Buying a Second Hand Remote Control Helicopter: Benefits, Factors, and Sources

Buying a Second Hand Remote Control Helicopter: Benefits, Factors, and Sources

Remote control helicopters offer a fantastic and enjoyable experience that is perfect for both children and adults. These toys let you fly a helicopter in the comfort of your home or backyard, without ever leaving the ground. Second hand remote control helicopters are becoming increasingly popular as more people seek cost-effective and quality alternatives to buying brand new toys. The main attraction of second hand remote control helicopters is their affordability. These helicopters often come at lower prices than their brand new counterparts, making them a more accessible option for people looking to enjoy the thrill of flying without hurting their wallet. Although secondhand helicopters have previously been used, they still offer the same experience as new ones, with the added advantage of providing better value for money.

The Benefits of Second Hand Remote Control Helicopters

The popularity of buying a second hand remote control helicopter can be attributed to many benefits that they offer. Below are some of the key advantages to keep in mind:

1. Cost-effective

Perhaps the most significant advantage of second hand remote control helicopters is the price. Compared to new ones, second hand helicopters are significantly cheaper.

2. Reliability

Second hand remote control helicopters have a reputation for being more reliable than new ones. This is because they have already undergone some testing by the previous owner.

3. Better Quality

Second hand remote control helicopters are often of higher quality than brand new ones, mainly because they are coming from manufacturers with a reputation for high quality construction and design.

4. Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a second hand remote control helicopter is more accessible and less costly than a brand new one. Spare parts for the model and brand are more readily available and tend to cost less.

Online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay offer a wide range of second hand remote control helicopters at affordable prices. These websites allow you to communicate with sellers, ask questions about the helicopter’s condition, and even negotiate prices. Additionally, some websites provide product reviews from other buyers, which can give you better insights and help inform your decision-making process. Ultimately, a second hand remote control helicopter is an excellent option for those looking for an affordable and exciting way to experience the joy of flying.

What are the benefits of a helicopter?

Helicopters have significant benefits over other aircraft due to their easy maneuverability, which allows them to get closer to landmarks and objects. Additionally, they don’t require runways to land and take off, making them highly adaptable to various environments and situations. Compared to airplanes, helicopters require less fuel, making them more efficient for shorter flights.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Second Hand Remote Control Helicopter

When buying a second hand remote control helicopter, several factors should be taken into account to ensure that you get the best deal. These factors include:

1. Brand and Model

  • Some manufacturers have a reputation for high-quality construction and design, which may translate to better performance.
  • Research on the brand and model before making a purchase to ensure that they are reliable and provide an enjoyable flying experience.

2. Condition of the Helicopter

  • The helicopter’s condition is crucial in determining how much more benefit you can get from it.
  • Inspect the helicopter thoroughly before making a purchase, paying close attention to its structural integrity, motor, and rotor conditions.
  • Check for any signs of damage or wear and tear that could impact performance.

3. Spare Parts

  • Check if spare parts are available for the brand and model you are interested in.
  • Having access to spare parts can make it significantly easier to maintain and fix your helicopter in case anything goes wrong.
  • You may also want to check how easily available these parts are, including how much they cost to buy.

4. Age of the Helicopter

  • A new model may contain the best and latest aviation technology features.
  • However, an older model could still offer a relatively enjoyable experience, considering its affordability.
  • It is essential to familiarize yourself with the specific brand and model’s age range to have a general idea of what to expect

5. Price

The price which the helicopter is offered is critical. You don’t want to pay too much for it, but be careful not to buy a helicopter that is too cheap to be true. Generally, the price should be reasonable for the helicopter’s age, condition, and any extra features.

Brand and Model Condition Spare parts availability and cost Age Price
Brand A, Model Y Excellent Available, affordable 2 years old $80
Brand B, Model X Good Available, expensive 3 years old $50
Brand C, Model Z Acceptable Unavailable 4 years old $30

By considering these factors, you will significantly increase your chances of getting a second hand remote control helicopter that is of high quality and meets your needs.

How hard is it to fly a remote control helicopter?

Flying a remote control helicopter can be quite challenging, especially for beginners who lack experience. It requires practice, patience, and skill to maneuver the helicopter in the air without crashing. Most newbie pilots tend to crash within the first 10-20 seconds if they don’t follow the ground-up learning curve. It is important to invest time in learning the basics before attempting any complicated maneuvers. There are many resources available online that can help beginners learn how to fly a remote control helicopter such as instructional videos and tutorials. As for products, there are many remote control helicopter models available on that are specially designed for beginners.

Sources for Second Hand Remote Control Helicopters

If you want to buy a second hand remote control helicopter, there are several sources you can explore. These include:

1. Classified Ads

  • Check classified ads in your local newspapers and flyers.
  • You may find sellers who are offering their used remote control helicopters at a reasonable price.

2. Online Marketplaces

  • Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are great sources for second hand remote control helicopters.
  • You can easily compare the prices and features of different models and find the one that best suits your needs.
  • However, be sure to check the seller’s reputation and rating before making a purchase.

3. Thrift Stores

  • Thrift stores are another great place to find a second hand remote control helicopter.
  • You can often find them at affordable prices, and some stores may have a selection of different models to choose from.

4. Garage Sales

  • Garage sales are also worth checking out if you are searching for a second hand remote control helicopter.
  • You may find sellers who are looking to get rid of their used toys and are willing to let them go at a low price.

It’s also worth noting that some websites specialize in selling second hand remote control helicopters, such as and These sites offer a wide selection of models, spare parts, and accessories, and it’s worth checking them out if you’re serious about buying a used helicopter.

By exploring these sources, you improve your chances of finding the perfect second hand remote control helicopter for you.

What are remote control helicopters called?

Multirotor model helicopters are what remote control helicopters are commonly called. These types of helicopters are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the hobby and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry. They use an electronic control system and sensors to ensure their stability in the air. For more information on remote control helicopters, you may visit websites that offer these products such as hobby shops or online marketplaces like Amazon.


A second hand remote control helicopter is the perfect toy for anyone who wants the excitement of flying without having to spend too much money. By choosing a used helicopter, you can enjoy the same features and performance as a brand new model while saving money. Before making a purchase, consider the brand and model, condition, age, and spare parts availability of the helicopter you’re interested in buying. You can explore several sources of second hand remote control helicopters, including classified ads, online marketplaces, thrift stores, and garage sales. Additionally, there are websites like and that specialize in selling used helicopters. No matter where you purchase your second hand helicopter, make sure to check the seller’s reputation, rating, and any reviews from past customers.

Overall, a second hand remote control helicopter can provide endless hours of fun and excitement. Whether you’re looking to fly indoors or outdoors, do stunts or tricks, or just enjoy the view from the sky, a used helicopter can be your key to an enjoyable hobby. By following the tips and advice in this article, you can find the perfect second hand remote control helicopter that fits your needs and budget. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the different sources and find your perfect helicopter today!