in short distances, STOL RC planes can fly in windy conditions and uneven terrain that regular RC planes would not survive.

There are different models of STOL RC planes available in different sizes and designs to suit various uses and budgets. For instance, the E-flite UMX Turbo Timber is a popular model that is beginner-friendly and comes with advanced STOL features. On the other hand, the Freewing Pandora is designed for high-speed and advanced aerobatics and would suit more experienced flyers. Websites such as Horizon Hobby and Amazon provide STOL RC planes of every kind, from ready-to-fly (RTF) planes to build-your-own customized kits and all of the models in different sizes that suit every level of experience.

What is STOL in RC planes?

STOL in RC planes stands for Short Takeoff and Landing. These RC planes are designed to require a shorter runway for takeoff and landing, and they can handle various types of terrain including grass, dirt, pavement, and even water. Some STOL RC planes are float-capable and have optional floats that can be purchased separately. For more information about RC planes, you can visit websites such as Horizon Hobby or Tower Hobbies.

Maintenance and Safety

Proper maintenance and safety measures are crucial for the efficient performance and longevity of your STOL RC plane. Here are some tasks and safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Pre-flight inspections. Always perform a comprehensive check before flying your plane. Check for any loose parts, including the wing screws, control surfaces, and servo arms. Also, check the tires, batteries, and landing gear, among other components.
  • Post-flight inspections. After a flight, check for any visible damages to the plane. Also, check your plane’s battery voltages, and ensure that they remain within a safe margin of the recommended range.
  • Motor and propeller checkups. Regularly check your motor and propeller for any damages, dirt buildup, or misalignment that could reduce their effectiveness and performance.
  • Proper storage. Always store your RC plane in a cool, dry place, ideally in a protective case or bag, to prevent damage and keep it clean.
  • Safety measures. Observe safe-flying practices, such as avoiding flights in no-fly zones, and maintaining a safe distance away from people, property, and wildlife. Also, strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for battery storage and usage, and never leave your batteries unattended while charging.

If you need spare parts or accessories for your STOL RC plane, numerous websites provide a vast range of products from different brands. For instance, Horizon Hobby is a website that offers various STOL RC plane parts, model kits, and accessories, while Amazon has multiple models from different brands, from beginner’s guides to expert levels.

How much is the STOL aircraft kit?

The complete STOL aircraft kit costs $36,650, which is higher than the cost of a Highlander kit due to the added complexity of the wings and suspension. For more information, you can visit the official website of the company selling the kit.


The STOL RC plane is a fascinating hobby that many enthusiasts are embracing, given its unique features. By carefully selecting the right design elements and components, such as the wing shape and size, motor type, and propeller type, you can build or buy an STOL RC plane that delivers high-performance and efficiency. It’s worth noting that proper maintenance and safety precautions are critical to ensure the plane’s longevity and enhance your flying experience. Therefore, always inspect your plane thoroughly, store it appropriately, and observe safe-flying practices to make flying your STOL RC plane a memorable and exciting experience. With the right skills and equipment, you can even advance into competitive flying and enjoy the exhilarating world of STOL RC plane racing. So, what are you waiting for? Get started and take flight with your STOL RC plane today!