RG 65 Sailboat: Exploring the World of Remote-Controlled Sail-Racing

RG 65 Sailboat: Exploring the World of Remote-Controlled Sail-Racing

The RG 65 sailboat is a popular model sailboat that falls under the radio-controlled sailing category. These boats are small in size and perfect for amateurs looking to learn the sport. The RG 65 sailboat model has a 65 centimeters (26 inches) maximum waterline length, making it easy to transport and store. In addition, the hull design and keel shape of an RG 65 sailboat provide a great balance between speed and control. This sailboat model can easily navigate through rough waters. It is designed for racing with its slender hull and water-cutting bow, finely tuned sails, and truly sensitive controls. Due to its popularity in the racing scene, many RC sailing clubs organize races exclusively for RG 65 sailboats.

Unleashing Creativity: The Versatility of RG 65 Sailboats

The RG 65 class sailboat has a set of strict one-design specifications that determine the boat’s dimensions, weight, and other technical attributes. These specifications make the sailboat class a truly competitive sport. However, this does not limit creativity, as sailboat enthusiasts can modify the sails and rig set up to optimize the boat’s performance. Additional features of RG 65 sailboats are:

  • Low costs with a high level of convenience and performance
  • Opportunity for beginners and experts to race sailboats under identical conditions
  • Perfect for small ponds or as a do-it-yourself project
  • Designed with an open-source philosophy providing enthusiasts designs to develop their custom designs

RG 65 sailboats mostly come in two forms: the ready-to-sail and kit form. A ready-to-sail model provides a more accessible option for beginners. A sailboat kit offers opportunities for boat-building enthusiasts to show their creativity and skills. A couple of websites and online stores to visit to buy RG 65 sailboats are Amazon, Rakuten, and RC-NET Butikken.

Rg 65 Sailboat: Unleashing Creativity: The Versatility of RG 65 Sailboats
IMG Source: rg65.org

What are the different forms of RG 65 sailboats available for purchase?

There are various forms of RG 65 sailboats available for purchase, such as kit-built boats, ready-to-sail boats, and custom-built boats.


The RG 65 sailboat class comes in a standardized racing model, which has set specification as defined earlier. The table below shows some technical specifications of the RG 65 sailboat:

Specification Measurement
Length of hull including rudder 650mm
Beam 220mm
Displacement Minimum 900g
Keel weight including bulb 420g
Height of mast 915mm
Sail area (mainsail and jib) 16.00 dm²

RG 65 sailboats are popular worldwide and are the largest class measurement rules sailing yachts after the International One Metre class. It is widespread in Europe, Asia, and South America. The RG 65 class association secures worldwide recognition, and sailing enthusiasts can find various competitions and events online. Enthusiasts can also buy ready-to-sail models or kit forms on eBay, Fishpond, and Alibaba.

Rg 65 Sailboat: Specifications
IMG Source: uk.com

What competitions and events are available for RG 65 sailboat enthusiasts?

RG 65 enthusiasts have access to various competitions and events worldwide, including national and international championships, regattas, and club races. Some popular events include the RG65 World Championship, RG65 European Championship, RG65 Nationals, and the RG65 International Cup.

Websites and Forums for RG 65 Sailboat Community

Apart from the class association, there are several popular websites and forums dedicated to the RG 65 sailboat community. These forums provide boat-builders, sailors, and enthusiasts with informative discussions and advice. Here are some of the most popular websites:

RC Sailboat shops also sell RG 65 component parts and ready-made boats. RG 65 sailboats have standard requirements, making it easy for enthusiasts to upgrade and fix their boats. Enthusiasts interested in RG 65 sailboats can find different kits and fully assembled sailboats on Amazon or Horizon Hobby.

Rg 65 Sailboat: Websites and Forums for RG 65 Sailboat Community
IMG Source: rg65.org

What are some websites and forums dedicated to the RG 65 sailboat community?

Some websites and forums dedicated to the RG 65 sailboat community are rg-65.org, rcgroups.com, and sailboatrc.com.

Upcoming RG 65 Sailboat Championship Events

RG 65 sailboat enthusiasts participate in various national and international races, and the class association updates the list of races frequently. Here are some of the upcoming RG 65 Sailboat championship events:

  • 2022 IOM & RG65 National Championships, Royal Yorkshire YC (UK)
  • Australian Radio Yacht Championships 2022 (ARYA) – Adelaide
  • 2022 RG65 World Championship- Argentina
  • 2022 European Championship – Spain

The events mentioned above attract sailors from all over the world, and enthusiasts can expect intense competition in the sailboat class. These events also provide a platform for enthusiasts to connect with others in the RG 65 sailboat community.

Rg 65 Sailboat: Upcoming RG 65 Sailboat Championship Events
IMG Source: rg65.org.uk

What is the purpose of participating in RG 65 Sailboat championship events?

The purpose of participating in RG 65 Sailboat championship events is to showcase sailing skills, compete against other skilled sailors, and potentially win the championship title.

RG 65 sailboats provide a perfect opportunity to engage in remote-controlled sailing. The sailboat class offers enthusiasts the chance to learn boat building, sail engineering and racing skills in a competitive and collaborative environment. The ready-to-sail models come in various designs, and sailors can also modify the sailboat’s rigging and sails to optimize the performance. The one-design specifications ensure fair competition and emphasize the sailor’s skills and creativity over complicated technology. The small size, one-design specification, and ease of use make the RG 65 sailboat model a favorite for enthusiasts worldwide. Moreover, the sailboat class has a vibrant and supportive online community that shares tips, tricks, and knowledge to help beginners and experts in the sport.

In conclusion, the RG 65 sailboat model offers excellent opportunities for enthusiasts. Through this sport, sailors can learn key skills in boat-building, sail engineering, and racing. The fair competition, one-design specifications, and collaborative online community make it an enjoyable experience for all. RG 65 sailboat racing is an exciting way to engage with the sport of sailing and a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. It is an excellent choice for enthusiasts seeking to explore and enjoy the exciting world of remote-controlled sailing.