hpi racing savage octane xl review

My HPI Racing Savage XL Octane Review

HPI Racing Savage XL Octane Review

It took almost 3 years to release Savage XL Octane to the public. This is one of the first 1/8 scale gas powered rc cars and people have been wondering if it’s the beginning of a change in electric dominance  market. Read my HPI Racing Savage XL Octane Review below.

You can find all the specs of HPI Savage XL Octane on the HPI Racing website.

Now a little about the truck:

The biggest issue this truck has is the noise. It’s very loud! Louder than a big 1/5 scale gasser. Even HPI Baja 5b isn’t as loud as Savage XL Octane. Be careful when driving this car in populated areas, as you could get police called on you.

hpi savage xl octane for sale The rc engine is a bit hard to tune when first out of the box, but HPI has released a guide on how to do it properly. It took me quite some time before I get it working as I wanted. (This was before the guide)

The Savage XL Octane has a 3 speed transmission, which is also required a dialing in. This process took me some time as well. What I did was tune the transmission so the second gear shifts just as the truck moves and the third gear as the second gear almost tops out. The transmission dialing is a one time dialing. I haven’t done anything to the transmission to this day.

The looks of HPI Racing Octane XL are great. The wide body gives and aggressive stance and everyone likes that. The truck holds up big abuse.

I don’t like the engine kill switch which is located right above tire. This wont be good if you ever get a situation when you need to kill the engine and the wheels are still spinning. I wouldn’t want to put my hands there between spinning wheels.

There are two battery packs needed for the Octane XL to run. One for the ignition system and the other for the radio. There aren’t any other solutions for “one battery pack mod” unless you’ll risk the ignition systems interference with the radio control, which might lead to a run away truck.

There’s nothing much to say about the brakes. They were capable of stopping or slowing down this beast when necessary.

There was a problem with the differential gears on the previous Savages where they would wear quickly if wouldn’t shimmed correctly, but I haven’t had any issues with this one.

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I’m quite impressed with this gas rc car because it’s the first of it’s kind released to the public. There are still some improvements to be had, like a quitter tuned pipe and I hope to see this in the future. I also hope there will be lots of aftermarket support for this vehicle. The hpi savage xl octane for sale can be found on amazon.

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