HPI Baja 5b SS Kit

HPI Baja 5B SS Review

Length: 817mm
Width (front): 460mm
Width (rear): 480mm
Height: 255mm
Track (front): 395mm
Track (rear): 400mm
Wheelbase: 570mm
Weight: 9.6kg (without fuel)
Camber: adjustable front & rear
Caster: adjustable front
Toe-In: adjustable front & rear
Drive System: 2WD viscous diff
Tires (front & rear):HPI Dirt Busters


6 x AA batteries
6v Hump Battery Pack
Battery Charger
Radio Gear
Throttle Servo
Lexan Paint
Gasoline / Petrol / Benzin
2-cycle Engine Oil

[wpsm_pros]It’s a well-known fact that many RC cars available on the market today have a lot more cons than they do pros. The hpi baja 5b ss is not one of those, however, and in fact the majority of reviews were glowing regarding the items included in the kit and the ease of building this racer.

Pros include the wide wheelbase and the Dirt Buster tires, as well as the more powerful engine and the full option kit.[/wpsm_pros]

[wpsm_cons]The only cons appeared to be, for some hobbyists, the need to buy the above items, which is really no big deal.[/wpsm_cons]

HPI Baja 5B SS Review

The hpi baja 5b ss has been updated recently and this amazing gas powered rc car is proving to be a massive success since it debuted. It succeeds in making large-scale racing a typical choice among avid racers. The reason for that is that it is allowing RC fans, who are really serious about RC racing, to self-build a large-scale racer from start to finish.

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HPI Baja 5B SS Options

The hpi baja 5b is just jam-packed with options meant expressly for enhancing the power and speed of the Baja. In addition, this SS version gives major RC hobbyists an opportunity for adding numerous after-market items for making their Baja a one-of-a-kind racer.

Getting the new updated hpi baja 5b ss will afford you a full-option kit that’s ready for assembling yourself. A number of never before available ultra-heavy-duty options have further improved its durability. This is definitely an epic addition to the popular RTR models from HPI and you can count on enjoying your kit more due to the addition of option parts. You’ll find an extensive list of them included with your kit.

When you are building your hpi baja 5b, you can add those options that are included in the box, and also order extra options if you prefer. You could also add your individual electronic, but the kit comes complete with a powerful metal gear servo, the SFL-10MG for the purpose of getting you started. Your kit will include an instruction manual that details comprehensive assembly.

HPI Baja 5B SS Specificatons

The length of the hpi baja 5b ss is and the width in the front is 460mm and in therear is 480mm. The Height of the hpi baja 5b is 25mm. The wheelbase is 570mm and it weighs 9.6kg when there is no fuel in it. The drive system is a two-wheel drive viscous differential system and it has HPI Dirt Buster tires on the front and rear.

You’ll need the following:

  • Battery charger
  • 6v hump battery pack
  • 6 AA batteries
  • Lexan paint
  • Throttle Servo
  • Radio gear
  • 2-cycle engine oil
  • Fuel


One hobbyists turned reviewer said that he found the hpi baja 5b ss offered unshakeable durability for an RC hobby car. Another hpi baja 5b ss review reported that the new updates were amazing and he really loved how well it was to control with the SFL-10MG.

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