Savage Bobber RC Plane: Design, Performance, and Durability

Savage Bobber RC Plane: Design, Performance, and Durability

The Savage Bobber RC plane is a well-known and beloved model in the remote-controlled aviation hobby. Its unique design and excellent performance have made it a favorite among beginners as well as experienced pilots. With a wingspan of 34 inches and a weight of only 480 grams, this compact airplane is easy to maneuver and control. The Savage Bobber RC plane’s design is derived from traditional fighter planes, but with a twist. It has an adjustable bobber that can be moved up and down to enhance stability during flight. The bobber adds not just stability but also an added layer of entertainment to every flight. The Savage Bobber RC plane easily performs stunts such as loops, rolls, and inverted flight, making it an exceptional choice for individuals looking to advance in their flying skills. This plane’s excellent performance is due to its built-in 2212-1400KV motor and 20A speed controller, which delivers 450-gram thrust. Additionally, it comes with a 6-channel remote control, which enables pilots to have complete control over the aircraft. Overall, the Savage Bobber RC plane is an excellent option for those who want a durable, high-performance airplane that’s both easy to assemble and easy to fly.

Design and Features

The Savage Bobber RC plane has various features that make it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced pilots. Here are some of the features that stand out the most:

  • Adjustable bobber for better stability during flight.
  • EPO foam material for increased durability and protection against impact and rough handling
  • Modular structural design, making it easy to assemble and disassemble any damaged parts
  • 34-inch wingspan and 480-gram weight, making it easy to maneuver
  • 2212-1400KV motor and 20A speed controller to deliver high performance
  • 6-channel remote control provides easy control of the aircraft

One of the superior aspects of the Savage Bobber RC plane’s design is the adjustable bobber, which provides both increased stability and an additional level of fun during flight. The adjustable bobber allows for an ideal height, reducing any tilt or shakes during flight. The EPO foam material that makes up the aircraft is incredibly durable, making it ideal for both new and experienced pilots. Furthermore, the modular structural design allows pilots to disassemble and assemble any damaged parts easily.

If you are looking to purchase the Savage Bobber RC plane or any other RC aircraft, various websites and retailers offer a wide range of these planes. One such example is the Horizon Hobby website, which stocks a variety of RC planes and accessories to meet your needs. Other retail sites, such as Amazon and Walmart, also offer a vast selection of planes and accessories.

What is the Savage Bobber?

The Savage Bobber is a custom motorcycle that is stripped down to the bare essentials, resulting in a lean and mean aesthetic. It typically features a minimalist design with a single seat, forward controls, and a shortened rear fender.

This type of motorcycle has gained popularity in recent years among riders who prefer the simplicity and rawness of a classic bobber.

To learn more about the Savage Bobber and other custom motorcycle styles, websites such as and are great resources for enthusiasts.


The Savage Bobber RC plane is packed with features that provide excellent performance, making it suitable for performing stunts and tricks. Some of the notable features that contribute to the Savage Bobber’s performance include:

  • 2212-1400KV motor and 20A speed controller to deliver high power consistently
  • 450-gram thrust, allowing for incredible speed and agility
  • An airfoil that reduces drag while increasing lift, enhancing performance
  • 6-channel remote control that offers increased control during flight, allowing for performing acrobatic maneuvers

The Savage Bobber RC plane can perform rolls, loops, and inverted flight with ease, thanks to the 2212-1400KV motor and 20A speed controller that provides the plane with the necessary power. Further, the 450-gram thrust generated by the motor allows the plane to fly at high speeds while remaining stable for a more enjoyable flying experience.

Additionally, the airfoil’s design ensures that the drag is reduced, compared to conventional airplanes, while increasing lift. This design facilitates the plane’s swift and smooth maneuverability in the air. Finally, with the 6-channel remote control, pilots have increased control during flight, enabling them to perform a variety of acrobatic and stunts.

Pros Cons
Lightweight and easy to maneuver Short battery life
Exceptionally durable and can withstand multiple crashes Adjustable bobber may be difficult for novice pilots to use effectively
Quick and easy assembly The remote control is not as responsive as that of other models

When purchasing the Savage Bobber RC plane, it is important to weigh its pros and cons as different pilots have different preferences. The limited battery life may be a hindrance to some pilots, while the adjustable bobber may be a challenge to novice pilots. However, the plane’s incredibly durable EPO foam material and modularity make up for this slightly, making the Savage Bobber an excellent option for those who prefer to perform stunts and tricks.

What is the best RC plane for beginners?

  • The HobbyZone Champ S+ is a great option because it has beginner and intermediate modes to help with learning, and it also has GPS technology to assist with safe flying.
  • The E-flite Apprentice S 15e is another good choice as it has a built-in stabilization system and is designed for easy learning and progression.
  • The Flyzone Sensei FS is a versatile option that can be flown as a high-wing or low-wing plane, and also has features like beginner mode and a durable foam construction.

There are many other options available, but these three planes are consistently recommended for their ease of use and helpful features. Always make sure to read reviews and do research before making a purchase, and consider joining an online community or local club for additional support and advice.

Easy to Assemble

Assembling the Savage Bobber RC plane is straightforward and easy, making it a great choice for beginners who are starting in the remote-controlled aviation world. It comes with an instruction manual that guides pilots on the necessary steps to put together the plane. In addition, the plane’s modular structural design makes it easy to disassemble and assemble damaged parts when necessary.


The Savage Bobber RC plane is a great choice for individuals starting in remote-controlled aviation as it is easy to assemble, perform stunts and tricks, and handle crashes. Its design, performance, and durability make it an excellent choice for experienced pilots as well. The only downside of this plane is its short battery life and less responsive remote control. Overall, the Savage Bobber RC plane is an excellent aircraft with a fun, unique design that can offer a memorable flying experience.