The Ultimate Guide to Real Remote Control Helicopters

The Ultimate Guide to Real Remote Control Helicopters

Remote control helicopters have been around for quite some time, and they remain a popular and entertaining hobby for people of all ages. While there are plenty of toy-grade helicopters available in the market, hobby-grade helicopters offer a more realistic experience for enthusiasts. They are equipped with advanced features that can make it possible to execute aerial stunts, hover, and fly at impressive speeds. The term “real” when used in reference to remote control helicopters typically refers to hobby-grade models that come closer to mimicking the flight capabilities of their full-sized counterparts. This article will provide a thorough guide to everything you need to know about the real remote control helicopter, including how they work, the types of helicopters available, key features to look for, considerations for choosing the best helicopter for your needs, safety tips, and more. Read on to learn more about this fascinating hobby and how you can get started with owning and operating your own real remote control helicopter.

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How it Works

Real remote control helicopters are designed to mimic the movements and flight mechanics of full-sized helicopters. At their core, remote control helicopters consist of two key components: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is a hand-held device that sends signals to the receiver, which is installed on the helicopter. The receiver then communicates with the helicopter’s motors to control its movements in the air. Here are some key things to know about how real remote control helicopters work:

  • Remote control helicopters use multiple rotors to fly and hover, which allows for more precise and controlled movement.
  • The helicopter’s rotor blades are angled in such a way that they create lift and thrust when they spin.
  • Most real remote control helicopters are powered by rechargeable batteries that are installed on board the helicopter.
  • Many hobby-grade remote control helicopters are equipped with advanced features like gyro stabilization, which helps to keep the helicopter steady in the air even in windy conditions.

When it comes to purchasing real remote control helicopters, there are a variety of websites and stores that offer high-quality options. HobbyKing and Horizon Hobby are two reputable online retailers that carry a wide range of models and parts for remote control helicopters. Additionally, popular toy retailers like Toys R Us and Walmart offer a selection of toy-grade helicopters that can be a good option for beginners. Some of the most popular hobby-grade real remote control helicopters include the Blade MCPX and the Align T-Rex. No matter which model you choose, understanding how remote control helicopters work is essential for safely and successfully operating your aircraft.

Are remote control helicopters hard to fly?

According to a source, it can be difficult for a beginner to fly a CP remote control helicopter. Most new pilots will crash within the first 10-20 seconds if they don’t know what they’re doing. It’s important to follow a “ground-up” learning curve to avoid potential accidents. As for specific tips and tricks, there are many websites and products available online that can help improve your RC helicopter flying skills.

Types of Remote Control Helicopters

There are many different types of remote control helicopters available on the market, ranging from toy-grade models to high-end hobby-grade options. Here are some of the most common types of remote control helicopters to consider:

Type of Remote Control Helicopter Description
  • Designed for children or beginners
  • Typically less expensive
  • Simpler controls and fewer advanced features
  • Designed for experienced pilots
  • Higher quality construction and components
  • More advanced features like gyro stabilization and digital servos
  • Modeled after real-life helicopters
  • Designed for display rather than flight
  • Can be made of high-quality materials like metal and resin

One interesting fact about remote control helicopters is that they were originally developed for military use as reconnaissance vehicles. However, they have since become popular among hobbyists and enthusiasts as well. When it comes to purchasing remote control helicopters, there are many websites and stores that offer a wide selection. Some popular online retailers include Tower Hobbies and RC Planet, which offer a variety of hobby-grade helicopter models. Additionally, toy retailers like Target and Amazon offer a range of toy-grade options for beginners. Whether you’re interested in a toy-grade model for casual flying or a high-end hobby-grade helicopter for competitions and advanced flight, there’s a remote control helicopter out there for you.

What are remote control helicopters called?

Remote control helicopters are also known as radio-controlled helicopters or RC helicopters. These are model aircraft that are different from RC planes in terms of their construction, aerodynamics, and flight training. More information on RC technology can be found on the Wikipedia page for radio control. There are several websites and products available for those interested in purchasing RC helicopters, including Horizon Hobby, RC Planet, and HobbyKing.

Features to Look For

When selecting a real remote control helicopter, there are several important features to consider. Here are some of the most important features to look for:

  • Durability – Look for models with sturdy construction and crash-resistant materials
  • Gyro Stabilization – This feature helps keep the helicopter stable, making it easier to control
  • Battery Life – Longer battery life allows for more flying time between charges
  • Range – Consider models with a greater range to allow for more freedom of movement
  • Ease of Maintenance – Look for models with accessible parts and easy-to-follow maintenance instructions

In addition to these features, there are also many accessories and upgrades available for real remote control helicopters. For example, some pilots like to add lights to their helicopters for easier visibility during night flying. Others may upgrade their helicopter’s batteries or add a camera for aerial photography and videography. There are many websites that offer accessories and upgrades for real remote control helicopters, such as Horizon Hobby and AMain Hobbies.

Which is the best remote control helicopter?

There are a variety of remote control helicopters available on the market and determining the best one depends on individual preferences and requirements. However, some highly rated options include the Syma S107G, Blade Nano CP S, and DJI Mavic Air 2. It’s always recommended to conduct thorough research and read reviews before making a purchase. Websites like Amazon and RC Hobby Review offer comprehensive reviews and product comparisons that can aid in the decision-making process.

Choosing a Real Remote Control Helicopter

With so many different types and models of real remote control helicopters available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Here are some tips for selecting the best remote control helicopter for your needs:

  • Consider your skill level – If you’re a beginner, look for models that are designed for easy and stable flight
  • Think about your intended use – If you’re using the helicopter for aerial photography or videography, look for models with cameras or the ability to add one
  • Research different brands – Look for well-known and reputable brands such as DJI, Syma, and Blade
  • Read customer reviews – Check out online reviews from other hobbyists to get an idea of the pros and cons of different models
  • Stick to your budget – Set a budget before you start shopping to avoid overspending

There are also many websites and online stores where you can purchase real remote control helicopters. Some popular options include Amazon, Best Buy, and specialized retailers such as Tower Hobbies and Motion RC. When purchasing online, make sure to read product descriptions and reviews carefully to ensure you’re getting the right model for your needs.

What size RC helicopter is best for beginner?

For beginners, a smaller RC helicopter with a rotor diameter of around 20-30 cm is recommended, as they are easier to control and less likely to cause damage or injury. Websites like Amazon or HobbyTron offer a wide range of options for beginner RC helicopters, including models from well-known brands such as Syma and Blade. It’s important to choose a model that suits your skill level and interests, and to also read reviews from other users before making a purchase.

Safety Considerations

While real remote control helicopters can be a fun and engaging hobby, it’s important to follow proper safety precautions to avoid accidents or injuries. Here are some safety considerations to keep in mind:

  • Never fly near people or pets – Keep a safe distance to avoid collisions or injuries
  • Monitor weather conditions – Avoid flying in strong winds, rain, or other adverse weather conditions
  • Follow local regulations – Some areas may have rules or restrictions on where and when you can fly a real remote control helicopter
  • Proper maintenance – Regularly check your helicopter for wear and tear, and make repairs or replacements as needed
  • Use electronic speed controllers (ESCs) with fail-safe features – This can prevent your helicopter from flying away if it loses connection with the transmitter

In addition to safety considerations, it’s also important to properly maintain and care for your real remote control helicopter. This can prolong the life of your helicopter and ensure it operates at its best. Make sure to read the instruction manual and follow any recommended maintenance schedules or procedures.

When it comes to purchasing a real remote control helicopter, make sure to buy from a reputable retailer that sells high-quality products. Look for reviews and recommendations online to ensure you’re making a good investment. With the right maintenance and safety precautions, a real remote control helicopter can provide many hours of fun and enjoyment.

How hard is it to fly a remote control helicopter?

Flying a remote control helicopter can be quite challenging for a beginner. Without prior experience, it may be hard to achieve stability and control especially with a CP helicopter. Most newbies may crash within the first few seconds if they don’t follow the “ground-up” learning curve. To prevent accidents, it’s always a good idea to start with simpler models and gradually move to more complex helis. Some websites offer tips and tricks for pilots to improve their flying skills.


In conclusion, remote control helicopters can be a great hobby for people of all ages. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, there are different types of helicopters to suit your needs and skill level. From toy-grade models to high-end hobby-grade options, remote control helicopters provide a fun and entertaining way to spend your spare time.

However, it’s important to follow proper safety precautions and consider the maintenance and care of your helicopter to ensure safe and optimal use. Regularly check your helicopter for wear and tear and make repairs or replacements as needed. And, always fly your helicopter in a safe and appropriate area.

With the right knowledge, practice, and equipment, you’ll be able to fly your remote control helicopter with confidence and have a great time doing it! So, if you’re interested in getting into this exciting hobby, don’t hesitate to do some research and start shopping for your very own remote control helicopter today.