Redcat Rampage XT Review

Redcat Rampage XT Review


Redcat rampage XT Front

Redcat Rampage XT review:

Most guys like two things – Big and Loud! The Gas RC Car – Redcat Rampage XT has both of these characteristics. The chassis is the same as the Redcat Rampage XB, but adding big tires and large truck body the Rampage XT is completely changed.

Rampage XT has the same chassis as the Rampage XB-E. The aluminum shock towers and large bottom plate provide huge strength to the truck and there is a plastic roll cage for protecting everything in the truck.

The truck is easy to service because the roll cage is split in section and screwed together so you wont have to remove the whole roll cage when doing servicing work.


Handling & Performance

Remember before running the truck aggressively you need to break it in, I have already done this before making this Redcat Rampage XT Review.

The Rampage XT starts easily and idles smoothly. When running in high dust areas we recommend putting an extra cloth around the air filter. This is a quick DIY and doesn’t cost much at all.

When driving the truck I realized the truck is very stable in every situation. During the test driving I didn’t roll the truck, not a single time, and I did drive it to the limit with high speed cornering and jumping.

Now there is a different driving experience on the surface you drive. For example on tarmac the truck wouldn’t turn so sharply when on full throttle and thus creating a large radius turn, but when the tires start to slip it’s all good and fun again.

When driving Rampage XT on any surface the acceleration is great, the rc engine is responsive, but you might need to tinker a bit with the high and low speed needles. When there’s a lot of speed you’ll need a lot of stopping power as well. This is not a problem for the Redcat Rampage XT as it features a double duty disc brake, which has no problems locking the tires.

There are plenty of redcat rampage xt upgrades or hop ups and the parts are available to anyone.

The Redcat Rampage XT top speed is somewhere around 40 km/h or 25 mph.

You’ll receive somewhere between 25 – 30 minutes of run time. This depends on your driving style!


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