The Latest Gas RC Cars & Buyer Guides

What fun would the RC hobby be without the element of choosing what to ride with. Gasoline powered RC Cars run on regular octane fuel and with a mix of oil of most often 20 to 1 ratio. This means every 20 liters of gasoline you add 1 liter of oil.

Gasoline RC Engine
“Fulie” 1/5 scale car engine

For new engine break in or when an engine internal parts have been changed break in oil mixture ratio is 25:1.

Gas RC Cars are much more expensive than nitro and electric ones. A Gas Powered RC car costs around $500 to $1500. They are cheaper in the long run as they don’t “sip” fuel so fast and the engine is very durable. The engine parts doesn’t need to be changed for the rest of the rc models lifespan.

Because gas rc cars are usually 1/5 scale they are bigger than most rc cars and require a bigger space or track to run.


  • Cheap in the long run
  • Widely available fuel
  • Long run time
  • Long lifespan of an engine
  • Lots of power
  • Big smile on your face

And there are loads more advantages than these.[/wpsm_pros][wpsm_cons]

  • Loud
  • Price
  • Smell (only for a few hours)
  • Size (can be hard to transport)

Down side of an internal combustion engine is the smell. If you plan to store the rc buggy or truck in your house, it will emit the smell of gasoline. This will happen only right after running the engine. Let the engine sit for a while in a well ventilated place for the scent to evaporate, then you can bring it in your house.[/wpsm_cons]