The Redcat 64 Impala: A Classic Icon of Power and Style

The Redcat 64 Impala: A Classic Icon of Power and Style

The Redcat 64 Impala is a classic car that holds a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world. Originally introduced by Chevrolet in 1958, the Impala quickly became one of the most popular cars on the road, thanks to its stylish design and powerful performance. The 64 Impala, in particular, is a special edition of the car that has become increasingly sought-after among car collectors and enthusiasts. With its sleek design, advanced performance features, and timeless appeal, the Redcat 64 Impala remains a true classic in the world of automobiles. In this article, we will explore the design, engine specifications, and other features that make the Redcat 64 Impala a true masterpiece of automotive engineering. We will also look at the process of restoring a 64 Impala and the challenges involved in bringing this classic car back to life. Whether you’re a die-hard classic car fan or simply appreciate a good-looking automobile, the Redcat 64 Impala is sure to impress in every way.

The Redcat 64 Impala boasts a sleek, timeless design that has captivated car enthusiasts for generations. Some of the key features that make the 64 Impala a standout in terms of design include:

– Sharp, angular lines that give the car a sporty, aggressive look
– Curved rear tailfins that add to the car’s aerodynamic profile
– A low-slung, streamlined body that emphasizes the car’s power and performance
– A range of eye-catching colors, including red, black, and silver

In addition to its stylish design, the 64 Impala is also known for its spacious and comfortable interior. The car’s bench seats provide ample room for passengers, while its wide steering wheel and easy-to-reach controls make it a pleasure to drive. With its combination of style and comfort, the Redcat 64 Impala is truly a classic car that stands the test of time.

For those looking to purchase a Redcat 64 Impala, there are a number of websites and resources available. Online marketplaces such as eBay and Craigslist often have listings for classic cars, including the 64 Impala. There are also specialty car dealerships that specialize in vintage automobiles, and these can be a great resource for finding a restored or refurbished 64 Impala that is ready to drive. Additionally, there are a range of aftermarket parts and accessories available for the 64 Impala, which can help owners customize and restore their cars to their exact specifications.

What do car designers use to design cars?

Automotive designers use CAD (computer-aided design), an advanced 3d software, to translate their ideas into computer-rendered graphics. However, they first put their ideas on paper in the form of hand-drawn sketches. There are several CAD software solutions available in the market such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and CATIA.

One of the features that sets the Redcat 64 Impala apart from other classic cars is its impressive performance. The car is equipped with a powerful V8 engine that delivers an impressive amount of horsepower and torque. Some of the key specifications of the Redcat 64 Impala’s engine include:

Engine Type V8
Displacement 5.4L
Horsepower 300 hp
Torque 360 lb-ft

With this powerful engine, the Redcat 64 Impala is capable of reaching top speeds of up to 140 mph. The car is also known for its smooth ride thanks to its advanced suspension system, which includes a system of advanced shocks and springs. In addition to its impressive performance, the Redcat 64 Impala is also a durable car that has stood the test of time. Many of these cars have been on the road for decades and continue to perform well today.

For those interested in learning more about the Redcat 64 Impala’s engine and performance, there are a number of resources available. Classic car magazines such as Hemmings and Classic Cars often feature articles on the car, and there are a variety of websites dedicated to vintage automobiles that provide detailed information on the 64 Impala. Additionally, there are a range of aftermarket parts and accessories available for the 64 Impala that can help owners customize and upgrade their vehicles for better performance.

What engine is in an Impala?

The standard V8 engine in an Impala is a 283 cu in (4,640 cc) engine with optional Rochester Ramjet fuel injection. The engine has three ratings of 185 hp (138 kW), 230 hp (170 kW), and 250 hp (190 kW).

Collector’s Item

The Redcat 64 Impala is not only a high-performing car but also a coveted collector’s item. Here are some reasons why:

  • The car’s sleek design and powerful performance make it a standout among other classic cars
  • The 64 Impala is a rare vehicle with limited production numbers, making it highly collectible
  • The car has played a prominent role in popular culture, featuring in numerous movies, TV shows, and music videos
  • The 64 Impala is a symbol of the American automobile industry, representing an era of American manufacturing and technological advancements
  • Classic car enthusiasts value the 64 Impala for its unique combination of beauty, power, and history

Owning a Redcat 64 Impala can be a significant investment, with prices ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, for many collectors, the car’s status as a rare and highly sought-after vehicle is worth the expense.

For those interested in purchasing a Redcat 64 Impala, there are a few resources to consider. Classic car auctions and specialty dealerships can be a good place to start, as they often have a selection of vintage cars for sale. Websites like eBay and Craigslist can also be a good place to find Redcat 64 Impalas for sale, although buyers should be cautious and thoroughly vet the seller before making a purchase. Additionally, there are a variety of online forums and enthusiast groups dedicated to vintage automobiles, which can provide helpful advice, resources, and connections for collectors.

What makes a car collectible?

Collectible cars are ones that have historical significance, like the ones that introduced new technology or surpassed the consumer’s expectations. Additionally, rarity and aesthetic appeal also add value. If you’re interested in finding collectible cars, you might check out websites like Hemmings or auctions hosted by Bonhams or RM Sotheby’s.


Restoring a Redcat 64 Impala can be a challenging process, but it can also be a rewarding experience for classic car enthusiasts. Here are some things to keep in mind when restoring a Redcat 64 Impala:

  • Restoring the car to its original condition can be time-consuming and expensive, so it’s important to have a clear plan and budget in place
  • Engage the services of experienced and reputable professionals to do the restoration
  • Obtaining original parts can be difficult, but several specialty dealerships and online stores stock Redcat 64 Impala parts
  • Some of the parts might be discontinued and hard to come by. In such cases, it might be necessary to use aftermarket parts that are compatible with the car
  • The car’s frame, suspension, and interior should be carefully inspected before restoration begins to identify areas that require repair or replacement
  • It is important to maintain the car after the restoration to preserve its value and appearance

While restoring a Redcat 64 Impala can be challenging, there are several online resources and forums for enthusiasts looking to tackle the project themselves. These resources can offer step-by-step instructions, advice and tips on everything from engine repair to bodywork and painting. Specialty stores and online retailers can also provide a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories that will help to enhance the car’s performance and appearance.


The Redcat 64 Impala is a timeless classic that continues to capture the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world. Its sleek design, powerful performance, and rarity make it a highly coveted collector’s item, and restoring one can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. However, it’s important to have a clear plan and budget in place before taking on a restoration project, as it can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

Whether you’re a collector looking to add a Redcat 64 Impala to your collection, or an enthusiast looking to restore one yourself, there are several resources available to help you along the way. From specialty dealerships and online retailers to forums and online communities, there are plenty of resources available to provide advice, inspiration and technical guidance.

Overall, the Redcat 64 Impala remains a beloved classic that embodies the spirit of 1960s American automotive design and performance. Whether you’re admiring it from afar or restoring one to its former glory, the Redcat 64 Impala is a car that will continue to capture the hearts of enthusiasts for generations to come.