Roban EC130 RC Helicopter: A Powerful and Detailed Flying Machine

Roban EC130 RC Helicopter: A Powerful and Detailed Flying Machine

The Roban EC130 RC helicopter is a high-performance remote-controlled helicopter that is popular among hobbyists and enthusiasts. This helicopter is known for its precise design, easy flight controls, and detailed scale parts. It is also built to withstand crashes, making it a great choice for beginners who are just starting out with RC helicopters. The Roban EC130 RC helicopter is made from high-quality materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber, which makes it lightweight yet sturdy. It is also equipped with a powerful brushless motor that provides great speed and agility. Additionally, the helicopter offers customization options and upgrades so that enthusiasts can modify it to their specific preferences. Overall, the Roban EC130 RC helicopter is a well-designed and reliable choice for anyone looking to experience the thrill of flying a remote-controlled helicopter.

Design and Build

The Roban EC130 RC helicopter boasts an impressive level of detail both inside and out. Its realistic paint scheme, intricate cockpit, and scale parts make it one of the most visually stunning RC helicopters on the market. But it’s not just the appearance that is remarkable. The helicopter’s design and build quality are also top-notch. Here are the key design and build features of the Roban EC130 RC helicopter:

  • The helicopter is made from durable materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber, making it lightweight and sturdy.
  • The canopy features a quick-release latch, allowing for easy access to the interior of the helicopter.
  • The rotor blades are made from high-quality wood and are precisely balanced to ensure a smooth and stable flight.
  • The helicopter’s landing gear is retractable and is made from high-strength aluminum alloy for added durability.

The design and build of the Roban EC130 RC helicopter inspire confidence in the user, knowing that the aircraft is made from high-quality materials and is built to last.

How was the helicopter designed?

The helicopter was designed by a team of engineers led by Igor Sikorsky in the early part of the 20th century. The design was based on the idea of using a rotary blade system to provide lift and propulsion. The first successful flight of a helicopter took place in 1939.

Some key features of the design of a modern helicopter include:

  • The use of a main rotor and a tail rotor for stability and control
  • A transmission system to transfer power from the engine to the rotors
  • A cockpit for the pilot and passengers with controls for flight and navigation
  • An outer shell or fuselage for protection and aerodynamics

For more information on the history and design of helicopters, visit the website of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum at

Roban EC130 RC helicopter promises an impressive design, sturdy build, and a smooth flight experience. The key features of this helicopter are designed to provide a stable and enjoyable flight experience, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot.

With a 3-axis gyroscopic stabilization system and high-quality digital servos, the Roban EC130 RC helicopter provides an enjoyable and stable flight experience. Its brushless motor offers great power and speed for impressive flight capabilities. Additionally, the adjustable rotor blades allow for precise fine-tuning of flight characteristics to suit your preferences. All of these features make the EC130 RC Helicopter an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality helicopter.

The RC helicopter is designed to look just like the real thing with a sleek, modern design and sturdy build quality. The helicopter’s features include a solid frame construction and metal rotor blades, making it robust enough to withstand rough flying conditions. Additionally, the copter comes with a high-capacity lithium-polymer battery that ensures longer flight times while also being quick and easy to recharge.

The Roban EC130 RC Helicopter is also equipped with several safety features, making it ideal for beginners. The helicopter comes with a built-in fail-safe mechanism that automatically lands it safely in case of an emergency. Plus, the copter’s LED lights provide improved visibility during low light conditions, making it easier to fly the helicopter at night.

Overall, the Roban EC130 RC Helicopter is a top-of-the-line helicopter that provides an exceptional flight experience. Its sturdy build quality, modern design, and high-tech features are perfect for both beginners and experienced pilots. If you’re looking to take your flying skills to the next level, this helicopter is an excellent option.

To know more about Roban EC130 RC Helicopter, visit their official website

How do helicopters achieve stability in flight?

Helicopters achieve stability in flight through a combination of advanced mechanisms and aerodynamics. Here are some key factors:

  • The main rotor controls lift and direction, while the tail rotor counteracts the torque produced by the main rotor, allowing the helicopter to rotate in the opposite direction.
  • The cyclic and collective pitch controls on the main rotor allow the pilot to adjust the blade angles and manage lift and speed.
  • The use of gyroscopes and other sensors helps to stabilize the helicopter in flight.

For a more detailed explanation, you can visit the website of a helicopter manufacturer like Airbus ( or Sikorsky (

Power and Durability

The Roban EC130 RC helicopter is built to provide both excellent speed and durability. Here are its key features:

  • Brushless motor provides high power and speed for impressive flight capabilities.
  • Fiberglass and carbon fiber construction offers both creativity in design and robustness in durability.
  • High tensile strength aluminum components throughout the rotors and frame of the helicopter make the structure tough and strong.
  • The EC130 can withstand minor accidents and crashes with minimal damage.

The Roban EC130 RC helicopter‘s brushless motor provides ample power and speed to ensure that the flight is smooth and stable. The fiberglass and carbon fiber makeup of the helicopter make it lightweight, yet durable. The rotor blades, frame and other components have high tensile strength aluminum, making the entire structure strong and robust. Not only can the EC130 maneuver spectacularly, but it can also withstand minor accidents and crashes. This is a great benefit as it reduces the fear of damaging your $2000 helicopter with just one crash.

The Roban EC130 RC helicopter is a popular model among RC helicopter enthusiasts who are looking for a unique and high-performance model. This helicopter is designed with attention to detail, providing a realistic feel of the EC130 helicopter. The EC130 is a single-engine helicopter that is widely used for medical evacuations, corporate transport, and law enforcement.

The Roban EC130 has a scale of 1:7.5 and is made from fiberglass, making it lightweight and sturdy. It is equipped with a 6-blade head rotor with a diameter of approximately 1546mm. This rotor system allows the helicopter to have incredible maneuverability and stability in flight. In addition, it has a Fenestron tail rotor that provides a quiet flying experience and smooth handling.

The helicopter comes as an unassembled kit with all the necessary parts and accessories included. The assembly process is straightforward, but it does require some technical knowledge, so it is recommended for intermediate and advanced-level builders. The recommended battery for the Roban EC130 is a 6S 22.2V LiPo battery, which powers the helicopter’s 1600 Kv motor.

The Roban EC130 RC helicopter has several options for customization and upgrades, allowing for a more personalized experience. Here are some popular modifications:

  • Upgrade the power system with a high-performance brushless motor and electronic speed controller to increase the helicopter’s speed and agility.
  • Replace stock plastic parts with high-quality metal parts to improve the helicopter’s durability during crashes.
  • Add a sound module to mimic the sound of a real EC130 helicopter.
  • Design custom-scale parts and paint schemes to create a unique look and feel.

Many RC helicopter enthusiasts enjoy modifying their helicopters, and the Roban EC130 is a popular choice for customization and upgrades. Upgrading to a high-performance brushless motor and electronic speed controller will provide the helicopter with more power and agility. Upgrading the stock plastic parts with metal parts greatly enhances the durability of the helicopter, an essential benefit for those who are still new to flying RC models. Hobbyists can take the customization further by adding a sound module, or even designing custom-scale parts and paint schemes. This allows enthusiasts to create unique aesthetics and sounds to stand out from the crowd. Examples of sites where the Roban EC130 RC helicopter can be purchased with additional customization options are Motion RC and Roban Model.

How to choose ESC for brushless motor drone?

To choose the right ESC for your brushless motor drone, you need to consider some important factors. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Determine the motor type and size: Check the motor specification to know the type and size of the motor.
  2. Check the voltage and current rating: Ensure that the ESC you choose can handle the voltage and current rating of your drone.
  3. Check the battery configuration: Choose an ESC that matches the number of cells in your battery.
  4. Check the BEC rating: Choose an ESC with a Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) that can provide enough power for your drone’s electronics.
  5. Consider the flight style: A higher amp rating ESC is suitable for aggressive flying, while a lower amp rating is ideal for casual flying.

There are several websites and products available that can help you choose the perfect ESC for your brushless motor drone. For instance, websites like Hobbyking and Amazon provide a wide range of ESCs suitable for different types of drones. Using their search tools, you can filter your search results based on the above factors. It is recommended to review the product specifications and customer reviews before making a final purchase decision.


In conclusion, the Roban EC130 RC helicopter is a popular choice among RC enthusiasts looking for realistic scale models with great performance and durability. The helicopter’s design and build quality are exceptional, with attention to detail at the forefront. Its flight performance is perfect for new and experienced flyers, being easy to control but capable of providing lots of excitement. Roban’s focus on customization and upgrades further distinguishes the helicopter from other RC models. Enthusiasts can modify their helicopter to suit individual needs and preferences, ultimately making for a unique and enjoyable flying experience. Whether you’re looking for a helicopter to fly or collect, the Roban EC130 RC helicopter is a great choice that has a lot to offer.